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Kaname watched as his fiancé panicked; screaming at the chairman about her adopted brother.

"What do you mean he's gone? He was just in his room yesterday and it was supposed to be us who left not him!"

The war with Rido had ended. As planned, Zero had killed Rido and Yuki turned back into a pureblood. Seeing as now the Kuran's biggest enemy was gone, the academy's purpose had come to an end so Kaname planned to take Yuki back to Kuran estate where they could build a new life and a new vampire empire.

However the next morning as they were leaving, the chairman came running telling Yuki that her adopted brother went missing.

There was no note, no hints, no nothing. Clothes all gone, gun taken and his scent in the room had disappeared. It was as if Kiryuu Zero had never existed nor stayed in the dorm. Even his school document and books had disappeared into thin air.

Kaname halted. It felt as if something like this had happened in the past but then brushed it off as nothing. Besides why would he worry about the prefect? His life was perfect now. His enemy was gone. Yuki was back as his and he had gained full control of the vampire association.

Kaname's brows furrowed. It was a lie. His life wasn't perfect. He felt a bit of a loss but couldn't understand why. When Kiryuu's disappearance was mentioned, his heart squeezed painfully.

Kaname was pulled out of his thoughts when another high-pitched voice joined Yuki's. "I meant what I meant. Zero is gone! It's as if he was never here; all his belonging including the picture I took of him are gone."

Yuki frowned. "What do you mean? Zero took his picture with him too?"

"No…" the chairman shook his head. He brought out an album from his drawer and opened one after another. There were a lot of pictures of the chairman and Yuki but none of them had the silver prefect in it. Yuki's eyes showed her confusion at first then slowly her eyes widened. "You understand now right? All the pictures that once had him in them are gone. Not taken but gone, disappeared. It as if he wasn't in the pictures in the first place."

"How could that be…? Zero is real! He existed!" Yuki argued.

"Yes…but—Kaname-kun?" Cross suddenly gasped, staring at the said pureblood. Seeing the surprised look on the chairman's face, Yuki turned too and she too gasped.

"Nii-sama…why are you... crying?"

Kaname touched his face, feeling the tears cascading down his cheeks. He couldn't stop crying and he couldn't, for the life of him, figure out why; just that his heart was filled with so much sadness and pain.

Kaname stirred from his sleep and ran his fingers through his mahogany locks as he stared at the ceiling. It was a memory of the happenings of four years ago. After the incident he and Yuki left the academy and built a new live. Kiryuu's disappearance was still a mystery and there was still no news of his location but Kaname hadn't stopped the search for him. Of course it was a secret from Yuki since the girl started hating Kiryuu after receiving her full memory. Even the name 'Zero' had become a taboo in the house. Kaname didn't know why but ever since Yuki regained her memory, she started to get possessive and easily jealous. She would also punish anyone who got too near him and whoever mentioned Kiryuu around her.

Kaname was brought out his thoughts when there was a knock at his door. He gave whoever it was permission to enter. "Good morning, Kaname. Are you ready?" though it was evening in the human world.

Kaname sat up. "To go where again?" he asked lazily.

"Aidou's party. Have you forgotten? You promised him you'll go this year." Takuma exclaimed.

Kaname sighed. "Why don't you just ask Yuki to go…? I'm too lazy to take care of that troublemaker again. Anyway I only said that to get him to stop brooding and whining on how unfair of me not going to his birthday party when I went to others."

"What are you saying Kaname? Yuki-chan is on a girl-time vacation with her human friend, Wakaba-chan. She'll be back in three days time."

Kaname stared at the wall. "Oh, I forgot." There was a moment of silence before Kaname jumped out of bed and left for the bathroom. "I'll be ready in a minute. Go wait downstairs."

Takuma left the room while Kaname took a bath and dressed up. Later, Kaname and Takuma left the Kuran mansion.

An hour later, Kaname finally got fed up from the crowd so excused himself to go to the washroom when really he was trying to escape the butt kissing nobles who thought they could make him theirs. Anyway, if you're wondering where Aidou was, he was out drunk having too many drinks.

Kaname found himself out of the mansion and into the beautiful garden. The moon was full and the night was bright under the moon's shine. Kaname felt more comfortable strolling in the garden, breathing in the fresh night's air.

