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Golden eyes narrowed at Sebastian, ignoring the tail that lashed behind the younger demon. It had been a month since Sebastian's birthday and the strange morning, and instead of getting better, Sebastian had been sleeping more and more. And in the times that the younger demon was awake, it was often spent pouncing things; namely Claude. If Claude wasn't near Sebastian for the majority of the day, the young lord would grow agitated before finding Claude and sticking to his side for the rest of the day.

They were all signs that Sebastian had caught, even though Sebastian's scent hadn't changed. But no matter how much Sebastian tried to deny it, Claude wasn't going to ignore the signs any longer. Sebastian's father had seemed to know that something was different when he came to visit randomly and had told Claude to let Sebastian sleep as much as possible, providing more evidence that Sebastian was indeed with child once more.

"You're lying, Claude," Sebastian snapped, his tail lashing to the side again. "You said so you that my scent hadn't changed as it did last time. I can't be pregnant again."

Claude took a careful step towards Sebastian, not wanting to put any more stress on the younger demon. "Sebastian, all the signs are there. Your father even mentioned it when he came to visit last month." He gestured to the bed where Sebastian had been asleep just moments prior. "You sleep the majority of the day and when you're not asleep, you're clinging to my side. They're all signs and you know it. Stop denying it. You're with child again."

If Sebastian had feline ears, they would've been pressed flat against his head in distress. "Don't say that," he pleaded. "Just because I'm acting different doesn't mean anything."

"Sebastian," Claude said softly and reached for the younger male, unsurprised to find him trembling. He carefully guided him to the bed and sat down, pulling Sebastian to sit on his lap before pressing a hand to Sebastian's stomach. At the simple touch, Sebastian's body tensed before relaxing as a purr escaped his lips. The action made Claude chuckle slightly before he felt the swirl of energy under his hand. It started out small but quickly grew as the energy recognized his touch, knowing that the other parent was just on the other side. Golden eyes darted up to look at Sebastian, unable to hide the excitement that had touched his features. There was no denying it now, Sebastian had indeed caught once more.

Sebastian shook his head at the look Claude was giving him. "Claude, don't," Sebastian begged as Claude guided his hand down to rest on his stomach as well. At the added touch, the energy pulsed, warm and full of life as it felt both its parents. Sebastian's eyes clenched shut and he sucked in a deep breath, knowing that he couldn't dismiss the claim anymore. "I'm scared," he whispered, showing his age once more.

"You'll be fine," Claude breathed, pulling Sebastian closer. "No matter what, don't worry about what I'll think or what others will think. It's different this time. You're going to relax and keep sleeping when you need it to keep the stress away." He felt Sebastian nod and Claude leaned in to breathe in Sebastian's scent again. It was odd that the child didn't have a new scent as the previous one did and Claude couldn't figure out what had happened to prevent it from happening.

His eyes widened slightly as he felt the energy pulse once more under his hand and Claude suddenly realized why the scent hadn't changed. The soul he had given Sebastian during their mating had his qualities, including his scent. When it was passed over to Sebastian, it had helped to form the base and had created the foundation for their child, masking its scent with Claude's in order to protect itself from rivals. The added scent was something Claude had brushed off, thinking that it was just a side effect from sex and mating, when the whole time the energy had been living and growing right under their noses. But Sebastian's father had recognized the change the moment it happened. If he knew the tones and pitches in Sebastian's cries, then there was no doubt he could pick out the slightest change in scent as well.

He almost laughed aloud after the knowledge had settled in his mind and Claude chuckled against Sebastian's neck, earning him an odd look from the younger male. It was dismissed and Claude reluctantly pulled his hand away, already missing the swirling energy that rested in Sebastian's body. "One day at a time, Sebastian," he murmured. "That's how we're going to do it; one day at a time. And you will not worry about anything; what I think, what others will think. Do you understand? I will care for our child no matter what it looks like."

Sebastian jerked back slightly, not having expected that statement. "Father told you about my birth, didn't he?" He asked you, clutching at Claude's arms before relaxing. "Then you know that our child will have those same features at first as well."

