Nadeshiko Village

"Naruto-sama, a few Oto Nins has entered our village. What do you want us to do?" Naruto rubbed his forehead in annoyance as to what the teme wanted from his village. The words his village still sound odd to him no matter how many times he heard or said it. He once dreamed to become Hokage of his village but that dream died when he was banished for failing to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha plus the usage of Kyuubi's chakra against said Uchiha. Seeing as he was being banished, he snuck into the Hokage's towers and stole a few scrolls that actually turned out to be scrolls that were supposed to be given to him once he reached 18 years old. The scrolls contained knowledge on his family's clan being the Uzumaki and Namikaze clan allowing him to get stronger. The shadow clones helped in achieve so much with less time it would have originally took. Naruto traveled from place to place until he encountered a girl by the name of Shizuka, a kunoichi of Nadeshiko. She attacked him stating that he was worthy though he didn't know what she was talking about at the time until he won the fight. After a few minutes of speaking to her attendant Tokiwa, he agreed to marry Shizuka who was the princess of their village. Naruto became the prince of the village at the age of 15.

Naruto stood up from his seat and dropped his cloak on the floor revealing his clothes. Gone was his orange jumpsuit in place of black combat pants, black long sleeve shirt, black light shoes, and a black headband with the village symbol on it.

"So you're heading off to fight them Naruto-kun despite having Ninjas to do that." Naruto turned to the voice to find his wife Shizuka standing at the doorway with an amused look. Shizuka is a fair-skinned girl of average height who sports a noticeably curvaceous frame and large bust. She has green eyes and waist-length black hair in a hime-style tied in a high ponytail with short bangs and chin-length strands framing her face. She wore the common Nadeshiko kunoichi uniform which is grey-colored set with a right shoulder-armor, grey gloves, and opening in her shirt which reveals her cleavage she has a black forehead protector.

"I want to play around with their memories so they leave without any knowledge of this village. The last thing we need is for attention from Orochimaru or my spoiled ex-teammate. He's probably looking for some girl to impregnate and strong ones at that. He'll use you guys until he no longer requires you. When that time comes he'll kill you just like he did the others. Trust me when I say he's rotten to the core." He sighed at how annoying Oto has been over the years.

"So this maniac used to be your friend?" She giggled when Naruto sent her a mild glare. She went to blow a kiss towards him and before she knew it, his lips were sealed with hers. She allowed herself to melt in his kiss as his hands roamed her body. Naruto soon broke the kiss then vanished using his kekkei genkai. She was shocked to see someone with such a strong kekkei genkai plus she was married to said person.

"I hope you realized he took your rope Shizuka-san." She reached for said rope to find that he did indeed steal her rope. She turned around to find her best friend Tokiwa with a smile on her face. "So what have you been up to lately Shizuka-san while I was away? Surely you haven't gotten pregnant yet have you?" Shizuka's face turned red at the mentioning of babies.

"No we haven't done that yet Shizuka-san plus we're only 16 years old. We do have plans to have children one day though and I was thinking about name Kushina if it's a girl and Minato if it's a boy. He told me that Minato and Kushina were his parent's name. If we managed to get twins then we'll decide based on what gender they are. Hopefully we get at least a boy so we could have another Naruto-kun."

"It's nice to see you Tokiwa-san, how was your mission?"

"It went fine Naruto-san, what were you doing away from your throne? Surely you didn't go out to fight." There was amusement in her voice.

"Well I wouldn't consider it a fight considering how fast they went down. I sent them with back to Orochimaru with fake memories of visiting a village filled with civilians. Oto won't come back here again for future slaves or experiments anytime soon." Tokiwa sighed in relief that the annoyance was over.

"Oh I almost forgot about the new males entering the village hoping to marry one of our kunoichi. We want you to look through them for potential and hidden motives."

"Very well lead me to them and I will take out those who aren't worthy. I still don't know how I end up with this job." Tokiwa giggled at his facial expression.