Suddenly he smelt something familiar but with slight different blood scent in the air before he heard soft sobbing. Curious, Kaname followed the sound, leaving the beautiful garden and entered a forest like area.

The sound got clearer as he got nearer. It was a child's voice however something felt wrong as he couldn't feel the child's presence nor could he determine whether the child was human or vampire.

Finally when he pushed through a bush, he found the child. The child was a boy, a toddler no older than four years old. As he got nearer, he noticed the boy was wearing foreigner clothes, Chinese maybe. It was white in colour and had a soft lilac stripe as its lining.

The boy still hadn't noticed his approach and continued to cry his eyes out as his small pale knuckles wiped his tears unsuccessfully. It was cute in some way.

He then noticed the boy's short silver hair, reminding him of a unique coloured hair belonging to a certain prefect. Kaname shook his head inwardly. He had to stop comparing everything to Kiryuu. Besides though the kid's hair was wavy, his hair style was more like his.

Finally, Kaname kneeled in front of the boy, brushing the boy's soft hair slightly. "Hey, are you ok?"

Upon hearing Kaname's voice and feeling the adult's touch, the boy snapped his head up to meet his in surprise. Kaname felt a jolt run through his heart when he saw the boy's teary orbs. They was lilac just like…

The boy tilted his head. "Who are you mister?" he hiccupped.

"… me? Erm… I'm not a bad person… believe me!" Kaname stuttered. "I'm Kaname… you can call me Kana…and you boy, what's your name?"

"Koori!" the boy chirped with a goofy smile. But the he gasped remembering something. "Ah! But mommy said not to say Koori's name to a stranger…" his eyes began to water again. "Mommy going to be mad at Koori!... hic…hic… uwah….!"

Kaname didn't know why but he panicked. He was used to children since he took care of Yuki while she was young but seeing Koori crying affected him much more than he thought. "Don't cry…" the pureblood said while caressing the boy's hair. "I'm not a stranger. I'm Kana… your mommy won't get mad."

The crying soon ceased. "Rea—ly" the boy peeked under his knuckles.

Kaname nodded and was presented with a dazzling smile from the boy. "I'm glad then. Thanks Kana-chan." The boy thanked.

Kaname raised an eyebrow to the addition of –chan in his name but ignored it seeing as the boy liked the nickname. "So… are you hurt anywhere?" Kaname asked, looking over the boy's small features. He saw one of the boy's long sleeves was rolled up with an angry red wound at his elbow.

Koori nodded and showed the pureblood the wound. "Make bubu go away." he whimpered.

Kaname almost squealed like a girl at the unexpected cuteness but he held it in. Collecting his composure; Kaname took Koori's arm and kissed the wound, making it heal before releasing the boy's arm.

Koori blinked in amazement and inspected his once injured elbow. "Are you a magician, Kana-chan?"

Kaname sweat dropped. What was that supposed to mean? Oh, yeah… people don't really know vampires exist. Believing it's better for the child to not know about vampires, the pureblood nodded his head.

"Wow, cool... Show Koori more, show Koori more." The child requested, clapping cutely.

Kaname couldn't help but to smile. "I will but first tell me… are you lost?"

Koori shook his head. "Nu-uh, Koori is on an adventure to find Koori's daddy."

Kaname ran his fingers through his hair as he looked at the sleeping face of the boy who he had found an hour ago. The child had fallen asleep on the way back to the mansion and Kaname had put him in his bed as the bed was big enough for the two of them.

Koori was obviously wondering aimlessly without his parents' consent. In other words, Koori is now a missing child and perhaps somewhere out there his mother; frantically searching for him.

He wanted to send the boy home but the boy didn't know his address as he was four and had only learnt his full name a few days ago. He didn't know his mom's name or uncle's.

So, with no option left, Kaname had no choice but to bring the child back home. It was late so he thought maybe tomorrow he could take the child to the authorities. For now, Kaname yawned, 'I'll turn in for the morning.' The pureblood thought as he lay beside Koori and pulled the mattress to cover them both. Seconds later, his breath became even and he soon joined Koori in the sweet darkness.

"Me… Kana…. KANAME!"

Kaname groaned. "What?" he blinked heavily and glared at the idiot who had woken him up. It was Takuma and he looked pale. Kaname sat up.

"When did you have a son? Why didn't I know about it? Huh? Kaname? I thought we are friends…" Takuma began to wail early in the evening.