Claude shook his head. "That doesn't bother me, because it's our child and I'll enjoy every little quirk that it has, just as I enjoy each oddity you possess." The comment earned him a punch in the shoulder but Claude could see the relief in the beautiful crimson eyes and silently hoped that their child had Sebastian's eyes. "But you should sleep now," he cooed, wanting Sebastian to relax as much as he could. He wanted this time to be different and yearned for Sebastian to be successful so the younger demon didn't have to worry anymore.

A low grumble left Sebastian's mouth as he slumped forward against Claude. "Don't leave," he murmured, feeling Claude lower them onto the bed. There was no longer denying that he had caught this season and now Sebastian didn't feel bad about clinging to Claude's side, seeking the comfort of his mate and the protection that he would offer.

"Of course," Claude answered, lacing his fingers though Sebastian's hair as the younger demon fell asleep once more.

A low purr bubbled low in Sebastian's chest as a soul slipped down his throat, it's warmth spreading throughout his body and offering energy to both him and the child that rested in his body. He lapped at Claude's fingers to get the remaining taste off the digits before sucking on one lightly to tease the older male.

"Tease," Claude murmured, his other hand resting lightly on Sebastian's flat stomach, feeling the energy there grow as it accepted the meal that had been offered. It seemed to handle the meal just fine and Claude leaned down to nip lightly at the stomach, letting the mass of energy know that he was there. It swirled more at his presence and he felt Sebastian's finger thread through his finger. "Are you still hungry?" Claude asked looking up at Sebastian.

"No, I'm content for now," Sebastian answered, shaking his head. "Although I have to admit that I rather like having you wait on my every need," he smirked and massaged Claude's scalp with his nails, making sure not to draw blood.

Claude snorted. "Don't get used to it," he teased but didn't push the subject further. They didn't say it but they both knew that December was when Sebastian had lost his child the first time and neither wanted a repeat of that. Claude was doing everything in his power to make sure that Sebastian had enough energy to last for the rest of the months. From December, they had to make it through six more months before Sebastian's body didn't have to stabilize the child.

The hardest part would be spring, when the mating season hit once more as the urge to rut would still be present despite the presence in Sebastian's body. By the time the season hit, the child would be secure enough for them to ride out the last three months so long as Claude continued to feed Sebastian.

Unlike human gestation where the offspring was weak and protected only by the mother's body, a demons gestation was created to handle a demons rough lifestyle. Whereas a harsh blow to a human offspring could be deadly, the same attack on a demon would do nothing to a demon's offspring. During the first six months of gestation, the demon child was nothing more than a mass of energy swirling in the parent's body, feeding off the parent's energy like a parasite. Following the six months and around the start of the New Year, a hard shell would form around the energy as it started to develop its own life and take on a body of its own.

The shell formed quickly, usually within a few days and hardened just as quickly to protect the new life that had formed. It stayed in the parent's body for the remaining six months until the mating season passed, living inside the protective shell and slowly absorbing the nutrients and energy that the parent had to offer. The hard shell allowed them to answer the heat that ran rampant during the season and let them indulge in each other despite the presence of a child.

"Soon," Claude murmured, knowing that the start of the New Year was only days away. Usually once the shell had formed, the energy had stabilized itself enough that the drain on the parent wasn't as great and Claude could only hope that it would put both Sebastian and their child out of danger then.

Sebastian hummed and pressed closer to Claude, enjoying the feeling of having Claude's fingers rubbing over his stomach. It was still flat and the infamous bump wouldn't develop until the shell had formed. He knew that Claude couldn't wait to see the small bulge and would enjoy nipping and licking his swollen belly, pride filling the older demon at knowing that it was child that rested within Sebastian. But that was still a few days away and they were taking it a day at time, as it helped to keep the stress away. One day at a time.

Claude eyed the lashing tail cautiously, not wanting to get any closer when Sebastian was this agitated. March was ending and soon the season would be on them, making for an anxious Sebastian. Because of the pregnancy, Sebastian felt the effects from the heat earlier than other demons and it made him feel restless and itchy; an itch wouldn't be soothed until the season actually hit and their heat blossomed in their bodies. It didn't help matters that the rumors that had started circling earlier had now been answered and every demon in the realm knew that Sebastian was with child again.

