Arashi scanned the area around him as he slowly made his way into Iwagakure to begin their destruction. Many thoughts passed through his mind as he thought about how he would destroy Iwa in the coolest way possible or how to start the slaughter of Iwa Nins. He wanted this event to go down in history so it had to be something that would be etched into their mind as the most horrifying day ever. It would rival Konoha's fear of Kyuubi or surpass it one way or another. When he was done with Iwa, they would mourn the deaths of so many people every year. Visions of dead bodies all around Iwa flashed before his eyes. His blue eyes turned a dark shade of purple but shifted back to blue when he gained control over his rising blood lust. He needed a great plan first plus he had to set the bomb down first so when he died, the bomb would cause destruction to the village giving Kiri a chance to finish the job.

Arashi used a solid transformation and slipped into the village without alerting anyone of his presence. It wasn't hard to slip into Iwa considering how lame their security system was. He went to the heart of Iwa where he planted the bomb right near the towers then used a cloak seal to hide it. Phase one of his slowly forming plan was now complete so now he needed to think of phase two of his plan. He could either start off in the heart of Iwa by killing civilians until Nins arrived a few minutes later or start off at the entrance by killing off a few patrollers to alert them that someone was killing them off slowly. Maybe killing the kage then fighting a few others on the way out before the explosion went off would help. He continued brainstorming ideas until he came up with one he would use but still no way to start his idea. He could set the bomb for a certain amount of time while he killed his way into the village meaning he would have to be entering the village. The Nins would all chase him down until he was near the bomb where he would fight until the bomb killed everyone off including himself. It wasn't like he was real to begin with so why not go out with a bang.

Now the question was what time should he set the bomb on before he began his assault? After thinking about it for a while, he decided to set the bomb on 20 minutes and would start ticking down when he initiated it outside the village. He went back to the start of the village then allowed his true form to show. He made the hand seal to activate the bomb then walked towards two guards located at the gate.

"Halt, please remove your mask and hand over any weapons as well as your identification sir." Arashi took a kunai and flicked it quickly impaling the chuunin guard in the head. He waited as the other chuunin guard alerted the others before killing him as well. Several anbu appeared at the scene all armed with swords and a few other weapons.

"Surrender now or suffer at the hands of Iwa." Arashi snorted at their little threat.

"I have no intention of surrendering Iwa Nins. I'm here to simply play a game" The voice change and glowing purple eyes put them all on guard. They dashed into action to cut this demon down before it had a chance to strike. Arashi moved slightly and the anbu group stopped. Their heads rolled off their bodies without resistance. More anbu came towards him and started going through hand seals.

Doton: Crashing sphere

Anbu picked up a large sphere from the ground and hurled it towards Arashi. Arashi avoid the sphere completely allowing the large rock to strike the gates of Iwa.

Doton: Golem Force

50 golems rose from the ground all wielding large rock based weapons. Arashi allowed a smile to grace his lips. It seems that Iwa wasn't as weak as he originally thought. He would enjoy playing with them for a while after all. He dashed towards the golem force with wind blades around his kunai. The golems charge as well in attempt to crush him no matter what. Arashi dodged the initial strike from the golem with a roll while cutting his legs off in the process. He immediately jumped over a large rock club unto the head of a golem. Several golems swung their heads toward him but Arashi once again jumped. The golem he was standing on dropped to the ground after losing his head. Arashi landed on another golem for a few seconds when several kunai was launched at him by the group of Nins arriving. Arashi slowly allowed blood lust to take control over him as he noticed the numbers of Nins increasing rapidly.

Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique

Arashi quickly made a clone and moved out of the way before anyone knew what he did. The shadow clone was trapped into a large cube where an explosion went off. Arashi turned to find the Tsuchikage glaring at him. By now a large grin was on his face. This would be a great battle to the end and he was sure of it. Also the way he contained the bomb made him realize how the strike against Iwa wouldn't happen as planned. Luckily Naruto took that into factor and created a No-go seal located on his thumb. He channeled chakra to his thumb to alert Naruto and the others that the strike on Iwa would fail. He knew this Kage would be able to save much of the village from the blast but either way Iwa would still be too weakened to launch any attacks. They would be too busy repairing the damages he would leave behind and to keep their numbers from dropping too low. Kumo on the other hand would suffer greatly especially when they lost their kage.

"Who are you and where are you from?" Arashi turned to the elder man and stared at him as if he grew multiple heads. Did he really think he would say something like "Nadeshiko sent me and I'm Arashi"? Arashi shook his head at the Kage.