Kaname got up and smacked the guy on the head. "What the hell has gotton into you blondie?" Kaname screamed crankily. He was never in a good mood when awoken early. He even used loose words. Kaname messaged the bridge of his nose. "He is not my son."

Takuma gasped, looking at Kaname fearfully. "Don't tell me… you're a paedophile now?"

Kaname twitched and Takuma earned another smack. At the same time, Kaname felt somehow he had had the same conversation a long time ago.

"No! I found him yesterday at Aidou's compound. He's lost and I'm turning him to the police today. Got it? Now shut up with your nonsense. I don't need it in this early… Anyway, why are you here?"

"Nothing, Yuki-chan asked me to check on you… if you are chea…ting on her or not…" Takuma lost the will to talk any longer as he avoided looking at Kaname's eyes.

The pureblood cast his head down. "How long had she asked you to do this?"

"…About two years ago…When she started changing…" the air suddenly turned depressing. Everyone in the pureblood's circle knew Yuki had been a pain in the butt lately and that Kaname was feeling the stress of it. He felt trapped with Yuki's eyes watching him every time. It was like he was back in the days where he was the centre of attention after their parents' death.

Somehow he felt like he was missing something from the old days. His light.

"Kana-chan…" a tug pulled Kaname out of his depression. He turned to the boy who called for him. "Why is Kana-chan looking not happy?" the boy asked as his small knuckle rubbed the sleepiness out of his eye.

Kaname's eyes soften. He sat down on the bed and pulled Koori in his embrace, hugging him firmly. "No, it's nothing to worry about… Good morning, Koori."

"Em…'morning." The child hummed sleepily, almost dozing off again in Kaname's arm.

Takuma crossed his arms against his chest and leaned towards the sink as he watched a certain pureblood undress before undressing Koori. "Hey, Kaname… are you sure he's not your son?" Takuma began to ask.

Kaname carried the naked boy in the bath tub full with warm water and put him in before joining him. "Yes. Why?"

"Well… I don't know if you realized this yet but he looks like you when you were his age." Takuma, the ever best friend claimed.

"Really?" Kaname tilted his head as he stared at Koori's face while the boy was oblivious to the stares and continued to play with the bubbles. "Hm… I guess so."

"Is that all you can say? Anyway putting that aside, don't you think he has 'his' unique hair and eye colour?"

Kaname became quiet as he nodded. "Yeah… that was what I thought too at first…"

"Do you think Koori is 'his' child for chance?" Takuma asked, carefully as he watched every change in Kaname's face.

The air thickened. There was no respond from Kaname as the pureblood hung his head down, bangs covering his eyes. "I don't want to think that…" because Koori said he doesn't have a dad...

There was a moment of silence before Takuma broke it. "Another question though… Are you sure you are not a paedophile Kaname?" Takuma had to ask again. Seeing how he naturally took a bath with the other had him puzzled. But then again, why was he allowed to be in the bathroom too?

Kaname twitched and threw a shampoo bottle at the blonde, hitting him square on his forehead. The blonde noble groaned in pain, rubbing his poor forehead.

"Stop with that nonsense Takuma. It's just a force of habit so shut up. Anyway why are you in the bathroom with me, you pervert. Go out and search something for Koori to wear." The pureblood scolded. However he had to ask himself, when was taking a bath with someone a habit for him? He didn't remember taking a shower with anyone before. Not even with Yuki when they were little. But somehow his body remembered the company of another in the tub.

"But you don't have anything that would fit him." Takuma whined.

"Search the attic. Yuki had the maid clean it last time and I remembered she had all my old clothes washed. I don't know if she put it back in the attic or not, just search. If not, then look in her collection room."

"Hai'" Takuma obeyed before leaving the bathroom.

When the blonde left, Kaname sighed tiredly. Why was Takuma being crazy today? It felt as if he was he was talking to Cross. Kaname hummed. Did something happen between him and Shiki or Touya? Maybe. Kaname shrugged before turning his attention back to Koori, washing the boy squeaky clean.

After the bath, clad in towel; Kaname took Koori out of the bathroom; back into his room and put Koori on the bed. He took another fresh towel and dried Koori's hair. "After this, what do you for breakfast Koori?"

Koori thought for a while before grinning. "Pancakes!"

