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He was the president of Hunter Association and he was the youngest hunter to achieve the title in history. He also held a power to kill pureblood and because of that power, everyone feared him. The hunter was no exception.

After he sealed Kana-san's memory, he returned back to his house. He continued his daily life as the Hunter President, nothing had changed but the loneliness he felt was obvious. Only he had the memory, only he knew of the truth and only he remembered. Everyone else had forgotten the instant Kana-san woke up after his memory was sealed. Even the doctor didn't remember anything.

It had led to stress and soon he accidentally made a wish for someone to remember for him, to take away the loneliness and to know the truth. The desire was too strong and his power was influenced by it.

Then unconsciously, his wish was grunted by his own power. Ichiru who was killed by his uncle soon after he was born, was reborn. Zero's memory was temporarily given to Ichiru with condition the memory will be returned when the time had come.

Selfishly, he had Ichiru held the entire burden while keeping him company, away from his loneliness. He had his desire fulfil. He no longer knew the truth, no longer remembered the time he had spent with his beloved husband and no longer lonely. Ichiru was there for him.

He also altered two hunters, a married couple without child's memories to be their parents. He had created a false family with his power. His power which could create and destroy thing at the same time.

It was egoistic but it was all unconsciously done. He had broken down under the stress and depression and his instinct and power took control, trying to satisfy its master.

Now, he knew why he didn't remember much about Ichiru before he was ten years old. However that was not all. He was tired of his responsible as the Hunter President; he didn't want to be one anyway. So he had picked the most honest and enthusiastic hunter to be his replacement.

That replacement was the current President of said association. That man had his memory altered too on how he achieved his status. He had done this all in one go with all his power but resurrecting his dead twin was found to be harder than his power could handle. So that's why Ichiru received a weak body.

Ichiru had died again. This times to reactive the sleeping power in him, the power that could both create and destroy. His younger twin's body didn't receive much damage. Because of the sense of guilt, Zero asked Dr. Shou to take and froze Ichiru's body. His body was then sent to China but since he had to go back to Cross, he had Ichiru's body transferred to his old house.

Ichiru's body slept in there for almost a year before Zero resurrected Ichiru again but using a different kind of spell which didn't bind Ichiru to anything except for sharing a fragment of Zero's soul.

However Ichiru wasn't really happy that he was revived again.

"Nii-san. What the fuck? Again?!" Ichiru screamed right away when he realized what was happening.

"Don't cuss, Ichiru. You just regain your life. Don't add a sin to your tab so soon." Zero calmly said.

Ichiru jumped off the cold bed he was put on. "Screw that." the younger twins spurred. Ichiru cracked his joint, relieving himself from the stiffness. "Anyway, how long had it been? My body feels so stiff and why is it so cold in here?"

Ascending the stair to leave the basement, Zero replied without looking at Ichiru. "Almost a year and it's cold because it below zero degree down here since I have to preserve your body from decaying."

Ichiru followed Zero up the stairs. "Ew… somehow I found your words are disgusting right now." Ichiru's face paled.

"It's the truth." Zero spoke without much care before suddenly he was surprised by a small chubby arms wrapping around his legs, at the basement door.

"Momie." A light-hearted giggled was heard. Ichiru couldn't help but to feel at ease hearing it that he couldn't register the fact the child had called his brother mommy and the said brother had picked up the child into his arm and cuddled him.

"Oh, mommy little angel had woke up. Did koori have a nice sleep?" Zero spoke so tenderly, it snapped Ichiru out of his trace.

"Nii-san… who is this? Ichiru asked, peeking over his brother shoulder to get a good look of the toddler who seemed couldn't be more than a year old.

Zero whirled around to face him. "Koori. My child and he is your nephew." Zero told with a smile which shocked Ichiru more than it should. The toddler's big innocent and curious lilac orbs stared at him while his wild silver hair shone so proudly, informing him of the facts the child was really a Kiryuu.

"WHAT?! Who's the mother?" Ichiru exclaimed so loudly it made Koori flinched and looked at him weirdly, his big eyes watering while his red lips quivered.

"I am." Zero frowned at Ichiru, disapproved of his younger twin loud tone. The older silverette pulled his child closer to him, rocking him up and down to calm the said boy. "Shush, Uncle Ichiru didn't mean any harm. Don't cry." He whispered closed to the toddler's ear.