"Well you ended up with the job when you prevented one of our kunoichi from being used as a breeding stock. You are to blame for that as well considering you were the one that came up with the idea of giving the shinobi of this village your special chakra. To think you were able to pass on parts of the Uzumaki kekkei genkai to this small village is a blessing to us. It is the very reason why everyone looks at you with such respect. Everyone holds you at the highest level here. You made the women here so much stronger than they were before. That was another reason they chose you to pick the males they would marry. You will be able to tell if he has potential and any dark motives towards our ninjas plus you're the only guy in this village."

Nadeshiko was small village with approximately 90 female Kunoichi and one male. Its shops, stores and everything else were run by female Nins. Now normally a village with that less people would be easy to dominate but Naruto's seals plus his new summoning contract made this village one of the strongest and most hidden place ever making its strength and defense unknown to everyone as they did over the years. They were able to strive off the incomes Naruto created through a business that spread across the world. He made enough money to support four of their village plus more. When they did take on missions, they were very secretive about it. No one would know it was them taking on a village at all. The training material they were able to access helped them greatly as well. Since they had the Uzumaki chakra flowing through them, they were able to use many of the Uzumaki jutsus. Another fact about Nadeshiko was the fact that the only Nins there were all related somewhere down the line. They didn't allow any pregnancy outside the village at all to keep adding to their numbers. As to the lack of males, let's just say their opinions of girls being sex toys changed permanently as they took a permanent rest. The males they had been killed one way or another for the way they treat women. A few actually was caught abusing one of their Nins and his wife. They immediately killed him and tossed his body out the village.

Naruto Tokiwa and Shizuka entered the chambers to find several males lined up around 20 of them. He walked pass each guy with keen eyes. By the time he reached the front of the line, he shook his head in disappointment. "None of them are worthy of marrying my Nins." The guys in line all drew Kunai's from hidden areas and glared at the guy in front of them.

"Then we'll just have to take them by force to be our sex toys right guys." The others agreed with them as they stood up to fight. The female Nins all drew their swords preparing themselves to fight. Naruto moved slightly then sealed a bloody kunai away. The others watched in fascination as their heads slid from their bodies at the same time. They turned towards Naruto to find him frowning at the bodies in front of him.

"I guess we'll have to search again for more guys again." He pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance while grumbling about impossible mission. "Well good luck finding then unless-" He was interrupted when one of his Nins entered the building and bowed her head.

"I'm sorry Naruto-sama but there is a man by the name of Jiraiya that wishes to speak to you. He says it's very urgent that he speaks with you."

"Let him in." All eyes blinked when they noticed he had his black cloak and mask on. They were wondering how he managed to put on his cloak and mask so quickly but then again he was considered the fastest and strongest man in the village along with the only man in the village. The girl turned around and retrieved the Sanin who had a perverted grin on his face. Jiraiya smiled at each woman as his eyes trailed up and down their bodies. A forced cough brought him out of his staring sessions. He noticed he was the only male he saw in the village so far but didn't say anything about it to avoid complications and such.

"Hello sir my name is Jiraiya sanin of Konohagakure and I have traveled here to set up an alliance between this village and Konoha. Konoha is currently in a war against Oto, Kumo, and Iwa right now and need all the allies we could get. Right now our allies consist of Sunagakure, Takigakure, and Hoshigakure. Konoha would like to discuss the details in which the alliance includes back in their village. How does that sound…..what do I call you by the way sir?" He didn't want to offend the leader in any way.

"You may call me by my bingo book name Flash Master." Jiraiya's eyes went wide at the revelation of the leader of Nadeshiko being the Flash Master Konoha was searching for. There were rumors that he was as fast as Minato while others were saying he was faster than Minato. They claimed he moved so fast that fire was produced around his body though it was never proven. The rumor that caused the most stir amongst various countries was that the Flash Master was Minato Namikaze himself. The fact remained that no one knew who this person was. At least he knew where the Flash Master was so they didn't have to go around searching for him. Getting Nadeshiko to be their allies just became a bigger priority than it was. With the Flash Master on their side, they would be able to end the war.

"Well Flash Master, what do you say with Konoha's offer?" Naruto leaned over to his wife and the two engaged in a silent conversation. Tokiwa engaged in the silent conversation as well making the Toad sage nervous about now. They separated once they had an agreement.

