Welcome to my first Fan fiction! This is my first ever time trying to write Yaoi, so please be kind, neh? This is based off the 2009 anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist. I personally like it better. This is BOYxBOY, no likely no ready. Okay? This is a RoyxEd fan fiction.

Also, I'd like to point out that this takes place in about 2009. Not the nineteen-hundreds. Roy an Ed are kind of OOC in this as well so be prepared.

Edward: Oh great another crazy fan-girl _…

Me: Oh Ed, you're such an adorkable uke :3

Edward: *Blushing* H-hey! W-why am I always the uke, eh?

Roy: *Walks in* Cause' you're short.

Edward: *Goes in Emo corner*

Me: *Sigh* Roy do the disclaimer…

Roy: Dangerouspie-Chan doesn't own FMA *Frowns*

Chapter 1

Roy Mustang glanced out the window of his History class, giving a small sigh. This day had been uneventful for the most part and Roy could think of a thousand more things he'd like to be doing now then being in this class. Roy's black hair fell in his eyes but he didn't move it. Out of the corner of his vision he could see two girls (sluts) gawking at him from the back of the room. Tch, Thought Roy ignoring their glares of interest.

Roy was the most popular boy in school and could have anyone he wanted. He knew it to. Girls would leave love notes in his locker almost every day. They would wait for him outside of classes just to see him. It was like being a pop-star. Roy usually didn't pay attention to them though. Even though he was popular and could get anyone he wanted to wait, and find his special someone. Boy's also gawked at him. Everyone in Central High knew that Roy was Bisexual. No one cared though. In the locker room some boys would blush and look away or stare and drool. Sometimes it scared Roy how much people looked at him.

"Roy!" His teacher waked a ruler on Roy's desk. Roy jumped slightly and glared up at his teacher with his piercing black eyes. That was another thing about Roy people loved, were his eyes. Black and spooky, but also sexy.

"What?" Roy asked in an annoyed tone.

"What did I just say five minutes ago?"

"Uh, I'm not sure. How about you tell me?" Roy asked with a cocky attitude. People in class chuckled. Roy folded his pale hands under his chin and smiled up at his teacher.

"Go to the office, now."

~~~At the Office~~~

"Roy that's the third time this week that you've been sent here…" Principal Bradley shook his head slightly.

Roy sighed and ran a hand through his black hair. The principal was right though. He had been there yesterday because he tripped a nerd. Then on Monday he was there because he skipped two classes in a row. It was only Wednesday.

"Well, it's nice to see you too, principal." Roy muttered.

Bradley sighed and put Roy's file on the table. "I just wish I saw you on Honor roll. Not in my office for being a smartass."

Roy rolled his eyes and stood up. "Well third time's the charm right?" He winked and picked up a pink slip from Bradley's desk. "I'm getting suspended right; well see ya in three days."

Roy walked out of his office and went out of the school building. He had three hours of school left before he would've got out anyway, might as well get suspended.

Roy walked down the block and saw the road was a dead end. "Hm…"

The dead end led to a forest. It seemed dark and mysterious. Roy liked that.

He smirked and kept walking down the street to the dead end. Once he made it to the forest's edge he looked up and smiled slightly. "This seems peaceful."

If he only knew…

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