Ichiru's eyes widen. He knew his brother ability to carry a child but never would he guess the child survived. Zero's spell to achieve ability to get pregnant was incomplete. But what he really wanted to know was the identity of the child's father. Zero had only loved Kuran Kaname, he won't accept other but the last time he checked, Zero and Kaname were enemies and couldn't stand each other presence. "! Then who's the father?"

"Kana-san." Zero mumbled under his breath, his gaze darkened but it went unnoticed by Ichiru since Zero was hiding his face in Koori's shoulder.

Ichiru's expression brightened. "My plan work?!"

Zero shook his head. "No, he is with Yuki."


"He loves me but… he no longer remembers our time together. I erased it." Ichiru startled gaze met Zero's cold one.

"Wh—what do you mean? Nii-san! Did you let another chance slip away again?!" Ichiru screamed, starling Koori causing him to wail.

Zero moved Koori away from the fuming Ichiru, turning his back to his twin while soothing Koori. "It doesn't matter. As long as I know he loved me…" Zero's expression softened. "I'm satisfied."


"Besides! He gave me Koori, the proof of our love. I can't ask for more than this." Zero uttered lastly before leaving Ichiru alone at the basement door while he left to Koori's room.

Thankfully after a long talk with Ichiru, he let the topic about Kaname go. He got on the wrong shoe with Koori, scaring the boy to tears but they got off really well with each other. Ichiru was great at dealing with kid or should he say that Ichiru was being a child so no wonder he got so well with Koori. They have the same track of mind.

Koori also could tell him and Ichiru apart without a second pause which was a bit surprise since Zero looked exactly like Ichiru with his shoulder length hair and his tattoo gone. He had no time to cut it yet.

"Nii-san!" Zero was snapped out of his thought when Ichiru came in running into the house.


Ichiru was pale, his forehead was bleeding and he seemed like he had ran a marathon. "Koori! Something is wrong with Koori!"

Zero didn't have to be told twice. He ran out of the house, locating his son by his aura, only to stand in stupor when he spotted the boy. Ichiru caught up next to him.

"Wha—what happened?" Zero asked as he looked up at the glacier that was as tall as a mountain in front of him with Koori froze in it, strangely in a calm sleep.

"Level E. There are too many and some of them got to Koori. He was screaming so loud when suddenly there was a bright light and there he was, in the ice. Also the group of level E were gone in instant."

Zero looked around, the amount of sand pile was a lot around Koori's ice so that's mean they were dead.

Zero's mind started brainstorming really fast to figure out the situation. It was Koori's first time stepping out of the house. Zero was positive he didn't feel any level Es earlier. Also the numbers of vampires appearing so sudden was suspicious.

Also what is this ice? Is it Koori's power? Koori was a level B vampire after all. So the glacier is protection shield against the level Es?

Suddenly Zero saw a tint of red on Koori's knee. "Ichiru did Koori scraped himself?"

Ichiru blinked. "Yes, he felt down second before the ambush." He answered.

Everything seemed to click at the time. His head instantly snapped up at the cracking sound and noticed Koori's ice was crumbling. The child immediately fell and with Zero's quick reflex, he caught his son, cradling him in his arms.

Zero sighed in relief before he tensed when his hunter alarm alerted him of the increasing number of vampires around the area.

"Nii-san. More are coming." Ichiru told, eyes on the red eyes vampires lurking in the shadow.

"I know." Zero replied. "Run to the house and cleaned Koori's wound." The older silverette handed Koori to Ichiru before pulling bloody rose out. "I'll handle them."

Ichiru nodded and started running towards the house. The vampire was going to go after him but Zero quickly put up a charm around his house. The vampires immediately hung back.

Zero scratched his not itchy head. "I guess Koori have high potent blood after all."

Zero sighed. "Ichiru!" he called out. "Bring me the hair dryer."

A minute later, Ichiru came running down the stairs and gave his brother the said thing. He stared in amazed at the sight of frozen Aidou. "It's really getting out of control, Koori's power."

"Yeah." Zero turned on the hair dryer and blew it towards the frozen blond noble. "I called Hanabusa here to teach Koori how to control him power but… I didn't expect him to get frozen like this… did he fail or did he pick a fight with Koori again?" Zero mused.

"It's probably the second one, I guarantee."Ichiru replied back.

Zero sighed again. "This is not getting anywhere." The older twin put away the hair dryer. "Koori's power is getting stronger; I can't melt this ice anymore with the hair dryer."