"Who I am doesn't matter right now geezer. Right now I'm going to kill as much people as I can so goodbye." Arashi dashed towards the village with the Tsuchikage flying right behind him. His head snapped backwards to confirm that he was indeed flying. How the hell did Iwa Nins learn how to fly? If anything Kumo or places like Sky country should know how to fly not a rock. Iwa became more and more interested by the second. Several large rocks indicated that the elder man wasn't far behind him even though he wasn't moving at full speed.

"GET BACK HERE YOU YOUNGSTER SO I COULD CRUSH YOU." A loud crack was heard throughout the village. "OUCH MY FUCKING BACK" Arashi couldn't contain his laugher when he heard that last line.

Doton: Mud River

An anbu spat out a large out of mud in hopes to slow him down. Arashi noticed the civilian being escorted out the village and was surrounding by barriers. Two Nins kept the barrier up and he could tell they were strong. He was brought out of his musing when he sensed several boulders flying towards him. He avoided each with ease then turned to find Oniki with a large concentration of Iwa Nins surrounding him. Onoki smirked at the teen in front of him.

"You're surrounded boy so give up and maybe we'll let you live for 10 minutes longer than we originally want to kill you. You can't possible beat all of us." Arashi started laughing at the elder man in front of him. The others began to think he lost his mind by now. Arashi stopped laughing as he released his chakra until it was blazing like fire. The others tensed when they saw how much chakra he was showing add to the fact that his chakra was actually purple.

"I'll tell you this once geezer and only once. I'm here to kill as much as I can so surrender isn't an option. Now I think it's time to show you my jutsus and try to stay alive." Arashi's hand blurred through a few hand seals at speeds Oniki only saw the Sandaime Hokage performed before.

Shakuton (Scorching heat): Burning wind

As soon as the other heard burning wind, many of them threw up shields but not all of them were lucky when Arashi blew out intense heat to dry them up. Arashi went through another set of hand seals to cast another jutsu.

Ranton (Storm release): Ballistic laser beam

Several beams were fired from his fingers as he spun around penetrating the rock shields and struck a few unlucky individuals from critical to non-critical areas. Arashi took off as they released their shields to attack him once again. He stopped once he was close to the towers where he estimated that for the next 15 minutes they would fight until the explosion went off killing as many Nins before it was contained and taking out the tower which contained important documents ranging from forbidden jutsu to information on every person in the village. This would keep them occupied for a while unless they had backup information which he was sure they had. Still they would beef up their security while they recovered.

Doton: Meteor shower

Doton: Hands of Lythos

Doton: Rising walls

Arashi watched as one Nin threw a large rock into the sky and allow it to explode. While he large rocks dropped at him at high speeds, large hands made from rocks were closing in on him to smash him into a puddle. Large walls formed around the hands to ensure he didn't escape the jutsus. Arashi yarned at their attempt to kill him. Now any other person would have suffered critical damage from this attack but not individuals with teleportation. He flashed away as the attacks came together.

The Iwa Nins outside the wall watched as the wall crumble together on everything. They cheered at the thought of that Nin being dead once and for all. Onoki stretched a few times to relieve the pain from his back. "That youngster didn't know what hit him. He shouldn't have messed with Iwa but it's his funeral."

"What funeral geezer." Onoki turned around to find an unscratched Arashi right behind him. Arashi moved over the rubble revealing himself to every Iwa Nin in front of him. They were all shocked to see him unharmed by their combination attacks. Arashi looked at the watch to find that he had 10 minutes until the great big explosion. He diverted his attention to the shocked group in front of him. "Did you really believe I would die so easily old dust ball? You guys are pitiful. Look at the damage you all cause to your own village. I barely attacked you guys yet so much damage was dealt to this village." Onoki realized that what he said was true.

During this entire time he's been here, his men were doing the most attacks. He grits his teeth in anger when he realized how stupid he made him and his men look. He allowed killing intent to spike towards the teen in front of him. The people that know about his temper grew nervous. When Onoki got angry, bad things happened. A crazed look entered his eyes and a few anbu members ran away. When Onoki released his weights, every other Nin ran away knowing how ugly this fight would get. Arashi allowed his blood lust to rise to its peak as he engaged in battle with the elder kage.

