Just want to add that I do not own 'Supergirl', 'Superman', or any DC Comics character. Two characters in this story are original. Enjoy!

Girl of Steel

A blond-haired woman wearing office attire began to walk along the edge of the roof. She walked until she got to the corner of the edge and looked around at the buildings ahead. Some were old and decaying and some were going out of business soon. The people were barely managing to make ends meet. But she did not have time for homely problems. She still had a job to do. In a way, the woman smiled that she was finally getting to do some real work again. The office life was too different and too easy.

She looked behind her where she saw a piece of paper stuck on one of the antennas. Taking it before it flew away from the wind, the blond woman read it. There was a list of her team's names and occupations which she could not help but be amused.

Team members:

Supergirl (Kara Zor-El. Cousin to Superman. Now CEO of Luthorcorp.)

Annihilator (female cyborg built by Brainiac.)

Dinah Lance (Black Canary. Supergirl's bodyguard and strategist.)

Jade (former Green Lantern. Now operates as main advisor to Supergirl.)

Timothy Olsen (Jimmy's half-brother who specializes in scientific dealings.)

Robin (Advisor to Supergirl on business strategy.)


Rolling her eyes, the woman let the paper fly away aimlessly into the night. As she saw the wind taking the paper away downwards, she soon saw it go into a spiraling direction. Even if it was so slowly, it would eventually hit the ground soon. Gravity was indeed something she had yet to understand. 'What goes up must come down.' she thought and it was that very statement that made her think of past circumstances leading to her present state.

In the future…

After many battles which have caused the lives of many superheroes as well as countless innocent people, the ultimate corporation known as Luthorcorp, whose dealings with powerful beings have let the rest of the galaxy to utter war and devastation, is now under new management. Superman is on the other side of the universe resolving great conflicts that Earth could no longer manage and wards them off far away. Before Superman's absence, a great battle that took place on Earth has caused Luthorcorp to collapse. Lex Luthor has disappeared for reasons only a few know but in his absence, he has appointed a certain enemy to take control of the company…Supergirl along with her still living allies Unbeknownst to her, Luthor believes Supergirl in charge will make everyone on Earth feel inferior to her and plans to corrupt her, ultimately leading to her downfall. In order for Luthorcorp to stay functional, the new management must know what it is doing. Earth is not involved in such an intergalactic war, so long as a certain member of Krypton controls it.

Metropolis Now…

Nothing felt freer than being one with the air. The wind whipped at the woman's face as she sped forward like a slow moving missile. It was as if gravity was a great tool and ally. The clouds hanging from both sides looked like paper bags caught in an updraft. The figure thought she felt the same. The sky is not falling down from up here. Fifteen thousand feet high was almost second nature. Despite it being night right now, everything felt bright to the woman. Looking down below where the street was seen, the woman turned serious as something caught her eye immediately and with increased speed, flew down below.

A figure ran wildly beneath a dark alleyway. He was wearing a long trench coat, a tie and faded jeans. The man had a scared look on his face almost as if someone was pursuing him. He kept looking back as if it would keep him moving forward. He then stopped when he realized nobody was chasing him. He began panting for air and eventually breathed in a sigh of relief and gave out a small laugh. Clenching his upper chest to keep his heart from beating fast, the man put his hands to his knees as he tried to regain his energy.

As his eyes faced below, the man's smiled disappeared as he saw a shadow of boots making his way to his. The man shook and trembled. His head was slowly raised to face the figure. The woman was wearing a gray suit with a matching tie. She had a stern look on her face.

After a short pause, the man reached into his coat pocket and took out a small metal box as quick as he could. However, the box was knocked away to the ground somewhere. The man was then picked up from the ground by his neck. The woman had a firm grip on him. He was now choking.

Gagging, the man tried his best to talk.

"Puh-Please, don't do this!" the man pleaded.

"Jake Anderson, Wanted for felony and theft, Served six months at Arkham, You know the rules…." She reminded him.

Immediately a group of black guards with batons made their way to the scene. The woman in the suit put the man down. Two guards grabbed the man by the arms. Another woman, a dark-haired figure, attached weird bindings to the man's wrists.

"You're going away indefinitely now." she said to him as he was dragged away by the soldiers.

"No! NO!" the man literally cried now. The man continued to shout incoherent responses that would do him no good.

One of the guards came up to the woman, "Ma'am? Are you alright?"

"Of course, I'm alright. Dinah, where were you?" The woman in the suit faced the other woman.

"Don't worry about me. Besides, I'm not faster than a speeding bullet." Dinah bit back. "What did this guy do?" she pointed back to where the man was taken to a van.

Gritting her teeth, she responded "Stole… that." She pointed a finger to where the box the man took out lay on the ground beneath a dumpster.

Dinah put her pistol to her holster and went over to the box. She picked it up and opened it. A green glow was given off.

"Uhh!" the woman collapsed.

"Oh crap! Sorry." Dinah immediately closed the box.

"Kryptonite. In this city again…" Kara said with disgust but also in astonishment.

"Then we got a serious problem…" Dinah nodded.

The fact that there was kryptonite was a huge concern for Supergirl.