Ichiru blinked at his twin. "Then what do you suggest? We use the water heater? Pour hot water on him?" the younger twin smirked sadistically at his own suggestion.

Zero shook his head. "No. That won't work. I already tried it just now and asking Koori would be out of the question since the boy still can't control his power."


Zero was quietly thinking before coming to a decision. "We have no choice. I have to use my power."

Ichiru raised an eye brow. "Why didn't you use it on the first place? It saves a lot of time."

"Because then there won't be anything to suppress the visibility of the bond I shared with your brother-in-law."

Ichiru nodded. "Oh…so that was why you didn't use your hunter power anymore."

Zero nodded.

Zero closed the door to Koori's room behind him carefully. It was Koori's nap time and he just got the hyper child to sleep. He was extra excited since today is his first birthday.

Suddenly, Zero's eyes were fixed on Ichiru who was in black formal suit. "Are you going anywhere? You know today is Koori's birthday right?"

Ichiru nodded without looking at his brother. He left the corridor and descended the stairs as his bother followed. "I have a little appointment. I'll be back quick. Koori's party started at eight, right?" Ichiru asked. Although he was saying party, the only guests will be attending was Zero's close cycle consisting his master, Doctor Shou, Aidou and Kaito.

Zero was still keeping Koori's existence low profile. The hunter council system still needed some alternation so he was keeping Koori hidden for now.

"Yes. So don't be late."

Ichiru waved his hand. "Yeah, yeah. I got it." He said so care freely as he left the house.

Zero stared at Ichiru's figure for a lot longer before he closed the door and headed to the kitchen to prepare for Koori's birthday party.

A car stopped in front of Ichiru and he got in the passenger seat. He closed the door and greeted the driver, Aidou.

"Yo, Hanabusa. Is it true? Kuran Kaname woke up?" Ichiru asked.

"Of course." Aidou drove away. "Why would I lie about it?"

"I know but… I find it really unbelievable that that guy would wake up on his son first birthday. Somehow it doesn't feel like it was a coincident."

"Nothing is a coincident in this world, Ichiru. It's fate." Aidou spoke so serious.

The hunter eyed the vampire, agreeing with him before he relaxed in his seat. "Yeah, you're right… so how the situation with the Kuran's grand awakening party? It's really sudden don't you think since he just woke up this morning."

Aidou made a turn. "Yes, I supposed but Yuki-sama was so eager so we the lower status vampire had made it happened somehow. I'm glad I am not the project leader. It was really crazy."

"Oh, you're not? I thought you or Souen would be the leader since you two are so obsessed with Kuran-sama."

The blonde shook his head. "Naturally it would be either of us but Yuki-sama appointed Ichijou to be the leader."


"Also, since I haven't see Kaname-sama yet I don't know if it true but someone told me Kaname-sama hadn't say a word since he woke up."

"Not even to Yuki?"

"Yeah, not even to the princess."

"Waiter" Ichiru quickly pulled a smile when yet again he was called. He glided towards the noble who had called him, taking his empty glass before the noble took a glass of wine from the tray Ichiru was holding.

The noble then walked away to gossip around. Ichiru sighed inwardly as he looked around. He felt tired serving and pretending to be a waiter at the pureblood's awakening party. It's already been three hours and he still didn't see the said pureblood anywhere.

"I'm totally going to be late for Koori's birthday if this goes on any further." The silver waiter mumbled. Why was he pretending to be a waiter? Well with this he can moved around more easily and won't seemed suspicious to other though he had to work like this.

Ichiru was so into his thought, he didn't realize someone had snuck up behind him and pulled him into a room.



Ichiru hissed in pain, rubbing his head which had bumped with the floor. Someone had pulled him into a room and pushed him to the floor, hard. "What the heck—?" his word was cut off when a steel strong arm was thrust to his neck and his body was held down by someone weight.

Sensing danger, he immediately opened his eyes and searched for his perpetrator. Dark confused ebony orbs met his startled lilac's.

"Who are you? You're not Zero. Why do you have my mate scent?" a deep voice snapped Ichiru out of his stupor.

"Wha—eh?" Ichiru was confused. 'Mate? Does he refer to Nii-san or Yuki? I didn't even see Yuki or go near her to have her scent on me.' The silverette was even confused when he remembered what his brother told him about Kaname's memory state. The pureblood shouldn't even care about Zero. Also didn't Hanabusa say the guy won't even speak a word?