The Iwa Nins all went a good distance away from the fight and watched as the two Nins tossed one jutsu after another. They were amazed that the teen was able to keep up with their Kage so easily. 10 minute into the fight the noticed Onoki land a blow on the teen sending him to the rubbles. Right as Onoki went to finish the teen off, a loud explosion triggered where the towers were. The large flash forced the others to shield their eyes for a brief moment. They turned back to find Onoki containing the large blast with his small shield. A few Nins seeing him struggle sprung into action and aided their Kage until the explosion was over. Once the smoke cleared, they all stared in horror at the deep hole where the towers use to be. Based on the power of the explosion, Onoki knew the bomb could have taken out a large proportion of the village and that scared him a little. A few Iwa Nins ran over to him and congratulated him on his success ignoring his shocked look. What kind of bomb was that? He knew this bomb wasn't a mere modified paper bomb.

"I didn't win this fight" That statement stopped all cheering. Before they could ask why he said that when he landed a powerful blow, he explained to them why he lost. "Something happened to him that caused his body to stiffen for a brief moment. It was like he suffered from chakra backlash or something. Either way it shows that I'm too old to continue running as Kage. We need someone younger to run as Kage. We also need to pull back from the war to recover and possibly strengthen our security. War will only weaken us right now. I will summon the council members to begin the choosing of a new Kage but in the meantime, help repair the village plus beef up security while you're at it. We don't want another attack to happen like this one now do we?"

"No Tsuchikage-sama" The group separated from each other to begin their work. None of the Iwa Nins were aware of the plant Akatsuki member as he recorded everything before sinking into the grounds or tried to. A kunai impaled him in the head killing him instantly. A civilian walked over and sealed his body away.

"Lord Kabuto would love to see what information this Akatsuki member has in store for him. I'm sure Orochimaru-sama would love to dissect him as well." The secret Oto spy slipped out the village with the intention of giving his masters the body and information on Iwa. He was sure his master would be pleased with his work. Once he was out the village, he allowed bat wings to sprout from his back as he took flight towards Otogakure.

Unknown location

Itachi was found relaxing in peace or so it seems. His mind was in turmoil as to what was going on with his village. Itachi couldn't understand what was Konoha doing right now but whatever they were doing was leading Konoha towards their own doom. He needed to speak with Jiraiya soon about pulling the whole spy operation now so he could defend his home and show his brother the path he wanted him to take. He thought his brother would understand his intention through his cryptic message but that wasn't the case. His hate blinded his younger brother and clouds his judgment too much and he was looking more like a true Uchiha each day being corrupted, power hungry, and monsters. Still it wasn't like he was able to show up anytime and expect the people of Konoha to believe him. Only Hiruzen, Koharu, Danzo, Homura, and Jiraiya knew the truth of the Uchiha clan massacre. No one else knew about the Uchiha's plot to take control of Konoha or die trying. He knew what the results of that would have ended up being so he locked his heart and emotions away as he killed every Uchiha member. When he got to his brother, he just couldn't kill him no matter how much emotional training he went through. His brother meant so much to him so losing him would mean losing his remaining light. He also needed to give Sasuke his father's eyes so he could see again. Itachi was brought from his thoughts when Kisame approached him with a grin.

"Hey guess what I found out Itachi? Pain's going over to eliminate your little brat along with Konoha." Itachi did a good job in hiding his anger towards not only Madara but all of the Akatsuki members he had to deal with. They were all corrupted in their own ways and it disgusts him. Kisame was a traitor of his home that fled after taking the sword he now wields from his sensei. He always wanted power so he continued stealing it from others as he went along. He was known as the "Monster of the Hidden Mist". When people spoke about him it was through fear.

"Hey Itachi you're spacing out again." Itachi cut his thoughts short when he saw Kisame waving his sword in front of him. Kisame was a tough fighter in the long run but overall he wasn't a fighter on par with him or Konoha elites. Did Madara really believe Kisame would be able to kill him should the time comes around. That had to be the only explanation why Madara paired him up with him. Each Akatsuki pair was created based on strengths and weakness.

Deidara and Sasori were capable of killing each other. Deidara used clay explosives while Sasori used puppets. They were considered the group artists. The thing about Deidara was that he used long ranged attacks through moving explosives and tends to fight from the sky. This would have given him an advantage if Sasori didn't use projectiles when fighting. Hidan and Kakuzu aka the zombie brothers both had abilities that could get rid of each other. Hidan while immortal could be shredded into pieces making him completely useless but at the same time Hidan could stab himself five times in the areas Kakuzu's heart would be located to kill him.

