Title: Enchanted To Meet You

for btrslashchallenge :) promts were, location/setting: bookstore; color: red.

and with that, I created this fluffy Cargan oneshot! hope you all enjoy!

Carlos never liked the bookstore in the mall. He didn't like reading to begin with and he just thought it was too boring. But Kendall had drug him here so he could flirt with the new receptionist that worked there- a cute brunette named James. But while Kendall flirted, Carlos found himself aimlessly roaming around, bored out of his mind.

That was, until he saw him.

He was sitting in a corner, book in hand, his eyes flying across the page at a speed Carlos couldn't even imagine reading at. His red shirt caught Carlos' eye first, it stood out the most against the dull colors of the bookstore. But there was something else about him, aside from how cute he was, that had Carlos drawn to him.

The boy looked up and when he noticed Carlos staring he blushed, the redness in his cheeks more brought out because of his red shirt. "Hi." Carlos said, smiling at how cute this boy was. "I'm Carlos."

"I'm Logan." the said softly, closing his book and putting it on the floor, off to the side of him. "What's up?"

Carlos shrugged. "Waiting for my friend to stop flirting with the guy over the counter." he replied.

Logan looked over to the counter and chuckled. "So that's the blonde guy James is always talking about." he said. He looked at Kendall another moment longer. "Not bad."

Carlos felt something stir inside of him. "Oh so you like… that?"

Logan chuckled again. "If by 'that' you mean boys, then yes. But if by 'that' you mean James' blonde flirty friend, then no. Guys with dark hair are much more my type." after he said that, Carlos raked a hand through his hair and Logan's cheeks flushed even more. "Um, so do you like-"

"Guys with dark hair?" Carlos interrupted with a smile. "Yeah."

Logan decided if he blushed anymore, he would soon be looking like a tomato with a wig on. "Cool." he muttered.

There was a silence between the two. "So, uh, whatcha reading?" Carlos asked.

Logan picked up his book. "Just some fantasy novel. It's new, and I decided to check it out. Bunch of princes and princesses and everyone says enchanted every five lines. But it's not half bad, I'm probably going to buy it."

Carlos opened his mouth to say something but he was interrupted by Kendall calling his name, telling him that it was time for them to leave. Carlos sighed. "Well, I guess I've got to go Logan." he said, dejectedly.

"Oh." Logan said, just as disappointed as him. "But maybe I'll see you around here again?" he asked, hesitantly.

Carlos smiled. "I'd like that." he said. "But until then…" he picked up a copy of the book that Logan was reading with all the intentions to buy it, but none of the intentions to actually read it. "It was enchanted to meet you." Carlos told him.