"Who are you my wife lookalike?" the pureblood continued to asked and Ichiru finally noticed the unrecognized gaze of the pureblood. The pureblood didn't know who he is.

"I'm his younger twin." Ichiru raised an eyebrow.

In respond Kaname narrowed his eyes. "My wife brother does no longer exist. Speak the truth. Who are you?"

"I'm Zero-niisan's brother, Ichiru! Why are you acting like you don't recognize me?" the hunter shouted but then began to mumble about how he had died twice and revived again, twice.

"Zero told me of his brother, Ichiru." Kaname got up, releasing Ichiru from his deadlock. The younger teen quickly took a few deep and quick breaths though he didn't realize he was suffocating just now. He got up and saw the pureblood had taken a seat by the open window. He was looked lonely somehow with the wind blowing his hair and the longing expression he was wearing.

"Hey, tell me Zero's lookalike, where is my Zero?" he asked.

"I can't tell you. Nii-san will get angry at me."


Ichiru was nervous. He heard from Doctor Shou, that the pureblood would go back to normal upon waking up from his long slumber but looking at him now, Ichiru didn't have much confident to agree so. The pureblood still looked like he's lost and the fact he referred Nii-san as his wife… isn't it like he had all his memory, even the seal one?

The rustling sound of clothes pulled Ichiru's attention to the pureblood that was now looking at him. "Then, tell me this, how is my son? It his first birthday today, isn't it." Kaname said more of a statement than question.

Ichiru was in the car again with Aidou and they already arrived back to the house Ichiru shared with his brother and nephew. They had just left the Kuran's awakening party and now the blonde noble is on the phone with his cousin, Kain Akatsuki while Ichiru was eyeing the blonde, listening close to the conversation.

"Alright, I understand. Tell me if there any change… ok, bye." The blonde finally said, ending the call and put his cell phone away in his pant pocket before turning his eyes to Ichiru.

"Kaname-sama is awake and surprisingly he didn't remember anything of earlier and he's back to normal. Akatsuki said it was like he had just had his awakening rather than regained conscious after fainting."

"Oh…" Ichiru grew quiet as he stared at his laps. "It was rather shocking though, just now." Actually Ichiru's intention going to the party was to get Kaname to bless a charm he made for Koori. Maybe by using the ancient charm, Koori can have a little control of his power.

He was afraid the pureblood won't agree since he won't be remembering anything about his intimate relationship with Zero and of course about his son upon waking up. But to delight and surprise, the pureblood remembered.

He is only guessing but maybe Kaname knew something like this would happen. Maybe he had predicted Koori's condition after birth. Maybe he had sense something like the child can't control his power would happened so he had put it as his last wish to remember and do something about it before his mind blocked everything which put him to sleep in the first place.

Maybe Ichiru is right since right after the pureblood bless the charm, he collapsed. "That guy, even when he almost dies he's still manipulative." Ichiru mumbled to himself.

"Hm? Did you say something?" Aidou asked, too concentrated on diving to catch Ichiru's words. The silver haired teen shook his head.

"Hmm… really? Whatever then. We're already here and we're late."

Ichiru was reminded of his worry earlier. His face paled as a frown decorated his trouble expression. "Ah…a… I hope Nii-san won't get angry."

A few years later, Koori is four years old.

One evening Koori came home crying, his shirt was dirty and his hair was messy as if he had rolled in the dirt all day long.

Upon hearing the cry of his child, Zero ran getting to the child. He kneeled in front of the child, concern as he used a towel to wipe Kooi's tears. "Shush… Koori. Why are you crying? Did you hurt yourselves" Zero asked, guessing from the Koori's dirty state.

Koori shook his head, sobbing before his teary eyes met his mom. "Mommy, is Koori a bad boy?" Koori asked.

Zero frowned. "Of course not. Why are you asking, baby?"

Koori sobbed some more. "Because… because Koori doesn't have a daddy…hic… They said Koori is a bad boy so …hic…daddy left Koori." Then Koori started to wailed, feeling sadness filled his heart.

Zero froze. He was angry at the one who had saddened his child but the same time he was panicking because of the issue about Koori's dad being brought up.

"Who… who said it?" Zero stuttered.

But Koori didn't answer Zero as he continued to cry. Hearing the sadness in his son's cry, Zero's eyes shadowed by sadness as he pulled his son into his embrace, hugging the child tight, giving him all the love he could. He felt his chest tightened when Koori hugged him back and he just couldn't hold his tears at that time.