Madara and Pain would be on par with each other or so it seems. Both possessed powerful eyes capable of causing destruction as well as weaknesses that could be their downfall. Pain had multiple bodies that separate his abilities. This has both pros and cons considering that all Madara had to do were target the weakness of each body or attack the real leader. Madara on the other hand had to be careful when using his eyes. His eyes weren't as sharp as they once were plus each use brought him close to blindness. Itachi always believed that the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan didn't have that blindness weakness but he found out that was partially true.

While the eyes could avoid the weakness of going blind that actually depends on what the user does with the eyes. If Madara was to use only the normal abilities of the sharingan up to three tomoe, he would never have to worry about going blind ever. But since Madara used teleportation, amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and a few others he put a lot of stress on his eyes. Those techniques put unholy amount of stress on the eyes that caused the sharingan to slowly wear out thus leading to blindness. He knew from firsthand experience about the downfall. In order to repair his eyes he needed chakra from an Uzumaki clan member. Since Naruto is the only clan member left, only he would be able to repair Madara's or Itachi's eyes. The problem was Naruto was dead now…or was he? Naruto was known for his pranks when he was in Konoha.

Did Naruto somehow managed to fake his own death to avoid Akatsuki? That would make sense plus it would get rid of attention. Surely his little brother couldn't have killed him so easily especially when he knew teleportation. The more Itachi thought about Naruto's death, the more suspicious he started to get. He would look into Naruto's death as soon as he left Akatsuki.

"Itachi you're spacing out again." Itachi looked at Kisame with a neutral facial expression. His eyes slowly scanned him as if in thought.

"I guess this is the end of the line Kisame." Itachi's eyes morphed into the Mangekyo sharingan to produce black fire. Kisame jumped back to avoid most of the flames but his left arms and leg were caught on fire. Kisame cut them off then allowed his arm and leg to grow back by using 90% of his swords chakra. The loss of chakra left Kisame nearly out of energy. He prepared for battle when he noticed Itachi drawing his sword.

"I guess I'll have to kill you now Itachi. It's a shame Akatsuki's going to lose such a fine soldier but we'll find someone to replace you. Besides I was always curious to see which one of us was actually stronger and now we'll have the perfect time to find out." Itachi swallowed a food pill to allow his energy to replenish from his initial attack. He sighed at the fact that his initial attack only left him in a weakened state but took that as a gain. He had the advantage right now if the small sword was to go by. Re-growing his limbs must have consumed monstrous amounts of chakra. Based on the sword's size and Kisame's current condition, Kisame won't be able to toss around high level jutsus as he done in the past. He on the other hand didn't toss around high leveled jutsu plus he didn't rely on jutsus to begin with. Years of training under Danzo allowed him to fight without chakra.

"You're too arrogant for yourself Kisame and that will be your downfall. You rely on chakra which you don't have much of now. Since most of your jutsus are high level ones, you'll be losing this match soon." Kisame chuckled at the Uchiha member in front of him.

"You sound arrogant as well Uchiha. You sound like every other Uchiha member I've met in the past. As a matter of fact you sound a little like Madara Uchiha." The slightly surprised look on Itachi's face was not missed by Kisame. "Of course I know who the leader is though I'm not sure which of the two is stronger. Pain does seem powerful as well as Madara. I'll get to see who the strongest is when they start fighting over leadership. Right now I have a traitor to get rid of." Kisame gripped the handle of his sword and prepared to fight. Itachi allowed a smile to appear on his lips.


Both missing Nins tossed their cloaks to the group then charged at each other with the intent to kill. Two swords clashed against each other multiple times for dominance against each other. Itachi blurred our of Kisame's sight and pain erupted from his side. Kisame glanced where the pain came from to find a gash on his side. He turned back to find Itachi swinging his sword to the ground disposing of the blood from his sword.

"I received a little training from the Yondaime Hokage at one point so I do have a great deal of speed. I just never showed anyone. It was my ace card in case something like this was to happen. What I showed you was just a sample of what I'm able to do. Let me show you my true speed before I dispose of you." Itachi dashed around Kisame at max speeds. Itachi's speed was so fast that he left multiple after images as he circled Kisame. Kisame watched multiple Itachi's face away only to be replaced by more of them. He couldn't believe his partner hid this from him as well as Akatsuki. He prepared to counter Itachi's attacks in hopes but he couldn't prepare for what happened next.

Itachi wiped the blood from his sword on Kisame's robes before burning it along with his mutilated body. Kisame didn't survive his wave of slashes and the decapitation. He took Kisame's ring before taking off to meet Jiraiya to pull the plug on Akatsuki. He had gained enough information on each member to take them down with ease. Once Akatsuki went down completely, he would be able to help Konoha rise once again.