The small bump over his stomach was proof enough but Sebastian's father had come to visit him publically after the New Year, a day before the shell had formed. It was easy to believe that the previous ruler was there simply to wish them a productive year, but things were never that simple with Sebastian's father, especially when it came to messing with Claude. His appearance had come as a surprise when he suddenly appeared in the courtyard where several demons were gathered to celebrate the New Year. After the initial shock had worn off, the elder demon had made his way through the courtyard to greet his son, only to rush forward at the last moment with claws dawn.

He was intercepted by Claude, who's instincts to protect Sebastian had woken at the threat, and was kicked halfway across the courtyard, leaving the occupants in the area stunned. The feelings only grew as the former lord chuckled lowly and strode back forward with a pleased smirk on his lips despite the fact that Claude was growling harshly at him while he crouched protectively before Sebastian. The expected bloodshed never came as the elder demon clapped Claude on the shoulder, gazing at him with a fondness that was reserved only for Sebastian before speaking.

"I'm pleased to see that my grandchild will be safe with you protecting him against any possible and sudden attacks," he commented loudly before his voice lowered so that Claude could only hear him. "But if you lay a hand on me again in such a way, I will not overlook it." He smirked at Claude before moving around him to greet his son, pressing his hand to Sebastian's stomach to feel the energy that rested there.

After that, word had spread quickly and within the day, every demon in the realm knew that Sebastian was carrying again. After the stunt, Sebastian had ignored his father during his visit for the New Year, much to his father's dismay and the elder demon had to beg forgiveness before he left, much to Claude's great amusement. Sebastian had given it right before the demon left but to the day, Sebastian still hadn't fully forgiven them for acting in such a way.

But that happened earlier in the year and now with the heat coiling so close, Sebastian was more cranky and agitated than before. It was one of the symptoms that they had never gone through as the last pregnancy had ended at six months. Now, they were well onto the tenth one and Claude was starting to wonder if it was worth it, putting up with a temperamental Sebastian. The mood swings weren't as bad as most demons made them out to sound, but they were still a pain to deal with, such as now. But looking at the swollen belly, Claude found the annoyance melting away, replaced by something familiar to the emotion that humans called love or affection. While that emotion wasn't felt by demons, bar perhaps Sebastian and his father due to their lineage, Claude imagined that it must have a similar feeling to what was running through his body now. Either that or it was pride, and Claude certainly felt that emotion every time he caressed the small bulge, feeling the pulsing life just beyond his reach.

A smirk crept to his mouth, wanting to press his lips to Sebastian's skin once more but the action only made Sebastian growl all the more louder in the silence of the room. Claude quickly realized his mistake but it was too late to take back the smirk and instead, Claude decided to run with it, wanting to see how close he could get to Sebastian this time. Usually whenever the mood swings hit, one of them would leave the room; most often Sebastian, and they would be alone for an hour or two at most before Sebastian crept back to Claude's side, wherever he was. It was an endearing act, as Sebastian couldn't stand to be apart from Claude as the due date grew closer and more often than not, Claude would pretend to be asleep so Sebastian wouldn't have to feel strange about sneaking into the room with the older demon. It was almost like a game, one that Claude enjoyed playing and he found that he liked having Sebastian slip into his arms, seeking the comfort there.

That action was a direct effect of Sebastian's lineage, as other demons felt the need to be close to their mates, yes, but Sebastian's urge was stronger than others were. Not that it bothered Claude and he found himself looking forward to the times when Sebastian would press closer to him. It gave Claude the chance to run his hands over Sebastian's body, to feel the small bump and the energy that was under his hands. And the touches only seemed to soothe Sebastian even more, easing away the itch that coiled low in his body as each day drew closer to the season.

It was with that thought in mind that had Claude moving closer to Sebastian, ignoring the warning growls that vibrated Sebastian's chest the closer he approached. Sebastian knew what was on Claude's mind and his tail lashed even more, the soft tip bumping against his legs as Claude took another step forward. "Relax Sebastian," he cooed. "I'm not going to hurt you."

The words made Sebastian growl even louder, his crimson eyes narrowing as Claude slipped even closer. "But being around you makes the itch grow even more and nothing I do soothes it," he stated, teeth barred in annoyance at the situation. "I've tried to ease it, but nothing I do will make it go away; it's infuriating."

