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Chapter 1

April 3, 1981.

Area 51.

A soldier walked to an office.

"Sergeant, we have the mutant." said the soldier.

"Bring him in." said the sergeant.

The soldier walked out the office door.

A few minutes later, they brought in a white rabbit who was a child. Chains were around his neck and arms.

The rabbit looked up at them while on his knees. He had red eyes and sharp teeth.

"Take him to the operation room." said the sergeant.

"No!" the rabbit cried. "Please!"

The soldiers took him away.

Kiss - God Of Thunder

March 30, 1987.

New York City.

A brown girl dog was fixing dinner.

A girl puppy ran in the kitchen, followed by a boy puppy.

"Mommy!" said the girl puppy. "I don't wanna play police anymore, but Sammy won't leave me alone!"

"Sammy, please leave your sister alone." said the dog.

"Mom!" said the boy puppy. "But who will I play with?"

"It doesn't matter right now." said the dog. "I'm fixing food right now and your daddy will be home in a little bit. After you get to see him, it'll be bedtime."

"Okay, mommy." said Sammy.


Sammy was in bed while his mom sat by his side.

"Mommy, do you think I'll ever get any friends?" asked Sammy.

"I'm sure you will, honey." said his mom and tucked him. "Right now, you need to get some rest for school tomorrow."

"Okay, mommy." said Sammy.

"Goodnight, pumpkin." his mom said and kissed him on the forehead.

"Goodnight, mommy." said Sammy and went to sleep.

His mom then turned the light off and closed the door.

Day. March 15, 2000.

Area 51.

The mutant rabbit's cell.

He woke up and saw there was no one around. He broke loose from the table and ran over to a machine that had wheels. Then, he pushed it through the glass.

Soldiers ran down the hall and the rabbit threw big kicks and escaped from them.

"Get that mutant!" shouted a soldier.

But the rabbit ran outside, got in a Hummer and drove away.


Sammy's house.

"Sam!" shouted his mother. "You gonna eat!"

Sam, who was now 19, rushed down the stairs in a business suit.

"Mom, I'll get something to eat when I come home." said Sam.

"You're not even gonna eat before you leave?" asked Sam's mom.

"Mom, this job is very important to me." said Sam. "Don't wait up for me, okay?"

"Fine, Sam." said Sam's mom. "Go."

"I told you so." said Sam's sister.

"Bonnie, if you say those words again in this house, I'm going to take your phone away for a month!" said Sam's mom.

"But mom!" began Bonnie.

"Easy way to solve it." said Sam's mom.

"Fine." said Bonnie.