"I will go to Konoha to see along with my wife and her friend to see what Konoha has to offer. While I'm away, please tell any of your Nins to stay out or they will die instantly. I will raise our defense to eliminate anyone not part of this village and trust me when I say we will know if you're a part of this village or not. Now lead the way Jiraiya-san. Every go back to what you were doing while I'm off to meet the Hokage. I'll be back as soon as I can." He motioned Jiraiya to lead the way. Jiraiya turned into the direction of Konoha with anticipation towards the council meeting he avoided so much. He was glad that he had a sanin pass still and that he wasn't the Hokage of a village.

Jiraiya moved at top speeds while taking glances back to his guests. If he was moving too fast them he would slow down for them but that wasn't the case at all. They were right behind him no matter what speed he was going without showing signs of fatigue. They didn't even seem bothered by the speed he was going which was good. He needed to get them to Konoha immediately after all in hopes of ending the war quickly before it became too chaotic. The group continued traveling to Konoha at high speed with no plans of taking a break. Naruto decided to travel normally to keep his teleportation a secret until he had to use it. He still didn't trust Konoha after his banishment.

The group arrived in Konoha with 8 hours moving at extreme speeds. Jiraiya was tired by now while the others ranged from a little tired to not tired at all. This shocked Jiraiya considering how long they were traveling for. He allowed his energy to slowly return then lead his guest to the chamber room. He was sure the anbu alerted the council members of their arrival and gathered everyone to the room by now. Naruto followed Jiraiya taking note to the amount of anbu stationed around the village. His entire body was tensed causing his wife and her friend to tense as well. Only Jiraiya was relaxed as they journeyed to the room Naruto remembered as the place he was told of his banishment. Konoha brought up a lot of bad memories he didn't like. The group entered the building and through a pair of double doors where the council members, the elder advisors, and the Hokage waited.

"The guest from Nadeshiko are here as requested Hokage-sama." Jiraiya stepped aside allowing anbu to bring a few chairs by.

"That's ok; we would like to stand if that's ok with you Hokage-sama." Tsunade shook her head.

"No it's ok if you stand, that's up to you. Anyway I'm glad that you came in our time of need…..what shall we call you sir?"

"Flash Master" The council members all stared at him with pure shock on their faces. This was the guy that helped the bloodline users win the civil war in Kiri killing the Yondaime Mizukage. They heard that he killed hundreds of men in minutes breaking Minato's record. The leader of Nadeshiko was the famous Flash Master. Tsunade regained herself before speaking again.

"So Flash Master I'm sure you know about the war we're currently in and we would like to end it quickly by any means necessary to avoid the bloodshed of innocent lives. Orochimaru has been a thorn in our side for years and he needs to be put down. We want to discuss a few things that would benefit both countries greatly. Let's start with what your country would like from us."

"Actually I would like to hear what Konoha wants from us first Hokage-sama. I insist that you guys go first plus we don't know what we want yet anyways." A few council members grinned at this then let their quest be known.

"We heard your village had strong women but only marry them off to a few selected males. We would like you to send one of your girls over to us-" Naruto held his hand up stopping her completely.

"I'm sorry but we do not send our Nins anywhere away from home. The way things work is that we attract males to our village where they marry our female Nins and remain there. Any request about any of our female Nins will be denied so forget about it." Jun Haruno sneered at the man in front of him.

"THEN THERE'S NO POINT IN MAKING ANY DEALS WITH YOU. WE COULD JUST DESTROY YOUR VILLAGE AND TAKE ALL YOU FEMALE NINS THEN." Killing intent flashed throughout the chambers for a brief moment. The civilian council members were frozen in fear while the shinobi council members were on guard. The Hokage and the elder advisors stared at him with critical eyes. His killing intent didn't feel normal at all.

