The End Part III

Two Minutes before explosion….

There was a long point in his life when he thought emotion was weakness and considered a liability. But just because he knew goodness now, did not mean he was all for it. Luthor looked at the refugees sitting in a dilapidated sewer tunnel. There had to be hundreds, all with women and children huddled together, clutching each other ever so tightly. In spite of all the embarrassment of seeing low-level people shedding tears, Lex could not help but feeling troubled. In the pit of his stomach, Lex could feel a tad of sympathy.

Large shaking had occurred from above. Lex knew that the fighting was still ongoing. Looking back at the people filled with soot, blood and sweat. He wondered as to why he even brought the people to a so-called safe point. He wondered why he even had to save them. 'I was told I could finally be a leader of the human race…' Lex shook his head in disappointment. 'It seems even the father of my enemy can let me down."

He brushed his hands inside his pockets so that he could stop seeing the soot in his hands which he couldn't try to get off. But as he did, he felt something inside his left pocket. Frowning he pulled it out. It was a large, steel like crystal like the one he tried to steal from Kara.

It must have been given to him by Jor-El. 'Why would he give this to me?' He had no idea when he gave it to him. Lex had no more time to think because the crystal suddenly glowed.

"Lex Luthor.." a calm voice called out.

Most of all people in the tunnel let out screams of shock. The crystal in Lex's hand began to hum an unusual tone. It was beautiful like the songs from old. Lex did not know why but now he felt happier than he ever did in his whole life. The crystal was speaking to him somehow.

"I will do just that." He nodded warmly.

Lex then looked at the large crowd of people. "People, prepare to go to a new life with me where everything and everyone is finally rewarded."

Everyone then disappeared in a big flash of light.


Linda saw the cyborg woman fly off with Kara which soon resulted in a huge explosion that was slowly tearing the world in reverberating waves. As soon as it happened, Linda began to feel strange. A huge surge of energy overwhelmed her entire system. It was as if a large amount of energy began to flow through her.

She could feel her cuts and bruises disappearing. They had instantly disappeared. All this and she still could see quick flashes of someone's life passing before her very eyes. From when she came to Earth, from telling her father not to send her to Earth, to meeting her cousin, to meeting the rest of the league, when she started school, and when she dealt with many enemies. Linda could feel all of it and a warm smile spread through her face. She was Kara Zor-El.

She looked at Power Girl who couldn't take her eyes off the shocking display and turned her to face her.

"Come on! Let's go!"

"Hang on!" Power Girl cried and made Linda hang onto her immediately. Soon she was flying with her away from the slow explosion which was soon expanding.

Inside her green lantern bubble, Jade and the others saw a large wave of light coming from the sky. It was resonating fast. She sped off looking for Timmy now. In the midst of the destruction, she had managed to pick up both Derek and Mia, she hoped to find the rest of the team.

From inside the green, transparent bubble, Derek saw to his surroundings, the buildings, the restaurants, the cars, all wiped out in an instant by a large wave of energy. Eventually the bubble set itself down again as a young man tried desperately to reach the group. Derek saw that the young man barely reached them before the explosion caught up to them. He was soon embraced in the lantern-carrying woman. She then re-activated her ring on her finger and the energy surrounded them and once again they floated up.

Mia was in utter shock. "Why?" she asked herself.

All five people in the unbreakable green bubble, standing together looked at the gigantic wave in the sky. The explosion was truly devastating.

"This is it…" Timmy gasped as he saw everything on the state of being disintegrated. Inside the green bubble, the four looked around in sadness.

"Where's Robin and Canary?" Olsen said looking around the energy field they were in.

"I don't know..." Jade shook her head slowly and gave a sniffle.

"We didn't protect the world." Jade began. "But we tried…"

"We're together, though."

Jade and Timmy kissed for what seemed like forever.

They had no time to witness everyone and themselves disappear in a bright flash of light.

Karen, with her suit ripped and stains of blood, prepared to give Linda the device that was given to her by Saturn Girl. As she took Linda's arm off her, she pushed the device in her hand. Both looked ahead at the large ribbon of fiery energy resonating toward them.


Power Girl looked at her with a frown.

"I'm sorry. For everything I did." She breathed out.

"What?" she said exasperated.

"It's all my fault. I tried to be the best leader like my cousin was. But it backfired greatly."

With realization, Power Girl blurted out in awe. "You're Kara!"

"Really?" Linda was skeptical that she raised her eyebrows at Karen.

"You're the Girl of Steel." she nodded.

Drake and Dinah who were the only ones left on the ground were running from the earthquakes. The continental shifting was enough to make them stumble. They both fell to the ground. Drake was the one in tears. "I never told you I loved you Karen..." he then began to cry.

Dinah grabbed his hand. "We're Knights remember?"

He slowly nodded.

