Title: All the Boys in France Could Never Compare to You
Author: lovesmymovement on lj / owlssayhoooot on tumblr
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1539/3058
Pairing: Sebastian/Kurt {Sebkurt}
Spoilers: Everything in episode 3.05 "The First Time."
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Tis Ryan Murphy's brain child and I take ownership of nothing there. :)
Summary: Written for a prompt on the glee_kink_meme. Kurt decides to confront Sebastian, leads to fighting, and then hate sex somehow.
A/N: So I hope you like this! And I just hope it measures up to your expectations, lol XD

"Oh god," Kurt breathed and Sebastian threw that stupid smirk at him again as he tore his mouth away from Kurt's neck briefly. Kurt glared at him; not only did Sebastian grin at him like that entirely too much but Kurt needed his mouth on him again, now. "Shit," he cursed as Sebastian did just that, alternating between biting and sucking on the skin of his neck and Kurt bucked up into the hand that was still rubbbing him. "Fuck, you... you need to stop."

"Why?" Sebastian mumbled against his skin, earning Kurt another bite.

Kurt swallowed around the lump in his throat, breathing shakily as his chest heaved. "Because... i-ifyou don't, I'm..."


"I-I'm going to come. If you don't stop." God damn it that embarrassing. Not even a full two minutes of this and he was almost as bad as Finn.

Sebastian pulled his mouth away abruptly but didn't even bother to move his hand from its place on Kurt's groin. "I see," he replied gruffly and Kurt narrowed his eyes at him again. It was irritating enough that Sebastian knew exactly the effect he had on Kurt but what he said next made it that much worse. "Then why don't you?"

"Wha... no," Kurt huffed.

"Your loss," replied Sebastian with a shrug as he continued to mouth the other boy's neck. And fuck it all because having someone suck your neck should definitely not be so sensual.

"No, I just... I don't want to if..." if it means I lose in this game... "if you don't get to as well."

Sebastian looked up at him again, a look of rare confusion showing on his face. "What?"

Kurt narrowed his eyes, determined to gain the upper hand over the other boy for once. "You're hard, too. I can tell. And you want me. So perhaps the best... method of going about this would be to... to have you fuck me."

"Excuse me?"

"It... would take away the sexual tension that's between us, anyway."

Sebastian's eyes narrowed slowly, a smile creeping onto his face. "You just want to get with me, that's what this is."

Kurt flushed as Sebastian rubbed his hand against his cock again, and whimpered. "God, I... I hate you. So fucking much."

"You love it."

"Fuck you," Kurt spat, gaze heated.

"Other way around there, honey."

"Then do it," breathed Kurt after a brief pause, emitting another surprised gasp when Sebastian rutted his groin against Kurt's thigh in desperation. "Get on with it, you asshole." Sebastian looked up at him through his eyelashes questioningly as he fought back the oncoming smirk. Kurt let his head fall back to the wall in resignation. "Fuck me."

"As you wish."

Sebastian pulled down each of their pants, both sighing as they were finally free from the constraints. Kurt grabbed at the other boy's ass desperately, kneading the skin in what he hoped was a signal for Sebastian to keep going. Sebastian retrieved a condom and the tiny packet of lube from his pants pocket - he was, of course, always prepared for such occasions as this; you never know when the opportunity for sex could arise - and slicked his fingers with it as Kurt rolled the condom on him, letting his nimble fingers linger on Sebastian's cock and pump it slowly, leisurely. Sebastian moaned briefly before regaining control of himself and pushing his slick fingers into the slighter boy's entrance.

"F-fuck," Kurt groaned and Sebastian worked his finger in even further before adding another and getting the boy fully prepared. "God, you... you're good at that."

"Of course I am."

Smug bastard, Kurt thought to himself, grimacing, but the thought was wiped away as quickly as it had come as Sebastian rubbed gently at his prostate and Kurt moaned again – fuck, he was starting to sound like a whore for godssake. "Oh god yes," he breathed and eagerly took the lube packet from Sebastian's hand, lathering his cock in it thoroughly.

"Yeah, you love that, don't you. Fucking slut, that's what you are."

