Hi! I know, I'm a week late, but I've been busy. Anyway the Extremetourage are Lumberjills in a Handicap match and sorry, no Sarah/Kaz action tonight. How will they do?

Sarah, Christa, Amy, Maddie, Curtis, Chris, and Janica belong to me and Katie, Avery, Gwen, and Ally belong to Angelgirl16290.

Chapter 71: Lumberjills

Sarah's POV

"Hey Sarah, come on! The handicap match is about to start and we need to be the lumberjills!" Christa called me as she grabbed her belt and almost ran out of the room.

"Wait Christa!" I stopped her. "I need to talk to you before we go out there."

She came back in and sat next to me. "What about?"

"I want to face Katie and Maddie at Bound For Glory for the Knockouts tag team titles. You up for it?" I asked.

"I like that idea!" Christa agreed. "Let's ask them after the match. But just one quick question. Why them?"

I just shrugged and said, "I've been wanting to face Katie for a while and this would be a good chance."

"Good enough." Christa smiled as both of us stood up and headed down to the entrance. Amy appeared a few seconds later, running up to us.

"Sorry I'm late! I just got done talking with Dixie. I'm defending my Knockouts X Division title tonight." Amy said.

"It's okay, Amy." I assured as Weight Of The World by Evanescence played and Ally walked out as she was the Special Guest Referee in this match. The theme song guy gave us the signal and I told him the song we were using. "Play Damage Inc." As the song started up, we headed on out.

Narrator POV

Metallica's Damage Inc. played as Sarah, Christa, and Amy walked out.

"And the Lumberjills for this match, they are the team of TNA Knockouts X Division champion Amy Hardy, TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions Christa and the TNA Knockouts champion Sarah Veerthorne, The Extremetourage!" Christy announced as the crowd cheered them wildly.

They posed a bit with their belts before Tara's music hit and she walked out, then Brooke's music played and she walked out. The final two came out when Rollin' by Limp Bizkit played.

"And her tag team partners, the team of Maddie and the Vice President of TNA Katie Borden!" Christy announced as Katie and Maddie headed down.

Once Katie and Maddie got into the ring, the match began.

Most of the match-up had Katie, Brooke, and Maddie in control. Tara kept trying to escape, but Extremetourage kept her from doing so and pushed her back into the ring. Close to the end of the match, Maddie was in control and she Irish Whipped Tara into the turnbuckle. She then got on her hands and wrapped a Headscissors around Tara and used that to throw her down on the mat. Maddie then climbed on top of the turnbuckle and hit a Shooting Star Press. She covers and Ally counts; 1, 2, 3!

"Here are your winners Miss. Tessmacher, Katie Borden, and Maddie!" Christy announced. Ally raised their hands as Extremetourage went in and celebrated with them for a bit. Katie and Maddie were about to make their way to the back until Sarah grabbed a microphone.

"Katie, Maddie, wait." Sarah said. "Christa and I have been talking and we decided that we want to face you two at Bound For Glory for the Knockout Tag Team titles. What do ya say?"

Katie and Maddie thought about it for a bit before Katie called Val over to give her a microphone. "Sarah, Christa, we'll see ya at Bound For Glory."

The teams had a friendly staredown before Katie and Maddie went to the back first and then Extremetourage followed.

Sarah's POV

We went back into our locker room and saw that Janica was going to face the Gut Check judges next.

"After this, it'll be time for my match." Amy said.

A few minutes later, Taz, Al, Bruce, and Katie got into the ring, then Janica made her way out. As she was, Chris came into the room.

"Hey, little brother." Christa greeted. "You here to see if your girlfriend makes it on the roster?"

"Yep." Chris answered, sounding nervous. "I hope she makes it."

"I'm sure she will, Chris. She did win the OVW Women's championship." I said.

"Still, I'm nervous."

We watched as Taz voted yes, but Al and Bruce voted no. They voted no on her because they said she was too young.

"Too young?!" Chris shouted. "What the hell?! I'm the same age as her!"

"Whoa Chris! Calm down!" I calmed him down. Now it was up to Katie to decide.

"Janica, two no's and a yes, and this means you have one last chance to convince our last judge." JB said as Janica got a microphone. "Time to kick out."

Janica took a deep breath before saying, "Some of our greats here in the business started out very young. Hell, there are some guys and girls back there the same age as me and you have the nerve to tell me no?! I can play hard just as much as everyone in the back."

"She's right." Amy nodded.

"Katie Borden, what is your decision?" JB asked.

"Janica, I'll admit you are young but you do have a point. Prove to me you can hang with us because it ain't easy. But if you can do it then my decision is yes." Katie smiled as Janica broke down in the ring and cried. We looked over at Chris and he looked like he was going to cry too.

"Janica Star, welcome to the Impact Wrestling Roster!" JB smiled as Janica hugged everybody and ran backstage.

"She did it!" The three of us cheered.

"You did it, Janie!" Chris greeted Janica as he lifted her up in a hug, spun her around, and gave her a long kiss.

"Whoa…" Christa whispered in surprise as she watched her brother kiss his girlfriend.

"Well, off to my match." Amy said as she stood up.

"Who are you facing?" I asked.

"Either Gwen or Avery. I'm not sure yet." She ran off and headed down.

"The TV title match is after this and I heard Curtis is facing Joe." Christa said, looking at her phone.

Amy walked out and her opponent revealed to be Avery. In the end, Avery was close to winning, but Amy snuck in a Twist of Fate and got the win. After the bell rang to end the match, Amy and Avery hugged each other.

"Alright! TV title match coming up!" I said as I sat back. Amy came back in and sat back down.

Joe went out first, looking all pumped up like he always was. Then, Honor Thy Father by Dream Theater played in the arena. This song was unfamiliar since… it's never played in the Impact Zone before.

"That's not Curt's theme." Christa said.

However, we were proved wrong when Curtis walked out of the entrance. Looks like he has a new theme then. He posed on the turnbuckle with his belt shouting, "I'm back!" Even some fans were heard chanting "Welcome back!" at him.

For most of the match, Joe was in control and looked like he was going to win it when he locked Curtis in one of his submission hold. But he was able to get his way out of it, get him on top of the turnbuckle, and hit the Dead and Done. He pinned Joe and retained his championship.

"I don't get it." I said. "Joe is bigger than Curtis, but he's still able to hit the Dead and Done on him."

"Curt is tough like that." Christa smiled. I nodded and agreed with her.

Not that bad of a night for our girls. And BFG is getting closer! But once again, what about Sarah and her pregnancy? Will we find out about that?