Title: All the Boys in France Could Never Compare to You
Word Count:
Sebastian/Kurt {Sebkurt}
Everything in episode 3.05 "The First Time."
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Tis Ryan Murphy's brain child and I take ownership of nothing there. :)
Written for a prompt on the glee_kink_meme. Kurt decides to confront Sebastian, leads to fighting, and then hate sex somehow.
Hope you guys all like this! My first time writing hate sex so I hope I do it justice, lol. I'll have the rest up soon! This is only the first part. I'm hoping I'll only post it in 2 parts. :) So watch out for the next part! XD

Kurt stormed down the halls of Dalton Academy furiously, huffing as he made his way to the senior commons room.

Three fifteen in the afternoon. The Warblers were just getting done with rehearsal, so it should be perfect timing. He waited outside the room as they all filed out, waiting his chance so that he wouldn't wind up making a scene. "I need to talk to you," Kurt growled at him as soon as he made his way through the door.

Sebastian stopped, smirking down at him when he saw who it was. "Oh yeah, and what about?"

Kurt fixed him with cold, steely eyes. "I think you already know, you smug bastard."

"Oh Kurt, sweet little Kurt, there's no need for name calling. I think I'm being a perfect gentleman actually."

The other boy scoffed, eyebrows raised as he stared at him. "Gentleman. Really now. I think you've been anything but." Kurt walked forward slowly, getting dangerously close to him as he stared up at the taller boy. "Now you listen here. You want Blaine, I get it. He's cute and adorable like a little puppy and easy to prey on. And that's what you like, I know it is. But I see right through your perfect, world-renowned, charming act and I know you for what you really are. All you want is someone to have sex with, isn't that right? You know what you are, though? You're smug and sinister and exactly not his type."

"That right? And what is his type, exactly? Guys like you? Pretty little twinks who would know absolutely nothing about what goes on in the bedroom? All you are is a little, inexperienced baby."

"Oh please. I'll have you know that I am most certainly not a virgin anymore, not since last week, actually."

Sebastian's eyes gleamed as he smiled at him. "And why is that?"

Kurt's eyes narrowed. "What?"

Sebastian moved forward, slowly backing Kurt up into the corner. "Why did you have sex with him? Was it because you knew he was spending time with me, getting to know me? You feel threatened by me, I can tell."

"I don't know what you're talking about. You're delusional."

Sebastian stared him up and down, catching Kurt's eyes once again and noticing the way his eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the motion. "You know," he started, smirk firmly in place, "you're not too bad yourself."

"What?" Kurt squeaked.

"You heard me. You really are quite easy on the eyes, if I do say so myself. And believe me. I have good taste so I know what I'm talking about."

He had Kurt fully backed up to the wall now, using the slight height difference to his advantage so that he could tower over him as Kurt sagged against the wall. "You're a pig," Kurt spat, glaring fiercely.

"But an attractive pig, right?"

Kurt huffed. "No."

"Oh come on now, don't be like that. You have to have seen my charmingly boyish good looks by now in our brief encounters together."

"Oh really? I hadn't noticed."

"Bull shit."

Kurt sighed heavily, blowing a stray hair out of his eye. "Look, are we done now? All I came here for was to tell you to lay off my boyfriend. Because that's what he is: my boyfriend. And not someone you can just play around with or hope for a little romp around in the bedroom with. So if we're finished, I really think I ought to be going. My dad's going to be pissed enough when the school calls to inform him of my absence from my last two classes just so I could make it here to catch you," said Kurt, starting to remove himself from his spot on the wall but unable to as Sebastian placed both hands on the wall, caging Kurt in.

"Ooh, a daddy's boy, are we?"

"What? No. He just won't be happy, that's all. Now let me go."

"You know, I don't think I will. I'm fine right where I am," Sebastian whispered hotly, punctuating it with a knee slithering its way between the other boy's legs. Kurt gasped, stunned, but didn't make any move whatsoever to fight him off, even as his eyes flashed in annoyance.

