Author's note: Don't drill me for this one, because this is my first try at an adult horror adventure/romance/suspence/drama..whatever you want to call it… look at my profile and you'll see Disney etc ffs: Point made. Anyway I hope you enjoy it; I wanted to do a slightly more modern version of it, with a kind of twist. FEEL FREE TO LEAVE REVIEWS because guidance and encouragement will be really appriciated :)
Rated T for adult language and some future chapters…cant have vampires and teenagers without a bit of sexy right?

Generation Next:

Van Helsing, the Rebirth of Dracula and God's Weapon

Chapter 1: Birthdays and Boys and Bats

I looked in the mirror. God I wish I didn't have to do this. My step-mother was way to hip for her own good. Renting out a club for a bunch of underage friends to party for my birthday? Was she nuts? … probably. I mean I was happy that my father was happy. She was kind of one of those Botox rich kind of women…and it drove me wild that people said we looked alike. Okay we both had dark brown hair…but lord knows if hers is natural. That would be it…I had green eyes, hers were…again I want to say blue but they could just be her contacts?

"Hey Lana, you done yet lookin' in the mirror? I wanna check my hair again!"

I turned to see that Alexis had her hair up in a high-ponytail, which worked for her super long blonde hair. No Alexis was not as superficial as people set her out to be…the same assumption people made with me. She was actually my best friend, who just enjoyed the small benefits of being my friend sometimes a little too much, but hey I love her. It was just because my father had some money and then married my rich step mother like five years after my mom died that we had so much money… which by the way, does not mean I am one of those bitches that are rolling in dough and loves to rub it in. And yes my mother died, when I was like six or something… I only have a few memories of her. People told me that she was knifed or something in a street robbery but I just choose to think she died peacefully for a piece of mind. But back to what I said before; I hate that stereo-type. Honestly though, my high school just labeled me one of "those girls" like I had a stamp on my forehead. Why am I telling you this? Oh I don't know because tonight I am dreading the thought of my step-mother fulfilling this stereo-type for me. I moved out of the way of the mirror. I looked fine…good enough…probably better than good enough. My hair was curled in loose curls that my step mom's professional basically did for me. My makeup was done all right up with mascara, eye shadow and pink lip gloss. My jeans were actually black brand name jeggings… (Jean-leggings if your not up on the whole "what's in"…because yes Ronda is….Ronda being my step mom.). My shirt was a purple graphic tank top that again I think was Guess…but that could be a guess in itself.

"Lana, you in there girl? We gotta go, your parties gonna be awesome, but it wont be awesome if your not there!"
Alexis said grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the front door.

Oh right my birthday present from my parents…well one of a few… black strappy pumps. If I twist my ankle these will be the culprit. I strapped them on, and steadied my balance. They weren't too bad…kind of comfy to my surprise. Before I knew it, Alexis already was dragging me out the door to my own 18th b-day.

We got to the club, "Starlight" and I could see that about ninety percent of my high school graduating class was already there. Luckily my arrival didn't make people do one of those awkward call outs, with a whole bunch of people surrounding me with fake hugs and happy birthdays. Am I antisocial? No. But some of the people here I honestly barely talk to.

"Common, Lana it's your party loosen up!" Alexis grabbed my hand again but before I knew it she was lost in the crowd. Awesome.

Normally I wouldn't be so tense, but lately things have been happening that I can't explain. For example the other night; my window opened up suddenly, like the lock just broke and I had to close it. When I did there were these like bats flying out in the night sky? Not to mention it was way too cold out for a summer night. On top of that I can't shake that feeling that someone's been watching me. Maybe its just paranoia? Plus I've actually been feeling weird lately…and it's a weird I can't put my finger on. Like…oh I can't even say for sure, but something inside of me wants to come out. NO, I am not saying I'm coming out of the closet or anything like that, but personally partying all night tonight was not the best idea. Plus I wasn't fond off underage drinking at my own party with my father probably somewhere in the premise. He probably wouldn't care…sometimes I think he's too nice for his own good…something that apparently people say about me too? I don't know. I sat down at the bar, and ordered water. I needed to relax; I mean come on it IS my birthday party! Wait…scratch that…here comes Brandon.