Kurt turned hate-filled eyes on the other boy, glaring heatedly. "Say that again and my knee will be connecting with your groin so fast and so hard you won't be able to do anything with it for a week. Or you can fuck me and we'll both be happy instead. Your choice."

Kurt saw the unmistakable flash of knowing in Sebastian's gaze before his stupid trademark smirk was fully on display once again.

Sebastian hooked Kurt's legs together behind his back, bringing them impossibly closer, and lined himself up with Kurt's entrance. Kurt had this look in his eyes as Sebastian slowly began to enter him, like his brain was being plagued with the deepest thoughts and almost as though he was trying to talk himself out of actually going through with this. Grabbing Kurt's ass in both hands, Sebastian ploughed into him the remaining inches until he was finally all the way inside of him. Kurt cried out desperately with a yell, tears prickling his eyes, and attempted to catch his breath.

"O-oh," he gasped, "oh god, Sebastian."

Sebastian knew then that his plan to fuck all coherent thought would be a breeze; already Kurt seemed to have forgotten all about his relationship with Blaine and whether he should be doing this. No. Now all he could think of was Sebastian, and Sebastian inside of him, and Sebastian fucking him beyond all compare. Just Sebastian, the two of them together, and nothing else.

"M-move," Kurt whispered and then again more confidently, "move, Sebastian."

Sebastian was certainly not one to deny someone's every carnal need; slowly he began to pull out and push in again harder, while Kurt was a complete whimpering, begging mess in front of him, until finally his speed picked up and Sebastian was slamming into him with such force he almost had no real idea where it had come from. Sebastian angled himself, cock hitting Kurt's prostate consistently, until Kurt was breathing hard right in front of him, and good lord those breathy moans Kurt was emitting were fucking incredible.

"Oh god Sebastian, f-fuck yes, fuck me so hard just do it, fuck me, I love it."

Sebastian loved hearing those words fall from Kurt's lips, so goddamn dirty and in his high voice it made them even better. The way sweat was glistening on his forehead as he spoke was a combination Sebastian didn't want to forget, and something he didn't think he ever could. Sebastian could feel his orgasm building and before he knew it Kurt was coming and Sebastian was joining him, still fucking him as they rode it out. Kurt was still shaking in the aftermaths, and Sebastian leaned over to kiss him slowly as he pulled out, feeling Kurt whimper again quietly as he did so. They stayed there for a moment, each trying to regain their breathing, as Kurt unhooked his legs from where they were at Sebastian's back and let himself stand on shaking legs. Sebastian pulled off the condom and made quick work of disposing of it in the common room trash bin. Kurt pulled up his pants, but paused when he caught sight of the mess he'd made on himself. He was about to ask for a washcloth when Sebastian reappeared with several wet paper towels and began cleaning him off. Kurt stood, bewildered as he realized the sheer intimacy of such an act. He expected himself to panic at the thought, what would Blaine think of him if he could see him in such a state with the one person Kurt thought he hated the most, but all he could do was look on fondly as Sebastian cleaned him off, and Kurt thought he didn't really mind how intimate it was. When Sebastian had finished cleaning himself off as well and disposed of the dirtied towels, walking back over to redress himself as well, and caught Kurt's eyes, Kurt figured being bold here was probably his best bet for establishing the confines of this new relationship they seemed to have now. Kurt grabbed the other boy's face in his hand, making sure Sebastian caught the look in his eyes, and brought their lips together in another, much slower and more languid than the previous ones, kiss.

"We..." breathed Kurt against the other boy's lips as they broke off, "we can't let Blaine know about this. Okay?"


"But… but I would like to keep seeing you, i-if you don't mind, that is."

When Sebastian only kissed him again in response, Kurt could tell the other boy saw no problem with them meeting up again for a repeat performance. Sebastian may not have been one to have real, actual feelings for other people but when he really wanted something, he went out and got it, no matter the cost. Kurt sighed into his kiss, letting himself relax as he realized that maybe, just maybe, he was what Sebastian wanted. It was nice to know that he was wanted like this.

Everything else may have been unknown but at least he knew now that Sebastian would be there to pick up the pieces if everything else fell apart in the end.