Claude's eyes glowed with lust at the words and his mind was quick to supply the images of Sebastian lying on the bed, furiously jerking his cock in order to relieve the mounting tension in his body that was being magnified tenfold due to the child that rested inside his swollen belly. Groaning at the thoughts that were running through his mind, Claude pressed forward quickly, appearing before Sebastian before the younger demon had a chance to back away.

"Let me help you ease that itch," he purred, tugging Sebastian down onto the bed. The younger demon squirmed in his arms, fighting to get away but the moment Claude's hands found their way over Sebastian's belly, his fighting stopped and he grew limp in Claude's arms. "That's it," Claude murmured softly, soothing small circles into the skin as he backed them up to the headboard. Once there, he leaned against the thick wooden board and eased Sebastian to rest against his chest as he continued to trace random patterns over Sebastian's stomach.

His legs stretched out on either side of Sebastian, offering the sense of protection and warmth that Sebastian was subtly seeking and it was wasn't long before a loud purr vibrated deep within Sebastian's chest at the feeling. Smirking slightly at the action, Claude continued to draw Sebastian closer to him until warmth passed between them and Sebastian rested contently in his arms. It was a surprisingly gentle action for Claude and he couldn't help but wonder if it came from being so close to Sebastian compared to other demons when they mated. He knew that as demons, they didn't feel the emotion love, but that compared to the rest of the populace, they were probably the closest to knowing what it felt like. Perhaps it was for that reason that Claude enjoyed the soft side that Sebastian was showing to him, which enabled Claude to act the same in return.

It wouldn't be long now before the season came and went. It would go by fast, as it always did, but now they had something to look forward to at the end of the season. The only thing that would be different this year was the fact that Claude would have to bring back a soul or two during the season to make sure Sebastian had enough energy for the final few months. Usually they would rut without thought of eating but with the child leaching away Sebastian's energy, they couldn't afford to go three months without some sort of nutrients. Already a soul sat in Claude's stomach, ready for the mating season to start, as it would be used to stabilize the child more so than Sebastian.

Once more, Claude had gone out to find the soul of an unborn child to give to Sebastian during the season and he could feel it sitting in his body, waiting to be passed off to Sebastian. It would be the last soul the child would need directly, or at least Claude hoped, but it still didn't mean that Sebastian would be able to live without the added energy and he would still need to feed. It seemed like a lot of work for something so small but as Claude's hands continued to caress the swollen belly, he found that he wasn't complaining and for once, was eagerly waiting for the end of the mating season.

It was dark, as most nights were and Claude found himself watching Sebastian sleep peacefully next to him, feeling anxiety working its way through his body. It was a week and a half after the mating season and by now; the demons that had successfully carried throughout the twelve months were in the third and final stage of gestation, except for Sebastian, who was still in his second. It was stressful for them both, neither knowing if something had gone wrong and silently hoping that everything was all right.

The mating season had passed without a hitch, Sebastian accepting the soul from the unborn child easily and then sleeping heavily for a day afterwards. They weren't as violent as they usually were; nor did they go at as often, as Sebastian would often fall asleep after a day of intense fucking. Sebastian had never once complained about being tired, as he slept when he needed it and if he wasn't in the mood when Claude was, he was sure to let the older demon know and Claude would let things lie.

But now, they were past those three months and Sebastian should've birthed by now but the child was still resting within his body, making Claude worry slightly. He didn't want anything to go wrong now, not when they were so close. It would devastate Sebastian and Claude didn't want the younger demon to go through that loss again. But they had no god to pray to and Claude found the idea rather repulsive, so he was left to cling to Sebastian, hoping for the best.

"I'm here …," he murmured, nipped Sebastian's shoulder lightly as his grip tightened around Sebastian. "I'm here for you."

Silence stretched over them as Sebastian slept on, oblivious to Claude's words and Claude buried his face in the crook of Sebastian's neck, inhaling the scent. He had picked up on the slightest change in smell months ago, scenting the child's smell that seemed to be a mix of his and Sebastian's smell, creating its own unique scent that Claude was already familiar with. Now Claude knew what Sebastian's father had meant when he told him how he could pick out Sebastian's scent and cries in a heartbeat.