"You're disgusting. And I hate you."

Sebastian ran a hand slowly down Kurt's side, feeling him shiver under the touch, but as fast as he felt the shiver he felt one of Kurt's hands slapping his own away. "Feisty. And you don't hate me. That's not even possible."

"Oh really. And how, pray tell, is it 'not possible' for me to hate you? Because you're just so fucking charming that you win over every single person you meet just by flashing that goddamn smile at them and it's all they can do not to grovel at your feet, is that it?"

Sebastian continued smirking at him, not even bothering to mask the slight swell of pride those words had on him. "Yeah," he answered gruffly, "I guess that is sort of the way it works with me, hmm."

"Well I'm not like all those people. Your parents, who most likely give you every single thing you ask for, or your friends – if you even have any, that is."

"What, friends? Oh Kurt, I have plenty of friends."

"Oh really now? And who might they be, little French boys you screwed all day long when you lived in Paris."

"You think about me screwing other boys, Kurt?"

Kurt stared. "What?"

"I said 'you think about m-"

"No, I heard what you said, why would you even entertain the idea that you're on my mind as much as you obviously think you are?"

Sebastian licked his lips, not taking his eyes off of the other boy's. "Because you want me. I can tell."

"Oh can you now. Well maybe you should inform me as to just what exactly it is I'm doing to make you think that I would ever want you."

"Well, you know, the way you're always staring at me whenever I'm around makes it pretty obvious."

"The reason I 'stare at you'? Because you're a jackass who wants nothing more than to steal my boyfriend. My boyfriend. Not yours, or anyone else's, mine."

"You know you're awfully possessive. I don't think you're really so confident in your relationship after all, are you, Kurt? If you were you wouldn't be so blatantly jealous of the time that he spends with me."

Kurt scoffed, shaking his head. "Jealous. Me, jealous of you. Yeah, that's not really even possible. And the fact that you think it is makes you about a thousand times more psychotic than I already thought you were."

Sebastian kept his smirk firmly in place, an eyebrow raised. "Psychotic? Me? Oh hell no. And I actually meant that you were jealous of Blaine, not of me."

"What could I possibly have to be jealous of Blaine for? That doesn't even-"

His words were cut off as Sebastian slinked even closer, bodies nearly touching with barely an inch between them. Sebastian smiled down at him, watching as Kurt's eyes darted back and forth, searching for something in Sebastian's own gaze. "You can't honestly tell me this isn't doing anything for you. Me being as close to you as I am."

"Well with the exception of your leg being between mine, no, you are doing nothing for me."

Sebastian's eyes narrowed, hand traveling downward, skimming Kurt's side, lingering on his hip, and palming his hardness. Kurt hissed, eyes closing tightly, as he tried not to thrust into the other boy's hand.

"See? I knew it."

"I-I'm a gay teenage boy with another gay teenage boy in close proximity and everyone knows teenage boys get hard at basically anything."

"Right," Sebastian drawled, "and that's exactly why you're not only trying to control your urge to come but also why your breathing is so heavy. Gay teenage boys close together. Yes, that's exactly why you're hard in my hand right now."

Kurt opened his eyes finally, turning his fiery, hateful gaze on him. "You're a fucking bastard, I hope you know that."

"Yes, and that's why you're attracted to me, isn't that right?"

"I've told you before – you're delusional."

"Then you won't feel any different toward me when I do this."

With that, Sebastian grabbed Kurt's face in the hand that wasn't still cupping his hardness, bringing their lips together. Kurt gasped into the kiss in surprise before finally deciding, as Sebastian practically devoured his mouth, to kiss him back. iFuck it all/i because Sebastian was a hot, exceedingly charming out and proud gay boy and it was just nice to actually have someone want him for a change. Sebastian pressed his chest hard against Kurt's, slamming him against the wall, as the other boy ran a hand through his hair, tugging as he struggled for breath but still not breaking the kiss – that would mean losing at whatever seriously fucked up game this was that they were playing and there was ino way/i that was an option for either one of them.