thank you Big Time Concert for inspiring this :) short but sweet, hope you all like it!

"And all the posters are now wrong!"

Nobody except Kendall noticed the way James' jaw dropped slightly when he saw that the Big Time Rush posters had Kendall, Logan, and Carlos on it only. His jaw trembled slightly as he clamped his mouth shut and wore a fake smile for everyone in the room. Kendall saw right through it. He saw the hurt in his eyes, the betrayal. Kendall never felt worse more than at that moment right there.

Later that night, right before going to the concert (and getting kidnapped), and the guys had arrived at the arena, James was pulling off his jacket and as he was hanging it up backstage, a piece of paper fell out. Curious, he picked it up and opened it.


I know you're hurt that we tried to replace you in Big Time Rush and that was wrong of us. I'm so sorry I was such a jerk and in reality… I knew it would never work. You can't be replaced. Not in BTR, and especially not in my heart.


Smiling, the brunette boy put the note in his back pocket and kept it there all night.

After the incident with Hawk and getting kidnapped and Sebastian driving them back to the arena, the boys were clearly pressed for time, which is why Kendall was surprised when James stopped him right outside. "What are you doing? We're late already-" the blonde boy was cut off by James pressing his lips to his. Kendall's eyes went wide but they shut a moment later, feeling his body go limp with pleasure as James kissed him.

A few seconds later, James pulled away, smiling shyly at him. "You're irreplaceable too, Kendall." he whispered to him, and then ran inside.