His eyes flickered down to Sebastian as the younger demon shifted in his grip and groaned slightly. Instantly, worry sparked deep within Claude's chest as Sebastian squirmed even more before crimson eyes snapped open. "What's wrong?" Claude asked, the situation seeming all too familiar to that night two centuries ago.

Sebastian's only answer was to push away from him and lean over the bed as his chest heaved. Wetness spattered against the ground and Claude reached forward to press his hand against Sebastian's flat stomach, searching for the pulse of life that had been growing since the beginning of the year. He frowned and felt his body grow numb when he felt nothing under his hand as Sebastian continued to heave and retch, his body trembling at the harshness of it all.

Claude shook his head, trying to deny it; not wanting to believe that they were losing their child again when they had been so close. They had done everything right and he had made sure that Sebastian was relaxed and well feed the whole time; what else had the missed? His eyes clenched shut as he cursed the unfairness of it all and he felt anger mount at the humans who so easily threw away their offspring when Sebastian was struggling to keep his child.

The feelings vanished though as Sebastian gripped his hand and shifted it higher, until it rested further up and near the middle of his torso. There, a small bulge sat in Sebastian's chest and Claude could feel the familiar pulse of life once more. Realization dawned quickly and Claude buried his face in between Sebastian's shoulder blades as the younger demon started to cough harshly once more. Unlike humans who pushed their offspring out, demons coughed up their young until the hard shell passed through their mouths. However, just as the human body adjusted to birth a child, so too did a demons body; even though a demon child wasn't anywhere near as big as a human baby.

Claude murmured softly as the child moved up further in Sebastian's chest and it neared the base of Sebastian's neck. Claude's fingers rubbed small circles over the straining muscles as Sebastian continued to force the shell up higher. It was the hardest part of the birth, as the child had to move through a tight passage, but Claude could feel the shell moving gradually until he could see the tip of it emerging past Sebastian's fangs.

Sebastian's jaw stretched as more of the shell filled his mouth and Claude's hand reached up to cup the tip so he could help ease it from Sebastian's body. It only took a few more moments before a dark red egg with gray mottles the size of emu egg rested in his hands and Claude could feel his body trembling alongside Sebastian.

The younger demon was still gagging slightly, forcing the last part of energy that had surrounded the egg during the months from his body. It fell from his mouth quicker this time and splattered over Claude's hands before Sebastian slumped against Claude, feeling weak and tired after forcing the child from his body. His body was already adjusting to the absence of the child, shifting back to his previous state before he had given birth and Claude let his lips skim over the side of Sebastian's neck, murmuring words of praise to the younger demon. The birth had only taken around five minutes but had lasted longer than most demon births, but the life inside the egg still beat strongly a sign that everything was still all right.

"Is it okay?" Sebastian asked hoarsely, his eyes still closed as he reclined in Claude's arms.

"Its fine," Claude answered, feeling the life pulse in his hands. He shifted back on the bed, bringing Sebastian with him and pressed the egg close to Sebastian's chest. "But it needs its parent now."

Crimson eyes fluttered open and took in the egg that rested before him before accepting it from Claude's hands. A pleased smile spread across Sebastian's face as he lowered himself onto the bed and tucked the egg close to his chest, curling around it as he kept it warm. He watched Claude cautiously as the older demon stretched out next to him, not knowing how the other parent would act. Their instincts were often that of animals and there times in the wild when one of the parents attacked the child, something which Sebastian was prepared to fight to keep from happening.

But Claude simply pressed closer to the egg, warm breath washing over it before his tongue came out to lap at damp shell and he started to clean off the excess energy that coated the egg. He could feel the life pulse through the thick shell as he continued to clean the egg and Claude felt a purr bubble up in his chest at the feeling, knowing that the child recognized him on the other side. The thought made pride blossom in his chest as he continued to clean the egg, subtly bonding with it as needed to stay with Sebastian until all the fluid inside the egg was gone.

Usually it took a few days or weeks, depending on how hungry the child was. The fluid that was inside the egg was a mix of the parent's blood and energy that it had lived in during the pregnancy and now it helped to support the child while it lived outside of its parent's body for the first time. Now that the egg was outside of the parent's body though, it would need constant warmth and protection until it hatched, a job that was provided strictly by the parent that had carried the child. The other parent watched over them, making sure that no other rival came to kill the child before it could hatch into the world.

