Final Fantasy VII – End of Crisis

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Final Fantasy VII characters or any Final Fantasy VII rights. That would be Square. This story is purely fictional and the second half of a dream I had. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 – Then was Old, Now is New

He could hear the wind as it whistled by him, but he couldn't feel the ground or anything else for that matter. He felt as his body was weightless and the most soothing wind was trying to lull him to sleep. He didn't know where he was, he refused to open his eyes. He didn't know that he was flying through the air, or in this case falling head first. The boy had wild spiky dusty blond hair that flapped in the wind, but never flattened, and a sleeveless black turtleneck that was decorated with brown leather suspenders and a single steel shoulder guard over his left shoulder. His black pants were baggy and tucked into his brown leather combat boots. When he did hit, he sank into a large pool of green water like liquid. He didn't even try to struggle, instead he let his body either float or sink, he really didn't care which he did.

Yuffie was just restless, she knew he was out there somewhere. She could feel it in her soul. It had been two days, a long time in her opinion, that she had been separated from her new husband and she wanted him back now! She knew she was being selfish but she didn't care, she missed him. "Where are you Cloud?" she asked as she looked to the sky while carrying a bag of groceries. Her silky strait black hair touched her shoulders as she walked, and the green sweater she wore matched perfectly with her long blue skirt, and green sneakers. When she arrived at the corner game shop she ran with her brother in law, James, she opened the door, only to find the same thing she saw both of those days, her husband was still missing. "Back already shrimp?" James asked. "Not now James!" she said sadly. "James' smile vanished, "We all miss him you know." he said trying to be understanding. "I know." she said as she passed by him, and opened the door leading to the second floor living room of the place. "But it's still hard." and with that she walked up stairs to place the groceries away. She began thinking, and feeling with her heart as the groceries found their way to the shelves and into the refrigerator. 'I have to find him myself.' she decided, and shoved the last of the groceries into the fridge. "Going to look for him are you?" James said. Yuffie turned to look at him with an innocent look on her face, "What makes you say that?" "You put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge." he pointed out. Yuffie turned back to the cooling machine and opened the door, only to find out he was right. She had indeed placed the Wheaties and the Cheerios inside the fridge. "Sorry." she said s she pulled them out to redo the order, "I guess I 'm just a little distracted." "Go for it!" James said suddenly." Yuffie stopped in the middle of placing the first milk jug into its proper spot, "Huh?" she asked. "Go find your husband, don't let anything stand in your way." he said to emphasize his point. "But what about the shop?" she asked getting a little nervous, "I got it all under control. Besides if I need help I'll just ask Tiffa and Barret to step in." he told her smiling, "Go get him kid!" he whispered to her, and literally pushed her out the door. Yuffie turned back to the door, "I'm more adult than you are!" she shouted. "Oh yah, real mature Yuffie!" James responded. Yuffie walked down the stairs, thinking about her words, "Yah probably not the best thing to say in this situation." and exited the building to begin her search.

The boy wouldn't move, couldn't move. He just let himself float there, in the middle of an unguarded Mako Pool. It seemed as if his world was separate from reality. His eyes stayed closed as he let even his worries, memories and fears wash away. He didn't know how long he had been there, hours, days, it didn't matter to him, he was at piece. His piece was disturbed when he heard a loud splash, as if something or someone had jumped in. Then a small petit hand grabbed him by his right shoulder and he felt himself move not of his own free will. He felt as the girl, he knew it was a girl by the hand, pulled him onto the shore. He finally let his curiosity get the better of him and he opened his eyes, the girl, was an 18 year old woman with long wavy strawberry red hair, and an angel's face. At the moment she was wet and her hair was pasted to her face, all he saw was her face, but he couldn't tell what was happening or why. He found out quickly that he couldn't talk for some reason. "You could have drowned in there." she said with a southern belle accent. "Let's get you to the farm house before my lazy boyfriend gets back from his beer run." with those words he found himself slipping again back into unconsciousness.