"Now I would watch who you threat Haruno-san or I might take those words as a war engagement. I assure you that despite our size, all of our Nins are above jounin level. Secondly I am not the one asking for an alliance here. But now that I think about it, I would like to decline any alliance between my village and Konoha. Also should any Konoha Nin appear on my land then I will take this as a sign of war. Should war arise between us then our ally Kiri will join the war as well. I will be taking my leave now." Before Tsunade had a chance to fix the mistake created by Jun Naruto and the others vanished in swirls of water. Tsunade glared at the loud mouth council member making her flinch.

"You just cost us an ally Haruno-san, what do you have to say about this?" She remained quite angering Tsunade more. "Now you chose this time to remain quite." She forced herself to calm down before Sakura loss a mother today. She turned towards the others with a look of irritation. "So what will you guys do now?"

"We could always search for the Kyuubi container and bring him back to Konoha. With a loyal jinchuriki on our side, we'll be able to turn the war into our favor." Tsunade scoffed at Danzo.

"We don't have a clue as to where he went Danzo. Jiraiya has been searching for him for three years and we can't find him at all. Not even Akatsuki has a clue as to where he's at right now. He simply fell of the map after his banishment not that I blame him. Still I never imagined he would be this hard to find. That shows that he still lives up to his reputation as Konoha's most unpredictable ninja." She grits her teeth at how hard it was to find him. She was sure Jiraiya would have been able to find him quickly.

"Why don't you ask the toads to see if he recently summoned any of them? If we could get the last location he summoned him as well as the other areas then I'm sure we'll be able to find his hidden location." Koharu was sure that he summoned a toad or two over the years so maybe they'll be able to find him through his summons.

"That would have worked if he was still allied with the toads but that isn't the case right now. He canceled his contract with the toads three years ago one week after leaving the village. Otherwise we would have been able to locate him quickly but there's nothing we could do about that." Tsunade was curious as to why Naruto canceled his contract with the toads. Did he know that the toads would have been able to locate him? No he possible couldn't have known about that. Either way Jiraiya was still upset that he lost his pupil. His sadness quickly turned into pure rage towards the council members that agreed to banish him in the first place. He still didn't like them at all even going as far as to threaten any of them that approach him for one reason or another.

"Well as least we don't have to worry about losing the contract to the demon." Tsume relaxed after saying these words. She was one of the few people of the shinobi side that voted for the demon's banishment. The others were the Hyuga head Hiashi, the Uchiha clan head Kakashi, The Akimichi clan head Choza, and the Yamanaka clan head Inoichi. Tsunade glared at the mutt in front of her as her hand twitched in anticipation. She wanted to knock her head off of her shoulders right now but that wouldn't end well on her side for killing a clan head in cold blood. "All we have to do is get Jiraiya to allow someone else to sign the contract plus get another student with more potential than that demon brat. He could make another Yellow flash easily."

"Actually Minato was a once in a while deal" replied Danzo. Seeing all eyes shift towards him, he continued speaking. "Minato created the rasengan and the Hiraishin on his own without the help of Jiraiya. Jiraiya simply didn't create the yellow flash as you believed. Minato was born a genius surpassing so many of our Nins in the past and our current Nins. Not even Itachi was capable of the things Minato did. If I had his sealing skills then Kyuubi would have been removed from the boy years ago but sadly I don't. Now that boy is floating around for anyone to claim him as their own. Orochimaru could very well have him under his thumb but haven't revealed him yet. To simply vanish from the face of the earth is impossible no matter how skilled you are. Even Itachi has been spotted taking on missions for Akatsuki." Shikaku added his own input as well.

"He could have changed his identity and moved somewhere we wouldn't check. Supposed he moved to Iwa or Kumo under a false name. That would make sense as to why we couldn't find him for three years." Danzo thought about Shikaku's words.

"He might have done exactly that Nara-san so it's safe to say he's actually learned a few things outside of Konoha. He knows Akatsuki was after him on his mission to retrieve Hokage-sama and their intention from Jiraiya-sama. He must have trained as well but where would he get training material from?" The answer came from Shibi.