"Ok." Kaname smiled back at the boy as he dried the boy's body next. When he got to the child's legs, he noticed three colours of strings of braid tied to the said boy's right ankle. Kaname touched and noticed the amount of power the accessory held. It was a protective charm and a strong one at that since it used an ancient spell.

"Koori, what's this?" Kaname asked, figured it would't hurt to ask the child though he doubted the child knew anything about it.

He was right when Koori answered. "It's not food, mommy said."

Kaname's sweat dropped and before he could ask another question, Takuma burst into the room with some clothes in his hands. He seemed to be sweating too. "Kaname, you won't believe what Yuki-chan had in her room." The blonde exclaimed as he dumped the clothes on Kaname's bed.

"A collection of my stuff and a shrine of me, I know. She started collecting two years ago." Kaname stated impassively as he looked through the clothes Takuma had brought.

"Oh, my God! How did you know? Don't you find it disturbing?" Takuma asked.

"I got curious one day and anyway Aidou's done the same too so whatever." Kaname replied as he picked up a white-blue sailor shirt and a short white shorts.

Takuma shivered. "Are you sure your fiancé is right in the head Kaname?" he had begun to doubt the pureblood princess's sanity for a while now.

Kaname helped Koori dress up. "She's my sister too. Don't say something like that… By the way, do I have anything on my schedule today?"

Takuma took out a PDA from his coat to check it. "Nope." he shook his head. "Besides paperwork, you don't have anything today."

Kaname nodded as he got dressed next. "I'm going out then." Kaname told him before ordering Takuma to tell the chef to make pancakes. Because Yuki had adapted to human life, the kitchen was always full of food. Kaname never really ate the food unless he craved for it so would have a meal with Yuki but as neither one of them could cook, a chef was hired.

After a while, they ate breakfast. Takuma joined them too. As they ate, they couldn't help but be charmed by Koori's cute antics and his obsession with apple juice.

After they finished, Kaname took a car and left the mansion. Of course Takuma, since he had nothing better to do, followed Kaname and Koori.

At the police station.

The police station was unusually crowded and Kaname had to drag Koori out of it as soon as possible when the said kid started to be friends with strange people. Man, doesn't this kid know stranger danger?

Outside, Kaname got into the back passenger seat with Koori. "How was it? Have you made the report?" Takuma asked from the driver seat.

"No, too many people." Kanname replied short.

"Oh… ok… putting that aside. I received a call from Kain-kun just now. He said he spotted Zero-kun."

Kaname's eyes widen. "When? Where?"

"Sometime around dawn. Somewhere around Aidou's mansion." Takuma reported.

"Why didn't he report it sooner?" Kaname raise his voice, startling Koori who in turn cried. Kaname realized his mistake and quickly gather the child in his arm, shushing him gently as he rocked the boy back and ford. "Shush~ don't cry. Kana-chan is sorry, ok? Kana-chan didn't mean to scream. Shush, Kana-chan is not mad at Koori. Please don't cry…"

Takuma stared in awe and worry. Awe for the fact that Kaname knew how to handle children while worry for Koori didn't stop crying even with all the coaxing.

"Please Koori, stop crying…" Kaname continued to whisper. Koori pressed his face in Kaname's shirt as if to stop his crying but he was still shaken up by the shock. He was hiccupping hard for forcing his crying to stop. "Ok, ok, how about I show you a bit of magic? You like magic don't you?"

Koori perked up, pulling away from the pureblood shirt and nodded his head. Kaname raised his left arm and Koori watched it as he laid his head on Kaname's chest.

The pureblood whirled his index finger but nothing happened but second later Koori saw the tissue box suddenly float and twirled around. His eyes beamed in curiosity and interest before he began clapping in joy. "Do more, do more!"

"Alright…"Kaname smirked as he looked around before using his power to lift the car in the air. Koori squealed in excitement while Takuma braced himself and looked around if they had a spectator. To their luck, there was none and of course Kaname must have calculated it first before doing something outrageous like this.

"Wow, so high!" Koori giggled.

Seeing Koori smiling back, Kaname's eyes soften and slowly he brought the car back down. "Feeling better now?" the pureblood asked. Koori nodded.

The car landed safely and Takuma sighed out a relief. "Please Kaname. Don't do that anymore."

Kaname ignored him. "You didn't answer my question yet."

