"F-Faster!" He moans quietly. His moans were like sweet whispers of an angel doing a very sinful things. But I didn't care and I know he didn't either.

"Greg.." God.. His voice.. He sounds like he's pleading. He needs me to do this.. and who the hell am I to not give him what he needs?

I bob my head one last time before I feel him shuttering beneath me. I pull my mouth off of his hard member with a succulent pop, blowing a soft whisper against the tip of his erection. I could tell this was going to be the last straw as I saw his head fall roughly to the pillow. He gripped the blankets beneath him as I ran my tongue down his well manscaped shaft. He released a struggled moan from deep in his throat, as his little warriors shot from within him, landing on my chin and mouth.

I let him release his full load, licking the salty substance off of my lips. I kissed the tip of his now softening member before leaning in to capture a kiss from him. He draped a blanket around us laying quick kisses all down the nape of my neck, licking and nibbling softly at times. Gripping my hair hard, he pulled my head back to devour my lips, suckling my bottom lip.

"I love you, Greg.." He managed to whisper in-between breaths, with the sexy roar of a voice.

"I love you too, D-"

My WONDERFUL dream had stopped dead short of telling the man of my dreams I loved him back when Matt's goddamn dog licked my face forcing me out of sleep.

..I mentally "QQ'd" to myself as I'll prolly NEVER have another moment to tell Dean Winchester I love him..

I sighed heavily as slumped in the bed shooing the dog away. I looked at the clock seeing it was only 8am and had nothing to worry about. Reaching for my phone as if on cue, and began to ring. Startling me, I took it in my hand noticing I now had 3 text messages and a new voice message.

2:35 Pm Tuesday: Nick Stokes
"Hey bud, just wanted to see how the road trip was. Wanted to make sure you didn't hit any stray cattle along the way, lol. Talk to you soon. Have fun!"

Smiling and shaking my head slightly I deleted the message and looked through the rest.

7:13 Pm Tuesday: Nick Stokes
"Hey G. You haven't answered to my text yet so I figured your phone was turned off. Hope everything's fine and you didn't have some SPN moment with that whole plane thing, haha. Sorry if I woke you.. Uh well. Text me back"

Aww- Sentimental cowboy, checking out for me.

I checked my voicemail, putting it on speaker and letting the Microsoft Samantha chick talk.

6:35 am. Wednesday November 23rd, 2007
from Nick Stokes

"Hey Greg, its Nick. You haven't answered to any of my texts since you left, and I just wanted to make sure you're okay. Please call or text me back as soon as you get this message. Later"
There are No new messages.

"To listen to this message again please pr- " *click*

He sounds worried. I decided to read my last text before texting him to tell him I'm alright I guess.

8:04 AM Wednesday: Nick Stokes
"I thought you might be near your phone.. Morning G!"

Smiling to myself I laid on my back as I responded to his texts.

"Hey cowboy. Yeah sorry, phone was turned off on the plane and I 4got to turn It back on. But yeah I'm fine and I'm here at Matt's house. Gunna B going to the MM concert soon. CAN NOT WAIT!
Talk to you later, Nicky! :P

PS You wake up WAY to damn early O: [jk]"

Welp..That should work for now I guess. Getting up I went into the guest bathroom and brushed my teeth, combing my hair forward. I decided that while Matt's asleep I'll just take a shower and save me some time. I locked the door before stripping myself down to nothing but skin, as I let the hot water heat up. Patiently waiting I jumped in nearly tripping over a bar of soap.

..Good thing I'm not in prison..

I lathered my body in body soap before conditioning my hair.

Took me less than 5 minutes and I was up and out!

I turned the water off and hoped on out of the shower wrapping a towel around my waist and headed for the room.

I locked the bedroom door and tossed the towel on the bed, which just seemed to fail as it had fallen on the ground. I walked to my suitcase pulling out my tethered and ripped jeans, along with my boxers and navy blue shirt. The front of the shirt has pair of tickets that are disintegrating into diamonds. While the back of the shirt said: I'm on a horse. Oh you funny black old spice man you.

I shook my head smiling at the shirt before pulling them on one by one. After I was satisfied with the way I looked I decided that I'll just let my hair air dry instead of blow drying it.

Walking into the living room I noticed Matt's dug 'Gus' standing by the door waiting to be let.
If dogs could to the PeePee dance.. He was doing it.

I opened the back door watching him take off to the nearest tree and relieved himself. Laughing quietly I closed the door making my way to the kitchen before tripping over a giant cow calf.

THIS must be why my mom refused to let me have a dog when I was younger.. House hazard.

I kicked the bone out of my way and went for the fridge making a fresh glass of OJ for myself.
Walking to Matt's room with the juice still firmly in my hand, I knocked on Matt's door to wake him up, receiving a grunt and a annoyed "fine.."before walking back to my room.

Walking into the bathroom I just came out of, I took a big gulp of my juice glancing in the mirror. I choked and near made it spew all over at the sight of my hair. Setting the glass down on the sink I focused my hands on my now dramatically curling hair.
I just about did a meme troll face at the sight of such a disbelief.
DAMN I need a haircut..

Towel drying my hair, I stuck my fingers in my hair wax and proceeded to do my 'hurr', styling it as always. After I was satisfied with everything, I got out my cement spray and sprayed my hair like it would keep my head in place if I put enough hair spray in it. Licking my lips and checking myself out I could TOTALLY see I was more than ready for this concert..

NOTHING will ruin this day!

On cue my phone started to ring. Noticing it was my mother my heart sunk like I was in trouble. I quickly ended the call.

GOD, I Spoke to soon..


Jumping around like a happy school girl at my thoughts, I braced myself for the best day of my life to begin.

…Or so I hope..

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