When Ichiru got home, the house was pit dark since none of the light was on. He didn't come home late and surely it's not Kooori's or Zero's sleep time yet. Ichiru entered the house consciously and called out.

"Nii-san, are you home? I'm back." He then flicked the living room's light. "Aaah!" he squeaked in shock when his eyes met sight with Zero staring in space, sitting on the couch. When Ichiru had calmed down a little, he rubbed his chest in soothing manner.

"God, Nii-san! Answer me if you're at home. You almost cause me a heart attack." Ichiru whined.

"It's ok, I'll revive you back with a fragment of my soul." Zero answered dazedly.

Ichiru sweat dropped but he felt something was wrong with his brother so he let it slipped. He moved and flopped beside his brother. "Is something wrong?"

Zero didn't answer at first nor did he move at all. It was like he was a doll without life.


"Am I a bad mother, Ichiru? Am I not enough?" Zero suddenly blurred.

Ichiru blinked in confuse and a little shock. "What are you talking about? You're a good mom and the best one at that." Ichiru replied only to be startled later when he saw tears trickling down his brother usually prideful face. "What the—why are you crying?" Ichiru asked, caressing his brother back.

Zero sniffed. "Today, Koori asked about his dad. Whatever if he was a bad boy that's why his dad left him."

Ichiru was startled yet again. "What? How did Koori come to that conclusion?" The child had lived a sheltered life so he didn't know a lot of thing. For example, a man shouldn't be call mommy and a child should have mommy and daddy. When Koori was allowed to lay outside on his own, many things confused him and Zero had to explain everything to the child. He didn't even know there was man and women.

"I guess Koori blurred something about himself again to the brats at the playground and got verbally bullied."

Ichiru twitched. How dare they corrupt his nephew's mind. 'Wait till I get them.'

"I guess I really can't take Kaname's place and give as much love a child should get from his parents." Zero spoke softly, feeling down and depress.

Ichiru clicked his tongue. "Of course you can't take his place, Nii-san. He's Koori's father." Zero flinched. "But! Love can't be measure. You have given more than enough to Koori. I can guarantee that."

Zero rubbed his tears. "Thanks, Ichiru." He hugged his brother. "I don't what would I have done if you weren't here."

Ichiru chuckled. "I'm glad to be of help."

The next time Ichiru came home, Koori was locking himself in his room, crying. Meanwhile Zero was in the kitchen, depressed. Ichiru sighed what happened now?

Ichiru went into the kitchen. "What happened?"

Zero groaned, pulling at his hair. "I blow up at Koori. Argh! Koori is going to hate me."

Ichiru sighed again. "What did you get mad about?"

Zero bit his lower lips. "About Kaname."

"What did Koori ask? What did you say?"

"He was asking about his dad again. I panicked and I lost my composure. So I ended up shouting at him I hated his dad and I don't want to hear about Kaname again."

"Nii-san!" Ichiru exclaimed. His tone totally said Zero said something he shouldn't have.

"I know. I know. I shouldn't have said it."

"You know how Koori is. He'll keep to himself of his trouble and tried to solve it himself. And since he obedience and don't like to bother other, he'll follow your order and act like nothing happened tomorrow. You'll add to his stress, Nii-san."

"I know and since this is Koori we are talking about, he'll write this as an unspoken rule of his." Zero groaned again. Koori was loveable and so innocent but just last year, they discovered there more to the child than it seemed. He was more mature than any child of his age but at the same time, he still retained his child like behaviour. He was also less selfish than other and always held himself back when he thought he was a burden.

Ichiru pulled a chair and sat across Zero. "Why won't you just tell him? It's not like the child will go find him."

"… You know I can't even if I want too. Kaname doesn't know about Koori's existence. Also it's dangerous for him to be discovered by the council or Yuki. I can't risk that. Not right now at least."

"But… at least tell him, his dad is alive out there and loved him. He even remembers Koori and blesses that charm when logically he shouldn't be remembering anything about the boy and his relationship with you after sleeping for a year."

Zero was thinking, having a debate with his inner thought. He then stood abruptly. "No, I can't risk it. This will just have to be one of Koori's unspoken rules." Zero said and left the kitchen.

Ichiru watched him left and sighed again. "Why is this so complicated?"

Like Ichiru had guess, Koori acted like nothing happened the next day. His smile was back to his face, he played like usual but after a few days, Zero noticed Koori didn't have much appetite and he was losing sleep too.