"Oh, that… well Aidou-kun was making trouble being a drunkard ass."

Kaname sighed inwardly. "Aidou again?—"

"MOMMY!" Koori suddenly exclaimed, glued to the window.

The adults too followed Koori eyes but saw nothing, just silver hair that flutter because of the wind as the person got into a taxi.

Kaname's heart skipped a beat for no reason. "Takuma, hurry follow that taxi."

"Which taxi?" Takuma began to ask. For some reason, at that time a lot of taxi suddenly used the road Koori's mommy used.

Kaname frowned as he kept staring at the road full with taxis. Why can't he trance the presence of Koori's mom? It should be almost the same as Koori's but then again –Kaname's eyes shifted to Koori—the boy didn't have a constant presence. It kept changing from time to time, maybe the work of the charm.

Seeing it was already lunch time, they stopped by a family café. They hadn't made the report yet but they'd go again after lunch. Kaname could use his connections to make the report faster but then again he didn't want anyone to know about how he picked up the child out of whim. The other's were going to think that Koori was someone special and were going to bother the said child, looking into his background. The protective charm on the kid wasn't there for nothing. Besides, he didn't want Yuki to know about this. She had been really possessive even if the other side was a mere child.

In the cafe, Koori picked a table for four beside a window. Kaname sat beside Koori while Takuma sat in front of the boy. Kaname ordered a kid set with apple juice for Koori while Takuma ordered a rice omelette with orange juice and Kaname ordered only coffee.

"Your habits are becoming more human-like lately Takuma." Kaname said after the waitress went away.

"Human's are my specialty." Takuma answered back, proud with himself.

Kaname stared at the blonde as if he was an idiot before fishing out his cell phone when he received an email. It was from Yuki, asking if he had woken up yet. It's still early for him to wake up. He was going to reply back but then Yuki called.

Kaname excused himself and made his way to the rest room while Takuma begun entertaining Koori.


"Nii-sama, good morning. Did you sleep well? Did I wake you? Sorry if I did but I need to tell you that I'm coming home tomorrow. Yori got to go back to work early."

"Ok, I understand. Do you need me to pick you up at the airport?" Kaname asked.

"No. I'll be arriving tomorrow afternoon; it's too early for you to be up. It's ok; I'll get home on my own."


"Oh, I need to go now. Bye Nii-sama. I love you."

"'love you too." And the call ended. Kaname stared at his cell. Yuki getting home tomorrow meant his time with Koori going to end sooner than he thought. That was disappointing. He wanted to spend more time with Koori. Being around the child made him remember the light he had forgotten.

Light? Kaname blinked. What is he talking about? Why does he start thinking about something he had no recollection off? He had been like that for years now but ever since he met Koori, the thought came a lot more than usual.

Kaname walked into the men's room and washed his face. He looked into the mirror, staring at his image. Suddenly he felt a sting before a jolt of pain attacked his head. His feet staggered and he held onto the sink so that he wouldn't fall.

His ears started ringing and his vision started to cloud with static like when the television was out of service. Among the static, he saw hazily an image of a boy with wavy silver hair. He was crying and Kaname's heart arched at that.

He was saying something. Kaname strained his ears to hear it but he couldn't. All of sudden everything when back to normal but one sentence stuck in his head.

"We'll meet again."

The pureblood returned to his seat and at the same time, their order arrived. Takuma thanked the waitress while Koori drooled at the sight of food.

"Ittadakimasu." Both Takuma and Koori said at the same time before digging in their lunch. Kaname picked up his coffee and drank the bitter water.

"So, Kaname what did Yuki-chan say?"

"She'll be back tomorrow."

"Oh, that's bad…" Takuma uttered glancing at Koori.

"Hmm…" Kaname hummed before all conversation ended as they had lunch.

When they had finished their lunch, Takuma and Koori had their desert. Kaname watched Koori eat the treat worriedly.

"Why do you look like that? Are you afraid he will get sugar rush?" Takuma jokily asked.

"Yeah, all Kuran's can't really stomach sweet treats." Kaname answered. Even Yuki got drank on sugar sometimes and she sure hard to handle when she was like that.

"I don't know about Koori but why are you talking like he's a Kuran? He's not even one of us." Takuma questioned, worried. "Kaname, are you sure you're ok today? You're acting weird."