They did not know what made them see a blinding light hitting their eyes but somehow they knew it wasn't from the explosion.

"-back in time. To prevent all this from happening." Power Girl explained.

"What is it?" she looked at the weird-looking object in her hands.

"Just press the button! I have to do something now!" she shouted.

Linda shook her head in a confused manner. "But what is it?" she shouted but Power Girl began to hover a few inches from the ground.

"It will make you take down Darkseid for good!"

"I'm not sure what you mean!" Linda began to say but her voice was cut by the loud explosions going off.

"It will take you to another time and another world where you will make a difference. You'll have friends and a family! Basically you can start over. You deserve it!" Power Girl cried out before giving Linda a small nod that signaled friendship and urged her to press the button immediately.

Contemplating, Linda looked at the device. 'Should I?' Looking around her to consider her options. It was no contest. Hopefully she could go back and repair the damage. By repairing the damage, Linda assumed she was going to have to prevent events from leading up to this one. "I'm going to do what I should have done in the first place!" she muttered and pressed the button on the device.

The device activated and before Linda knew it, she was encased in a glass cylinder. There were two thrusters attached. Sticking out, they let a steam of fire and hence, the ship began to rise. As it got to a skyline level, Linda saw Power Girl flying beside her through a small rectangular window.

Power Girl hoped all was going to go well. Karen helped her get through safely. As the rocket went further up, Linda's face was shown in the glass. "I promise to save everyone!" she shouted with tears in her eyes.

Power Girl saw her beginning to go faster and as she floated amidst the hell-like world she was in. She looked at Darkseid's face in anguish. Screaming, she sped toward the cloud and with her eyes glowing red, she attacked. "I heard you, Drake. That's why this is for you." she growled.

As soon as Darkseid saw Linda disappear, he screamed in frustration and also something else that sounded like fear. He did not realize he was being attacked by Power Girl. He shook off the blasts from her but it only agitated him. Darkseid began to see Karen letting an object flying past her. The cylinder was coming directly at him and began to glow whiter and whiter. The energy felt debilitating even if it wasn't hitting him.


Soon Darkseid was gone as well as everything and everybody else.

Constant blackness had occurred. She had grown to fear the darkness but she also had grown to fight it. However, having no feeling in your body was a concept she was trying so hard to overcome. She was dead. She felt dead.

Nothing emitted or reflected light. Her consciousness was at the point where it was going to be non-existent. Self-awareness was not even an option. The young woman had no strength to fight against the darkness. She had no will against it. It was as if she was experiencing a very deep dark sleep.

As if a miracle occurred once in a lifetime, it did. Light shown as a tiny speck until it grew and grew and destroyed the darkness. Eyes were opened and as focus was attained, a man wearing a blue and red suit gazed at the viewer. Giving a large sigh of relief as she recognized him, Linda opened her eyes wider to get a good view of him.

"Kal-El?" she said softly.

"Welcome." He nodded.

She saw other people dressed in certain outfits looking at her. Sitting up now, Linda could see Martian Manhunter, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and countless others. Her friends were all there. All of them were looking at her with a smile that meant approval.

Batman stepped forward. "You alright?"

"What happened?" Linda felt extremely tired.

"You're back. That's what happened." A familiar voice called out.

Linda could see that it was Brainiac 5 and the rest of the Legion who gave hand waves to her. Imra stepped forward. "Gave Power Girl what she needed so that you can destroy Darkseid."

Kal-El knelt down beside her. "I'm proud of you. You endured so much and fought as long as you could. The world is safe now because of you."

Linda felt a tear running down her face. "Thank you."

Power Girl came out from the group and approached her two cousins. "I'm proud of you too. Not many could have done what you've done to make the world a better place soon."

"It was hard." Linda managed to say.

"So what's the best move for you now?" Batman came forward now and from the tone of his voice, it sounded wary.

Linda looked at him and stood up to face everyone around her. "I'm going to start over and I'm going to be more careful now. I have to trust my instincts and make sure I think before I act. I'm Kara Zor-El and...basically I'm going to live my life." she said happily.

Luthor was seated by his table studying the features of his office as well as the materials on his desk. He lifted up a newspaper that read 'SUPERMAN HAS COUSIN?' As he read it, Lex put it down in disgust. He then turned around to face the window. He gazed away from the clear, sunny sky to below where the people of Metropolis where minding to their own affairs.

"So what am I going to do today?" he said giving an unusual grin. Lex was twirling the steel-plated crystal in his hand.


Author's Note: I'm finished and in case some are wondering. There might be a sequel to this story coming in a few weeks time. I have to work extra hard at making the next installment "Maid of Might" Anyway I hoped everyone enjoyed this story. I apologized if some actions scenes were Michael Bay-ish but hopefully the next installment will be even better.