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Chapter 12

After checking out at least ten books on Alchemy and Human Transmutation, Roy convinced Edward it was time to leave. Ed reluctantly agreed and left with Roy by his side. Roy loved spending that time with Ed. He loved learning more and more about the blonde's personality. Edward was no doubt an interesting person in the dark haired teen's eyes.

As they made their way down the side walk Roy checked his cell phone, seeing that it was already six o'clock. "Damn." Roy mumbled and glanced down at Ed. The blonde looked up at Roy, meeting his gaze. "What is it?"

"I didn't realize how late it was…" Roy mumbled and put a hand to his chin in a thinking like manner. Ed rolled his eyes. "Well we were in the library almost all day, what'd you expect?" Ed challenged with a laugh. Roy glared down at Edward and shoved him a little.

"Tch, I guess I was distracted…" He explained as they approached the house. Ed quickly ran up the drive way and Roy ran after him. They both made it to the door at the same time and Edward frowned up at the taller teen. "I'll beat you next time." Roy chuckled and pulled out his keys to unlock the mansion door. "I doubt that, I have longer legs." Roy explained with a smirk, and quickly ran inside as the door unlocked. Ed fumed with anger and ran after Roy. The blonde dropped the books on the ground and chased Roy into the living room.

"You bastard! That was a cheap comeback!" Ed yelled in frustration as he ran into the hall after Roy. Roy ran into a guest bedroom and slammed the door shut. "No, it was a smart comeback, shorty." Ed snarled and banged on the door harder. "Let me in you bastard!" Roy gave this some thought then laughed. "Okay!"

Roy let go of the door handle and the blonde fell into the room and onto the hardwood floor.


"That's gotta hurt…" Roy laughed as he saw the blonde on the floor twitch. "OW!" He yelled and got up quickly, his face red from hitting the ground face first. "Sorry…truce?" Roy asked, holding out a hand to the blonde. Edward just took the hand and shook it. "Sure, sure. Can we eat or something! I'm starving." He pointed out as he held his stomach.

Roy gave a soft nod and walked out into the hall way. "Sure. What would you like?" The black haired teen really had no idea what kind of food Ed liked, and Roy didn't like to brag (AN: What the fuck ever, he loves to brag!) but he was a pretty awesome cook. He'd watched a lot of cooking shows in his spare time plus his mom had said something about his grandma being a good cook. He figured it was mostly genetics. Ed looked up at Roy and thought for a moment.

"Spaghetti?" He asked wit pleading eyes. Roy gave a nod and chuckled. It was actually one of his favorite foods to make. They made it into the kitchen and Roy slipped on an old apron so he wouldn't get food all over his nice clothes. "Want to help?"

Edward blinked in surprise and walked up beside Roy. Ed had never really cooked much before but it was worth a shot. "Really?" Ed asked, wondering if he had heard Roy right. "Yes really, now come over here." Roy said and gestured to the kitchen. Ed walked over to the counter and then looked at the taller teen.

"Okay, so what do I do first?" The blonde asked. "Well, get a big pot from under the sink and fill it with water." Ed did as he was told (AN: Faint and fall over…) and filled the pot then put it on the stove. Roy turned the temperature knob to 'high' and then got some tomatoes out of the fridge. Roy looked down at Ed and pointed to a small cabinet. "Get some spices from that cabinet." Ed tried to reach up to the cabinet but he was well, a little too short. The winged boy snarled in frustration and jumped up, but it still wasn't working. Roy sat down the tomatoes and wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist, hoisting him up higher.

Ed blushed a bright red but opened the cabinet and grabbed the spices. Roy sat him down and smirked. Ed, still blushing, looked away and shoved the spices in Roy's hand. "Here ya' bastard." He mumbled and moved past Roy. He just laughed and grabbed a pan. Roy smashed up the tomatoes inside of it then added some spices. As Roy worked on the sauce Ed was filling the boiling pot of water with pasta. He stirred the pot every so often so the noodles wouldn't stick.

Roy finished the sauce and the noodles finished cooking. Roy glanced at Edward and waved dismissively. "Go sit down. I'll bring your food to the table, okay?" Roy smiled and started putting pasta on a plate. Ed blinked in surprise but nodded. "Okay…thanks."

Ed went into the dining room and sat down at the wooden table. He looked into his lap, going over the past few days. Roy didn't even know Ed well and he was giving him a place to stay and food to eat. Plus, Ed couldn't forget the fact the Roy had promised to help look for Alphonse. It was really too much. Other than Robin no one had ever offered to help Ed. Why did this wealthy, good looking teen want to help him? It made no sense to Edward. As he kept thinking he realized that he was starting to get a headache so he stopped trying to over think it.

As the blonde started to calm down on his thoughts, Roy entered the dining room with two steaming plates. Roy placed a plate in front of Ed and then sat down next to the blonde. Ed tried not to drool as he took in the smell of fresh tomato sauce and pasta. "Mmmm." The dark haired teen exclaimed and took a bite of his food. Edward copied the gesture and smiled. "This is great!" Roy nodded in agreement. He hadn't had this good of spaghetti in a long time. "Yeah, I suppose we make a good team, ne?"

Ed rolled his eyes and shoved more food in his mouth. After swallowing the blonde glanced in Roy's direction. "I'm not so sure about that." Roy just shrugged and took another bite of pasta.

Whatever you say Edward. This has to be the best dinner I've ever had…


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