"I'm fine… Sorry my mind is a little groggy today."

"Hm'kay if you say so…"Takuma mumbled before getting back to his dessert.

After they finished eating, Kaname went to pay while Takuma and Koori waited outside. The pureblood came out a few minutes later. "What took you so long in there?"

"The counter lady was flirting with me. My apology… anyway where's Koori?" the pureblood asked when he noticed the absence of the child besides his friend.

Takuma whirled around, eyes looking everywhere. "Eh? He was beside me a second ago."

The pureblood raked his fingers through his hair, groaning. "So, you lost him? Gosh, I only left him with you for a few minutes and you lost him just like that? Aish!"—and the pureblood left the blonde in search for Koori.

To his luck, he picked the right road and he saw a glimpse of Koori disappearing around a corner. He caught up with the child, only to see the child was running away from three alley dogs, laughing. Shouldn't he be scared? Why is he laughing? Is he having fun or… "Sugar rush?"

One of the dogs was getting close, teeth bare in the air but before he got to sink his teeth in Koori's flesh, Koori made a big jumped and twirled around in air before landing on one of the emergency staircase. The child continued to giggling drunk before ascending the stairs and entering one of the open windows.

Where is he going now? Kaname thought before he realized he was the next victim of the angry dogs. Kaname snickered, looking down at the dogs as he released his aura, scaring the shit out of the dogs. He could care less about the dying dogs as he jumped on the said emergency staircase and went in to the same window Koori did.

Koori shocked him again when the child was playing around with lewd looking paedophile. While Koori was laughing, tickled by the man's touch, the man was breathing hard aroused. Urgh! Kaname face palmed. Koori why do you always make friends with strange people? Don't you have any stranger-danger sense? And how the hell did you end up in a paedophile's apartment anyway?

Kaname twitched when he saw the man tried to lift Koori's shirt. He used his power to hit the man unconscious and at the same time a lightning strike the man. Koori clapped his palms together, happily giggling as he found the lightning beautiful.

Seeing the man had gone 'asleep', Koori left through the door since the room already boring him. Meanwhile, as for Kaname, he walked towards the cribs black paedophile. The lightning was one of the charm's works. He was right when the charm was strong since the disgusting human was already dead.

Kaname walked away uninterested and when he was at the door; he flicked his fingers causing the corpse to turn into dust. "Now, where did Koori go?" he asked himself as he wondered around the apartment hallway.

The sound of small footsteps on the stair alert Kaname of Koori's location. He ran to the stairway and saw koori going upstairs. He followed until he reached the roof. He looked around and saw Koori was at the edge of the building, looking down to the street. He was going to fall if he leaned any further.

Suddenly the child waved his hand, a big grin on his face. "Mommy~!" he called before slipping. Quickly, Kaname caught the child before he fell. He held the child close to his heart and sighed in relief. His heart was still racing and his breathing was hard. Koori scared the hell out of him. He couldn't imagine if the child fell.

Kaname stayed like that for a while. His back was leaning to the rail, his head at the edge and Koori in his arms, between his legs. When his heart started calming up, he raised his head.

Lack of movement from Koori made the pureblood glanced at him only to find he boy was sleeping. "Mom—my…" the boy mumbled in his sleep. Koori must have already missing his mommy. He had been calling for her a few times already today.

He glanced at the road down, he remembered Koori was yelling and waving for his mom just now. Maybe his mom was still around. Kaname glanced around and had his eyes widened when he came in contact with a familiar lilac orbs.

"Zero…!" but the man soon disappeared in the crowd that Kaname had to ask himself if what he saw was an illusion.

Kaname was dead tired when he returned to the police station. It was already late evening and Koori was still sleeping. So when he entered the police station, he had Koori in his arms. When he did that, they looked exactly like father and son.

"Excuse me." Kaname began as he reached the counter.
"Yes, what can I do for you sir?" the lady in police uniform behind the counter answered.

"Right, I want to file a lost child report."

"Ok," the policewoman said as she took some paper and a pen. "And where's the child?"

"Here." Kaname answered, stepping aside to show the police lady Koori's face.

The lady looked at him suspiciously. "Are you playing a prank, sir? If you do, it's not funny."

Kaname raised his eyebrow. "I'm not and I'm serious."