Already, Claude's body was attuned to every noise and scent that lay just beyond their room as he searched for any signs of danger to his mate and child. He caught the briefest flicker of energy outside on the balcony, quickly recognizing it as Sebastian's father before the elder demon moved back further from their room to give them space. No doubt, the demon caught the change in Sebastian's scent and knew what was happening. But seeing that the child had been delivered successfully and wasn't in any danger from Claude's claws or fangs, was able to retreat to keep from making himself seem like a threat.

Once gone, Claude relaxed only slightly as he pressed closer to Sebastian, the younger demon already asleep. The egg was held tightly to his chest and soft purrs made his torso vibrate even in his sleep as Claude pulled the blanket over their bodies. He wouldn't sleep, as he didn't need it and the urge to stay awake to protect Sebastian and their child thrummed strongly throughout his body. He shifted his body so he was pressed against the headboard, giving him a perfect view of the whole room while Sebastian's head rested in his lap, a tiny part of the egg just visible in Sebastian's grip.

"Sleep," he murmured softly, listening to the purrs that came from Sebastian and Claude could feel just how content the younger demon was to have the egg pressed securely against his body. The same feeling of content curled through Claude's body as well and his eyes glowed with pleasure deep into the night.

Sebastian's tail flicked back and forth quickly, the only sign of Sebastian's distress as crimson eyes focused on the egg that rested within the nest of blankets. It was nearing the end of the birthing season and with only a few days away from the last day, they were growing more and more anxious for the egg to hatch. If it didn't hatch by the end of the season, then it was considered that the child inside was dead and hadn't survived living outside of its parent.

As Sebastian continued to focus on the egg, silently pleading for it to hatch soon, Claude couldn't help but wonder if this was how Sebastian's father felt when Sebastian was born; watching as the days ticked by and drawing closer to an end without any sight of the child breaking through. It was stressful and unnerving, and Claude couldn't even think about how Sebastian was feeling as he continued to watch the egg. After all, it had been Sebastian who carried the child for a year and had birthed it two months ago. To lose the child this close would be devastating.

"It'll be fine, Sebastian," Claude finally said, breaking the silence. "If it's anything like you, then it'll be stubborn and wait until the last day to hatch, just to make us worry."

Sebastian chuckled weakly. "I'm the stubborn one?" He asked and his eyes flickered briefly to Claude before focusing on the egg once more. With a low whine, he lowered his body to the bed and pulled the red egg to his chest again. Black locks splayed over the pillow and covered part of Sebastian's face as he closed his eyes and gripped the egg tighter.

Claude sighed softly and sank down to rest next to Sebastian, wrapping his arms around the younger male's torso before tucking Sebastian's head under his chin. The action made Sebastian growl slightly at him, not liking that he was being treated in such a way but he didn't push Claude away as their legs intertwined and he was pulled flush against Claude's chest.

Their combined body heat cocooned around the egg, offering more warmth and Claude could feel the life inside the egg, the only sign that the child was still alive. It knew what was just beyond its shell and that both its parents were nearby, making a small pulse of energy ripple through the egg. It wasn't enough to crack the egg though and Claude felt Sebastian's body relaxing against him as sleep tugged at the younger demon again.

Sebastian's energy was slowly building back up after birthing the child and within a few days, he would be back to his normal strength. But until then, the urge to sleep was constantly calling Sebastian and he slept most of the day with his arms curled protectively around the egg while Claude kept careful watch over them both. Even now, Claude watched and listened as silence settled over the room while Sebastian slept.

Minutes bled into hours and the afternoon slowly faded into dusk before Sebastian jerked harshly in his grip, nearly butting Claude in the face. Instantly, Claude was on alert, searching the area for any signs of danger and finding none. He glanced at Sebastian, wondering why the younger demon had reacted in such a way when his eyes settled on the tiniest of cracks that had appeared in the dark red shell. His ears sharpened more and he could pick out the faintest sounds of the egg cracking and realized that that was what Sebastian had heard to create such a reaction.

Claude's eyes focused on the shell, watching as another crack appeared along the surface and found that he was holding his breath. Sebastian seemed even more enthralled than him and hadn't moved an inch since the first crack had appeared. Crimson eyes were focused on the egg and he crouched in front of the egg so he was eye level with it, not wanting to take his attention away for even a second.