"He could have spoken to missing Nins about training or something. I have heard about his ability to convince others plus Tsunade is proof of this. He most like convinced a few missing Nins to teach him whatever they knew at the time. What if he went to Kiri instead of Kumo and Iwa? It would be easy for him to sneak in under radar of even the Mizukage. He could have slipped in right after the war ended when the people were registering their names or something like that." Jiraiya remained silent as the council member came up with different ideas as to where Naruto went. The boy was extremely hard to find just like when he was in Konoha doing pranks if the notes his sensei left behind indicated. Apparently after pranking someone, he would hide until the chaos died down. Once the chaos ceased, he would sneak out and run to class outrunning any Nins that gave chase to him. His monstrous stamina allowed him to run fast for a long distance. He chuckled at the facial expressions they probably had when chasing the boy. The council members turned to Jiraiya wondering what he found funny. Jiraiya seeing their attention on him explained what he was laughing about.

"Sensei left behind some notes about his hiding skills when he was in Konoha. I heard he was able to hide from anbu plus outrun them. I guess his hiding skills never decreased at all. If anything they must have increased greatly and to think he was able to do so all on his own. That boy is something else especially when he mastered the rasengan within one week. It took me three months to master that jutsu. I wonder what else he was able to accomplish on his own. The possibilities are limitless right now. He could have very well created advanced versions of the rasengan." The council members along with the advisors didn't like the sound of that.

"We need to find and eliminate the demon now."

"That demon must be preparing to attack us soon."

"Maybe our hunter Nins will be able to take care of him."

"We must do something Hokage-sama."

All council members went quite instantly when the sounds of wood shattering was heard. They looked up to find Tsunade glaring at them as if they were the most annoying thin in the world.

"First off we don't have a clue as to where he is so SHUT THE HELL UP. Naruto hasn't bothered the village nor will he so leave that issue alone regarding him. If anything we should be focused on the war and winning it. We don't have time for anything else unless you don't care if Konoha survives or not that is." She scanned the room to see if anyone was going to cut her off but saw none. "There is also the issue regarding Orochimaru. Base on what Jiraiya told us, he will be trading bodies soon and we need to prevent him from taking over the Uchiha's body no matter what."

"You can't kill the last Uchiha Hokage-sama."

"We must bring him back alive then."

"MY BABY LOVES SASUKE SO YOU CAN'T HARM HIM HOKAGE-SAMA. I'M SURE THE DAIMYO WOULDN'T APPROVE OF THE HOKAGE EXTERMINATING THE UCHIHA CLAN NOW WOULD HE." The other grabbed their ears in pain. Jun sure did have a voice on her. Maybe her voice was a kekkei genkai instead of the two minds. Tsunade waited until the ringing stopped.

"I'm the Hokage of this village so you better remember your place Haruno-san." She allowed killing intent to silence her. "As to the Uchiha, he was considered a traitor the day he went to Orochimaru. He knew Orochimaru killed our Hokage so that makes things even worst. I never even mention killing him but I will do it if he can't be saved from Orochimaru. The last thing we need is for Orochimaru to gain the sharingan. I'll deploy an elite group consisting of Jiraiya, Kakashi, Kurenai, Guy, and Asuma to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha. The Bikochu beetle supplied by the Aburame clan plus the head band we received from Sakura will allow us to retrieve the Uchiha brat quickly. We'll need to act fast or we'll be too late to stop Orochimaru. I want the people I named for this mission to be in my office within the next 30 minutes Kakashi and Jiraiya. Everyone else is dismissed for now." She got up and walked to her office not wanting to be around the group any longer. She also needed some sake to relieve some stress.

30 minutes later her selected members came into the office on time just as she wanted. A few anbu dropped off Sasuke's old headband Naruto brought back and the Bikochu beetle before taking off once again. Tsunade turned to the group in front of her to explain their mission. "I want you to find Sasuke and bring him back to Konoha so Orochimaru won't be able to gain the sharingan. If Orochimaru already has possession over Sasuke's body then kill him and destroy the body. You must prevent Orochimaru from gaining the sharingan at all cost. Failure to do so will result in dire consequences so move out now." They answered in a chorus of "Hai" before taking off. 'Hopefully this will delay any plans Orochimaru has for us for a while.' That was her last thought as she went over to a Kage's most hated enemy, paperwork.