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3 The Three Planets

In the past – there were 2 mystical planets of Afterlife: Fire and Water. When these were destroyed, all of the souls of Fire and Water travelled towards the nearest habitable area. Unfortunately, there was only one suitable planet, which came to be known as Earth. There were so many souls on Earth from both Fire and Water that it caused constant conflict within the people. This led to continual warfare between nations, and because there was so much destructive energy there, the planet was classified as a Type 13 planet. The Lexx destroyed Earth before it could destroy itself, causing the souls of the dead to travel once again, searching for a suitable resting place. This time, they found not one, not two... but three suitable planets. One became the final heavenly resting place for the good. One became the fiery hell of eternal torment for the damned. The third accommodated those in-between. Those who made bad choices without knowing the extent of the damage they caused. Or those who ended up doing good things without knowing it or planning on it. For any soul not bad enough for Fire, but not good enough for Water, there was Midpoint. There a soul could reside, without the eternal pain of Fire or the eternal bliss of Water, in a place where there was neither joy nor misery; neither success, nor failure. Midpoint's orbit kept Fire and Water separate for most of the time, which was a comfortable arrangement, because Fire and Water were probably the most incompatible planets in the history of the two universes, and the Prince of Fire's sole wish was to destroy Water completely.

Water has always had a guardian, but the guardian of Water was peaceful. On Earth, she resided in the depths of the ocean and did not interfere with the affairs of the living. Fire has always had a Prince, and on Earth, Prince tried to control and dominate the affairs of the living. Midpoint, however, was a new place altogether – which required a guardian of its own. The natural duty of guarding a planet, fell to the one who had existed for far longer than any human was ever meant to. The life that had returned and shone like a brief flare, before once again being extinguished. He who had for thousands of years entirely embodied the spirit of Midpoint – neither good, nor bad, having the potential for light or for darkness. One who had had free will, but had not been able to feel, and so his choices were never truly good or bad. The last of the Brunnen-G became the guardian of Midpoint.

Towards this planet headed a small craft, similar to the Lexx, but smaller and younger. On board were two human beings – one of them part cluster lizard – and a robotic head that the ship had eaten, but had not been able to digest, and so it had been saved.