He could see Sebastian's tail flicking back and forth as more cracks grew along the surface before it suddenly stilled as a tiny, clawed hand burst through the top of the shell. Finger clenched in the cold room, searching for something and Sebastian reached forward carefully, a lone finger nudging the tiny hand. Instantly, the hand clenched around it for a quick moment before letting go and retreating back inside the shell.

The action nearly had Claude chuckling as it was so humorous to see but his laughter died in his throat as more cracks started to appear along the surface of the shell. They came faster this time, racing from top to bottom as the egg shook in the nest of sheets that it rested in until at last, the hard shell seemed to shatter and fall apart around the child like falling water droplets from a waterfall. The pieces settled around it and some landed in the tuffs of golden hair, making the child shake its head to clear away the pieces.

Soft chirps and growls feel form its mouth as it tried to speak, asking for its parents. Chubby arms waved in air briefly, before it was lifted away from the remains of the shell by Sebastian, a warm tongue coming out to lave the child and imprint the taste and scent to memory. The action made the child giggle with delight and fingers reached up to press against Sebastian's cheeks, feeling its parent for the first time and releasing a soft coo at the touch.

Claude watched the sight, feeling pride swell once more in chest as he took in the child that rested in Sebastian's grip. It was male and looked every bit of the angelic creature that Sebastian's father had mentioned. But already, Claude could see the golden hair turning black at the tips as Sebastian's tongue continued to clean their child while his nails turning dark as his demonic side took over.

He blinked as Sebastian suddenly stopped cleaning their child and Claude realized that crimson eyes were focused on him. Claude shifted closer as Sebastian held out his hands, passing the child over to him so he could feel his other parent. The moment the weight touched his hands, the child squealed with delight, recognizing the other scent that was so close to him.

Instinct took over as Claude picked up where Sebastian had left off, his tongue coming out to clean his child and imprinting the taste to memory. The child squirmed in his grip and reached up to touch his face, making Claude halt in his actions as the purple eyes focused on him. His eyes were the color of angels; Claude quickly realized but just as his hair was changing dark, so too were Sebastian's red tinted eyes taking over their child. The purple was fading, quickly turning dark as they grew crimson and Claude felt a pleased purr leave his mouth; happy that their child would have Sebastian's eyes.

The child was small, around half the size of a human baby and sat almost comfortably in his hands but Claude knew that he would grow fast within the first few hours of hatching. He would nurse from Sebastian, getting added nutrients that he needed and would be the size of a normal human baby by late tomorrow. After the first growth spurt, he would continue to grow, but at a much slower pace and would keep on suckling for the next month. Any added demonic features, such as his wings and tail that Claude was sure he would have, wouldn't develop until much later in life and for now, they could only guess what he would inherit. But all of that was further in the future and right now, Claude couldn't stop looking over his son.

"He's tiny," Claude spoke softly as small chubby hands waved at him and soft cries left his mouth. His fingers supported the child's back to help him sit up but there was no need to support the child's head as his body was stronger at birth than a humans. Claude shifted closer to Sebastian, passing their son back to him, noting that already the angelic features had bled away and he looked every bit of demon as a normal child would. "He needs to nurse."

Sebastian nodded and cradled their son close to his chest. Instinct took over them both and their son instantly latched onto Sebastian's nipple, starting to suckle happily. There was no milk that the child slurped up, but instead the familiar energy that he had lived in while growing inside Sebastian's body, as demons didn't need human foods to grow. The familiar taste drove a demon child to suckle without being told and from there; it was merely instincts that guided their every action.

Soft coos left their sons throat and fingers curled and uncurled as he continued to suckle, and Claude slipped behind Sebastian, his chest pressing flush against Sebastian's back as he watched from over his shoulder. It was endearing to watch Sebastian hold their son so carefully and close to his body, making sure that he was safe. Claude had seen those hands crush boulders before and to have them handle their son in such a tender way showed the amount of control Sebastian had over his body. It would be easy to slip and squeeze the child just a little too hard if they weren't careful.