Zero was stuck. He wanted to comfort Koori but he knew the reason the boy was like that was because of the issue with his dad. Zero couldn't let Koori know his dad was out there, who cared about him. Koori would surely go to find his dad.

"Come on, Zero. Please only this once." Aidou pleaded as he took the first step into the house.

Zero raised an eyebrow towards Aidou. "Why are you so persistence to make me go to your birthday party? You didn't whine this much last year or the years before." Zero asked suspiciously.

"Well because years ago, Kaname-sama came to mine. But last year he didn't turn up in the last minute and this year too."

Zero went silent when Kaname's name was mentioned. It had been long since he heard that man's name. The last time he heard about Kaname was when Aidou came to tell him, Kaname postponed his marriage after waking up and was looking for him.

"So, I'm just a second alternative for you huh, Hanabusa?" Zero huffed, faking hurt.

Aidou smiled awkwardly. "Don't be like that, Zero. You know what I mean. Besides, you hate parties so I never force you to go to one before."

"What's the different now?" Zero asked a matter of fact.

Come on, Zero. Don't be like that. Only this once ok? I don't have any companions lately."Aidou cried. "Akatsuki and Ruka are always busy and this year is the worst. There's a probability they won't make it to my party." Tears started to run down Aidou's cheeks.

Zero jerked behind, surprised.

"I'm lonely! Come on, Zero. Come to my party. Please…" Aidou looked at him, tears in his eyes.

"No." Zero still stuck with his decision.

More tears rolled down Aidou's cheeks and he started wailing wildly. Zero flinched at the loudness and closed both his ears with his hands.

"Hanabusa, pipe down. Koori has just fallen asleep and he has trouble sleeping lately too." Zero called.

Aidou didn't stop and Zero sighed. "Alright, alright. I'll go. Where is it?"

A smile quickly painted Aidou's face. "At my house. I sent you my invitation card, right? All the information is in there."

"Emm…" Zero replied lazily.

"Thanks." Aidou hugged the man before leaving with birds dancing around him.

Zero gazed at the sight, expressionlessly. "He must be really bored." The hunter said before turning his attention to the birthday card which was on the table with the rest of his mail.

Zero sighed. "I hope Hanabusa isn't planning anything with this." Zero thought of a conspiracy Aidou might did to make him meet Kaname but shook his head clear of it when he heard Koori's cry.

He stood and looked up in directly to Koori's room. "What are you dreaming about Koori? You are making me worry."

Zero mumbled to himself as he climbed up the stairs to Koori's room.

Zero and Koori were standing in front of Aidou's mansion. They stared at the big mansion. Koori was awed.

"Mommy, is this Mad-Hana's house?" Koori tugged at him.

Zero turned to Koori, smiling. "Yes." He then knelled down. He held Koori's shoulders, giving the child a little squeeze "Listen, Koori. Behave, ok? Remember, don't talk to stranger. Don't leave my side and don't charm anyone ok?" Zero asked since Koori had the tendency talking to stranger.

Koori nodded. "Yes, mommy."

Zero smiled and stood up before taking Koori's hand. "Alright, let's go wish Hanabusa a happy birthday."

Koori beamed. "Hai' and give him a present" Koori held the present box in his hands upward. Zero chuckled. Koori was really excited for his first friend birthday party.

Koori was hyperactive when he saw all the sweets and cake prepared at the party and Zero had to restrain his son from eating too much since Koori easily got sugar rush. And when he did; Zero shivered, it was one troublesome situation to handle.

Zero watched as Koori munched on a piece of chocolate cake. He smiled seeing Koori's cheek puffed like a squirrel.

Suddenly the room quiet down. Zero glanced around to see what the commotion was about and flinched. Immediately Zero grabbed Koori and hid behind a big pillar, hiding his presence. His heart beat accelerate and his breathe hitched.

"Kaname-sama! You made it." Aidou cheerful voice reached his ears as the blonde greeted the pureblood.

"Aidou, happy birthday." He heard the pureblood rich deep voice.

Zero's heart thumped even louder and it started to feel painful. 'Kaname? What's he doing here?' then Zero gritted his teeth. 'That Hanabusa! He planned this!'

"Mo—mmy." Come Koori's trouble cry.

"Em?" Zero looked down.

"Koori can't breathe." Koori whined and Zero finally realized he was holding Koori too tightly. Immediately he loosened his hold.