Yuffie had been searching for hours, she ran along the tops of buildings, not really caring who looked up and saw her. She was on a mission, but she felt as if she was being followed. She quickly turned around and saw, nothing. "Maybe I'm just getting paranoid!" she reasoned, only to spot what she knew was the shine off of a gun from the building across from her. She jumped into the air just in time to hear the gin shot go off and something red speed by underneath her. She quickly Mako Shifted, changing her restricting skirt into the freedom of short tan shorts, and her green sweater into a sleeveless green cotton turtleneck, adorned with a full arm guard that started with an enormous left shoulder guard and covered her arm in metal covered in a beige cloth. Her shoes changed into brown boots, with leg warmers starting from her knees and resting on her shoes. She also made a giant four point Shuriken appear out of the green magical wisp in her free right hand. "Son of a…" she said as she found herself under fire again, but this time from multiple directions. She quickly manipulated herself so that she could use her Shuriken to deflect each shot. When she finally landed, she ducked behind an air vent and the shots stopped. "What the heck?" she whispered and soon heard the squeals of a car speeding off. She quickly looked over the edge and saw a black van with the insignia of MH3 painted onto the sides moving quickly off to the freeway. "What the heck was that about?" she asked mostly herself, "I'd better get home and tell James about this." and with that, she made her way back the same came, by roof top. When she arrived back at the shop, she found herself almost tired, not something she was used to. Walking into the shop revealed her brother in law James at the cash register, "Hey there Yuffie, you look worse for wear! he said teasing her again. "That's because I just survived a firing squad almost literally." she told him as she passed by him. "Oh hold on there!" James suddenly said and made his way around the counter to her. She felt it when he grabbed something and pulled it out of her. When she turned around to look at him, he was holding up a small needle dart. "That was what they were firing at me?" she asked. "What was in it?" James asked. "Something red I know that. I saw one as it nearly hit me." she told him. "Well this one did hit you. Let's take this to Vincent, maybe he can help us figure it out." James said as he flipped the sign on the window to show closed. The two of them closed shop and James locked up, before the two of them made their way to find their friends.

The boy opened his eyes again only to find the girl sitting up and watching him. The room he was in was defiantly cramped, small as it was, he fit in their perfectly, "How are you?" she asked. He didn't even want to talk, couldn't talk, he let his mind drift into blankness as she continued to chat with him, "I'm ok today, he didn't hit me today. That's a good sign, it means I did everything right today. He's gone for another beer run, but he'll be back again, hopefully he'll be sober enough to leave me alone the rest of the day. I guess I should be happy he hasn't raped me yet. I've heard of girls he's done that to. But I can't get by without him." she told him even though the boy never once said anything, "I guess you name is Cloud! At least that's what this pretty name tag says!" she told him as she showed him the guard badge he had in his pocket. "It's a nice name, my name is Aerith, Pappy wanted it to be Aeries like the constellation but he had a lisp something awful." she said and quickly looked at her watch, "He should be home any minute, I got to get going, see you next time." she said quickly, Cloud wanted to keep his eye on her but found it almost impossible to move his head, and his consciousness slipped from him entirely.

"What color did you say it was?" Vincent asked. "Red, definitely red!" Yuffie answered trying to be funny, only James laughed at her impression. "That bad huh?" she asked. "Hey!" James called out not liking being ignored. "Whatever it was has been completely injected into you. I'm going to have to find out what it actually was." Vincent told her and quickly exited the house through the back yard, before jumping into the air and seeming to disappear. "Does he always do that?" James asked. "Yah, kind of creepy." Barret said. "I think it's cool, I want him to teach me to do that." James said, getting excited. "It figures!" Barret said.

Vincent made his way silently to a building he knew all too well, the main office of MH3. The actual building was a strait up science building, with MH3 branded on the front of it. 'They never did like to hide too much.' the cloaked man thought to himself and jumped to be on the roof. The cloaked man landed silently and snuck up to what he knew was an air vent and listened to what he knew was the voices of the developers. "So the injection was successful." he heard. "Yes actually, one of our testers got the girl in the back of the neck with a lucky shot." Another person said, the second person Vincent couldn't recognize, but he knew the first voice belonged to one of the first people he met on the MH force, the person now went by Dr. Alexander. "It wouldn't have needed to be a lucky shot if your men knew what stealth actually was!" Alexander said. "What was that stuff any way?" the unknown person asked. Suddenly a third person with a cranky crackly voice spoke up, "A person like you wouldn't understand the brilliance even if it was explained to you! The Red Mako you just injected into that girl was still unstable, yet Alexander decided to test it." 'Red Mako?' Vincent asked himself. His questions were conveniently answered by the new scientist, "Not only will it slowly neutralize her Mako Powers but it will eventually eat her alive, and we still have no idea what will happen if regular Mako comes in contact with it at all." 'Still not stable? Alexander what have you done?' Vincent thought. "Then do what you have to in order to keep the public from finding out that it's deadly to those injected with it." Alexander said. "Yes sir!" the first person responded, and Vincent knew he had to go.

To be continued…