Finally, their son pushed away from Sebastian, a tongue coming out to lap at the remaining energy around his lips before yawning widely, showing off sharp teeth. Shaking his head as though to push the urge to sleep away, the child leaned closer to Sebastian and made grabby hands; asking to be lifted up so he could see his parents again. Once at eye level, he reached forward and rested tiny hands against Sebastian's face, babbling as crimson eyes darted over Sebastian's features, trying to take them in. An annoyed huff escaped his mouth as he realized that there was just too much to look at before he leaned forward and licked at Sebastian's skin, trying to mimic the actions of when Sebastian had given him a bath.

The action made Claude chuckle and he nibbled at Sebastian's earlobe, realizing that he couldn't be happier or more proud of Sebastian for giving him such a wonderful son. "Such a smart child," he cooed, his breath washing over their son and making black locks wave back and forth. He watched as nostrils flared, taking in the sent before screaming in delight. Sebastian shifted, letting their son lave Claude with the same attention, tasting both parents for the first time. It was their way of bonding and was important in the first few hours after hatching that both parents and child knew each other's taste and smell.

Their son already had his own unique taste and scent, but underlying that scent was a mix of Sebastian and Claude's scent, a clear warning that told other demons who the child belonged to. It would help to protect him until he was old enough to take care of himself, in which the scent of his parents would fade away until it was barely present. That scent would remain with him throughout his life and every demon had a small scent of their parents on them if one were to scent it close enough.

A small yawn their son and Claude smirked. "I think someone is tired," he murmured to Sebastian and nipped at his neck. The action made a low growl escape their son and crimson eyes narrowed at Claude, clearly not happy at Claude's action to Sebastian. Chuckling, Claude pressed a soft kiss to the red patch of skin before checking to see if that action was acceptable to their son. By the happy gurgles that left his mouth, Claude could assume that it was and he wasn't surprised to see their son try to mimic the action with Sebastian.

"He has you wrapped around his finger already," Sebastian teased as he moved to lie down carefully. Small crimson eyes were wide and their son clutched at Sebastian until they were resting peacefully on the bed before snuggling closer to Sebastian's chest.

"Just as you have me wrapped around your finger," Claude answered, hovering protectively over them both. "Like father like son."

Sebastian chuckled. "Yet he's just like you; I can see it already. His desire to protect me from even the simplest things must come from you." He reached out and lightly stroked a finger over the soft tuffs of black hair. They would grow with him throughout the next twenty-four hours until he had a full head of hair that would help keep him warm during the winter months.

Claude smirked and leaned down, capturing Sebastian's lips in a deep kiss. It was something they didn't do often, as a kiss was seen as a tender moment between humans and usually angels and as demons; they didn't feel those kinds of emotions. Their kind was rough, wild, and cruel, not tender or loving, unless perhaps when it came to raising their own. But every so often, they would find their lips pressed together in a sensual kiss that conveyed how they felt for each other through their actions instead of words and they were times cherished by both of them.

They broke apart and Claude threaded his fingers through Sebastian's hair. "He needs a name," he said softly, golden eyes darting down to look at the child that lay sleeping against Sebastian's chest.

"In time," Sebastian answered, his eyes drooping shut. "My father will name him," he murmured.

Claude opened his mouth to complain that they should be the ones to name their child before snapping it shut. If it hadn't been for his lord, his son would never have been born and if anyone deserved to name him, it would be Sebastian's father. It would be a great honor to have the previous ruler of their realm bestow a name on their son and Claude found himself nodding his approval. "I agree; my lord should name him." But as Sebastian had said, that would be later. For now, Sebastian needed to rest as their son would wake again in a few hours to eat and Sebastian would need to be well rested to provide what their son sought. "Sleep," he urged.

Sebastian mumbled softly, already drifting off to the soft touches as Claude continued to massage his scalp. He felt content and safe, cocooned by Claude's body wrapped around his while his son slept peacefully against him. Small hands clutched at him and Sebastian pressed his son closer, happy with the small gift that lay in his arms.

Claude watched the interaction closely until Sebastian finally slipped into sleep as well, breathing lightly so their son could constantly scent him as he slept. The sight made him smile and Claude didn't even bother hiding the pride that he felt for the two young demons that rested before him. They were both his, his mate and his son. And he couldn't ask for more.

The End