"Sorry, Koori."

"Em~" Koori gave a lazy respond as he continued to gobble down more cakes.

Feeling Kaname was getting near to his hiding place, Zero searched for an exit and made run for it before he found an empty room for him to hide in. he closed the door behind him before putting Koori down.

The boy walked to a couch and sat down while Zero pulled out his cell phone and texted Aidou to come and see him.

A few minutes later, the bond appeared and Zero instantly grabbed the noble's collar, bringing him near to his frowning face. He gave Aidou one of his famous deadly glares.

"What's the meaning of this? Hanabusa, it's not only Kain here with Ruka. Kaname's here too." Zero whispered dangerously. True at first Kain and Ruka weren't there at the party so Zero though Aidou was telling the truth. But when he saw Kaname earlier, he noticed Kain and Ruka came with the pureblood besides Ichijou.

"H—How should I know? They told me they couldn't make it. But suddenly they appeared." Aidou argued, trying to get Zero to release his hold and believe him.

"Seriously?" he asked, still suspicious of the blonde.

Aidou was having hard time breathing. "Seriously—I don't k—know."

Zero released Aidou and folded his arms against his chest. "Is he going to be here long?"

Aidou shrugged and Zero sighed. "I'm going to stay in here for a while. You go back to your party and tell me when he leaves ok?"

Aidou nodded and Zero waved his hand, dismissing the blond. The blonde complied immediately. The door closed and Zero sighed again, face palmed. :Ergh! What am I going to do? This is a dangerous situation." He thought out loud. Then he noticed the room was unusually quiet. He looked around.


Aidou sighed in relief. A smile was plastered on his face. 'I can't believe my plan worked!' he chuckled.

"What so funny?" a voice asked but since Aidou was too into his world, he didn't recognize the voice.

"My plan to put Zero and Kaname-sama in one building worked." Aidou replied unconsciously, still overjoyed that his little plan worked without him getting in trouble.

"Oh…" the questioner smirked. "Who is Kaname-sama?"

"Of course Zero's secret crush and husband."

"Meaning, Koori's daddy?" a hope was filled in the voice.

Aidou nodded. "Of course Koori's daddy to—eh?!" Aidou's eyes widened and snapped his head to the direction the voice had come from, finally realized he wasn't talking to the little voice in his head. There was no one by side but his keen hearing caught the sound of small footsteps running around the corner. Aidou's blue orbs snapped to the sound and saw little body of a kid running away. "Koori?!"

He ran instantly to get the boy but when he rounded the corner, Koori was no were in sight. "Oo—oh~" Aidou paled.

"Hanabusa!" Zero's voice startled him. "Have you seen, Koori?—oh! You're so pale. Did you see a ghost?" Zero asked, looking at him in worry.

'Yeah, mine.' Aidou thought. He shook his head hesitated and Zero suddenly grew suspicious.

"Anyway, do you know where Koori is?"

Aidou gulped. "Erm… about that…" the blonde looked scared out of his wit.

Zero raised an eyebrow. "What is it?"

"Well you know…" Aidou sweated. "About Koori… I acceidentally told him about… Ka—Ka—"

Zero grew annoyed by Aidou's stutter. "What is it?! Speak up!"

Aidou flinched and blurred out. "IaccidentallytoldKooriaboutK aname-sambeinghisdaddy!"

Zero's eyes widen. "YOU WHAT?!"

Aidou cringed and put his palm together up on his head. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Argh!" Zero growled, frustrated with Aidou. He then looked around. "Which way did he go?"

Aidou pointed to his left. "That way."

Zero started to the direction but not before glaring at the blond noble. "You're so dead, Hanabusa."

Aidou stiffed and when Zero was not in sight anymore, he let out the breath he was holding in. "I need a drink."

Koori tilted his head, confused. "Eh? Where?" He didn't know how he ended up in a place full with trees. 'The forest? Mad-hana's mansion was surrounded by trees…' "Koori is outside?"

Koori walked around more before he tripped on a vines and scrapped his elbow when he tried to break his fall. The sting coming from his wound made Koori's eyes pooled up with tears and not soon, he started to cry.


Koori held his knuckles to his eyes, wiping the tears though it was not stopping. He cried for a few minutes when he felt a gentle brush to his hair. A voice soothed his cry and he looked up into a gentle ebony orbs.

"Hey, are you ok?"

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