"Please sir, stop. Everyone can see that this child is yours. He looks exactly like you."

Kaname jerked backward. "Wait, I know he looks like me but seriously he's not mine."

The woman stood and crossed her arms in front her chest. "Sir, I have seen a lot of these cases lately. There a lot of men who come; leaving their affair children at the police station for us to return to their mothers. If you're one of them, I suggest you leave now."

"What? But, he's not mine."

The police looked at him suspiciously and to make matters worst, Koori stirred, snuggled into Kaname's shoulder more before mumbling in his sleep. "Dad—dy."

"Hm~ really?" the lady stared at him.

The air turned awkward for Kaname and since he was already dead tired, he chose to leave. It was not worth it to fight with the policewoman anyway.

Kaname stepped into the night and looked around for the car but he didn't see it where it was supposed to be park at. "Aish, where did Takuma go?" Kaname wandered around the parking lot but still didn't find the car so he took a seat on a bench at the park near the police station.

He fished out his cell phone and dialled Takuma's number but no one was answering. Kaname tried again a few times before giving up after getting the same answer.

He rested his back against the bench and reposition Koori so the boy wouldn't fall. Today was so crazy. He never had his heart beating wildly that many times in one day like it had today ever before. He guessed having his own child was going to be as heart nerving as this had been.

However it was fun to be around children and he felt so content the entire day compared to his usual day doing paperwork, attending meetings, going to parties and trying to please Yuki's selfish demands to monopolize him.

'I wonder if I will one day have my own child too?' he would have to forget about the dream though since he didn't know what his feelings for Yuki were anymore. He loved her but what kind of love was it. He had never been so confused before but ever since Kiryuu went missing, he began to doubt himself. Because for some reason there was an unexplainable feeling he had for the ex-prefect.

Suddenly, Kaname felt the pain again. His vision blurring, his ears buzzing and before he knew it he lost conscious.

"Please…-don't leave me." he mumbled.

Darkness clouded him and he was slipping further into it but before he was out, he felt a warm hand caressed his cheek.

"'Night, Kana-san… it's been a long day for you. Thank you—taking ca—my child."

'Wait! I can't hear you. Wait!' he thought as he fought for conscious. His hand shot up and grasped the hand on his check. It was soft and slender. It felt like Kiryuu's. "Ze—ro~" he sighed before he was completely out cold.

"Kaname~ Kaname…" Kaname felt somebody shake him and call for him. He stirred from his sleep and slowly opened his eyes. His vision greeted the ceiling of his room. 'I'm in my room?' Kaname sat up and saw Yuki beside his bed, smiling at him.

"Good morning. I'm back." She said though it was evening. Well it's particularly morning for vampires.

Kaname nodded, hazily. He looked around. Koori? Kiryuu? Was it a dream? Was everything a dream? Kaname felt a sting of disappointment in his heart. It was all a dream…

"Come on, Nii-sama get up. You have a lot to do today." Yuki said as she walked towards the door. "I'll be in the dining room, come on freshen up." She said before closing the door and leaving.

Kaname stared in space. He was still getting the facts straight before finally he came to a conclusion that he had a nice dream and walked towards the bathroom to get ready.

He washed his face when a scent stopped his movement. He searched for it and found a small white lilac Chinese outfit. It was Koori's.

Kaname's eyes watered as he held the clothes to his chest. It was not a dream. He did meet Koori. He did meet Kiryuu. Kiryuu is alive. But… Kaname raised his eyebrow. What did he mean by 'my child?' I thought Koori didn't have a dad.

A few years later.

Kaname smirked, looking at the present in his hand. With this, we will all be together… as a family…Kaname's smirk turned into a smile, a genuine smile filled with hope.

Entering the small house without the knowledge of the owner, the pureblood left the present at the centre of a small lilac-bluish bedroom before leaving as silently as he came in.

A minute later from the place he was hiding, he heard the house door being opened along with the voice of a boy. "Mom, I'm home."

"Welcome home, Koori." A familiar voice greeted back. A familiar voice of Kiryuu Zero. Kaname spent years searching and finally he found him. This time he was not going to let go, no matter what.






"Koori…what are you doing, still in you school uniform

"Sorry, I'll change later…" Koori said "Anyway mom…do you know what this thing is?" he asked, holding out the pentagon solid towards his mom. It was small, as big as his palm.