"Hey Lana!"

"Hi Brandon."

He was a football jock…and really, not allfootball jocks are all jock no brain, but Brandon is. He also follows the stereotype that the rich girl dates the rich guy…which I don't.

"Vodka?" He looked down at my cup.

"Water actually." I could use a vodka right now with this guy.

"Oh. So how's your party? You wanna hook up or something later?"

Way to beat around the bush there Brandon.

"Uhm I'll pass."

"Awh common Lana, I know you think I'm hot."

"Really Brandon, I'm not feeling well so …uhm not tonight." I rushed out to the V.P room, which I was so happy was

"Bet I can make you feel better?"

I turned to see Brandon. For a not so smart guy, he was pretty persistent. "Really Brandon I…" Shit. He actually had
me cornered. Was he too dumb to realize that I actually wasn't interested?

"Duh, common Lana, it's your birthday, you know we were meant for each other! I saw you looking at me at the
football game!"

I was watching the final football game with a million other kids…he just happened to be in it.

"Uh…" Next thing I knew Brandon was holding me, trying to kiss me. I don't have the patience for this…I'm too stressed…and tired…and…and…my mind blanked.

I opened my eyes and saw that Brandon had been tossed to the other side of the room. What happened? I felt something warm engulf me but..I mean i blanked out didnt t? I thought he was…or ? I looked at him to see him get wide eyed and walk out of the room. Did I just do that? I looked at the open door of the VP room to the main dance floor. Hey, who were those three girls out there? I don't remember inviting them…or ever seeing them before…god I needed some air. I ran off into the ladies room.


"That must be her." Mel said.

"That's her power? Fending of perverts?" Cari asked.

"It's more than fending off perverts…it's fending off our kind we have to worry about. He wants her, and we need to get to her before she realizes what her powers are and get's stronger." Lilith said.

If anyone were to look at the three women standing in the club they wouldn't think much of them; they had corsets and skirts on, and looked rather human. Mel had dark skin, and a dark mane of dark brown hair. Cari was pale with just as pale blue eyes and short blonde locks. Lilith was the most alluring with long thick black hair, along with red lips, and uncanny purple eyes that most would have to take a second glance at to make sure they were just that violet. Entering the club wasn't hard; most men couldn't resist the alluring magic of their being…and if they did, well they wouldn't have much to say about it afterwards.

"I wonder…" Mel said aloud.

"What?" Cari asked.

"If he knows yet." Mel finished.

"We'll find out soon enough, but let's get her first. Men aren't aloud in a woman's restroom anyway." Lilith said.

"I wonder why he wants her this bad…" Mel asked. "Couldn't we just kill her and get it over with?"

Lilith didn't like the idea either, but she wasn't going to question him. "He says he wants her so we bring her to him. No questions asked."

"You damn do- gooder...takin out the fun of some midnight murder. It's just because you're his favorite! It's just because you're a half w-" Cari started to pout.

"Shut up you idiot!" Lilith looked at her with intense eyes that started to burn a red colour. "You really want to deal with him? Hah, didn't think so."

"Shit I think I still have a piece of that guys tongue stuck in my mouth…" Mel said suddenly picking her front canine tooth.

"You couldn't resist not taking a bite eh Mel?" Lilith smirked to her as they walked in the direction of the ladies room.

"Just a nibble really? What can you expect; they say it's kinkier with a little bit of biting anyway don't they?" She
asked this with a fake innocence.

"Whore." Cari said smiling at her.

"Thanks." Mel said winking at her comrade.

"Show time girls, let's get this bitch and get out of this dull place." Lilith said smiling before opening the door to the ladies room, with their brunette pray standing at the sinks.