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Summary: Marine Rear Admiral Monkey D. Luffy (Fem!Luffy) is the famous Dream Card of the Marines, having eaten a Mythical Zoan that controls your dreams, and can even make them reality. But even the most sweetest of dreams must crumble eventually, and this is proven to be true when a run in with the first commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco the Phoenix, forces Luffy to rethink her views on like. Will she face the true reality, or will she stay in a world of lies and would be truths?

Note: Marco is 17 in this, and this starts just before Ace is brought out to be executed, which means the first bunch of chapters take place during the Whitebeard War, and continue off from there. I will NOT repeat NOT be killing off Ace and Whitebeard, as since Luffy is initially apart of the Marines, Ace won't die protecting her from Akainu. I cannot say the same for Akainu though. This chapter is mainly descriptive and very few to no speaking at first. Talking will come up, just not at first except for the small prologue at the very beginning.

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14 years ago:

"Hey Grandpa?"

"Yes Luf?"

"Are Pirates really that bad?"

"No Luffy, the pirates are far worse than just bad."

"But Shanks was good..."

"Luffy, not all Pirates are like Shanks. Most of them are evil, evil people, who won't think twice about hurting a little girl."


"Yes Luffy?"

"I don't think I want to be a Pirate anymore."

"Oh really now?"

"Yep, I told Shanks that too."

"And what did he say?"

"He said it was okay, and that I could be whatever I wanted to be."

"That's nice of him."

"He also said I could keep Boshi."

"That's really good, and I'm sure you're happy about that."

"Mmh, hey grandpa?"

"Heheh, yes Luffy?"

"I think I want to be a Marine."

"And why is that?"

"Well, if Marines are the good guys, and Pirates are the bad guys, then I want to be a Marine."

"Well, ok then. I'll see if I can get you into the Marines."


"Yes Luffy?

"Thank you, and I love you."

"He, I love you too Luffy."

Episode 1: The "Dream Card"!

Marineford an hour before they bring out Fire Fist Ace for his execution-

Rear Admiral Monkey D. Luffy was a Marine you did not want to face. She may have been one of the lowest graded admirals in the Marines, but to even last a second in a fight with her, you had to approach her like you would one of the three admirals, cautiously, and with full intent to run away. She was only 16 years old, but she had eaten a dangerous Devil Fruit. A Mythical Zoan to be exact, that controled a persons dreams, including their worst nightmares, and could even make them a reality. And they were no illusions. The fact that she was Vice-Admiral Garp the Fist' granddaughter made many fear the girl, and it was only made worse when they found out just how scary her Devil Fruit abilities were. If none of that caused you to think three times before facing the girl, then the fact that she had been personally trained by two of the admirals, Kizaru and Aokiji, and Fleet Admiral Sengoku, would do it.

Of course, all this dwarfed the fact that she was the daughter, and only known child of the Revolutionary Dragon. The most wanted man in the world, a fact known only by the girl's superiors, who as far as they were concerned, might as well have been some no name, dead fisherman, when compared to the unquestioning loyalty that Garp had so carefully taught the girl, despite the influence that the Yonko, Shanks, had instilled in the girl when she was younger. Yes, all this equated to one thing and one thing only, the girl was strong enough to go toe to toe with the third commander of Whitebeard's crew, maybe even the first commander, but they weren't about to risk it. Oh no, the girl was much to valuable to them to be allowed to fight the only other known Mythical Zoan in the world.

Luffy herself, couldn't understand why a fellow Mythical Zoan would want to be a bad guy, but maybe Whitebeard wasn't so bad and evil. After all, her grandfather himself had said that not all pirates were bad, most of them were, but not all of them. Maybe Whitebeard was one of those few. Either way, Luffy would have to fight the man, or rather, a bunch of his subordinates and allies. They were going to war with the man after all. It was more like a ridiculous suicide for the Marines really, but Luffy wasn't about to tell anyone that out loud. This was supposedly a man that could tear the whole world apart with only a swing of his fist. The rear admiral highly doudted it was a good idea to try and cross the man.

They were doing exactly that unfortunately. Somehow or another, the Marines had managed to capture the infamous Portgaz D. Ace, second commander for the Whitebeard crew, and more commonly known by his alias, Fire Fist Ace. The man had been silent when Luffy had visited him on occasion, prefering to stare forlornly at his feet, rather then talk to her. She couldn't really blame him though, she was apart of the people who were going to kill them, but she really just wanted to talk to a fellow child who had grown up with at least a little bit of Garp's prescence around. She had only gotten a shocked stare from the condemned man when she had told him that, but that was it, no words, he just went back to staring at his feet again after he had gotten over it. She'd managed to get the same reaction a week later when she had told him she was a Mythical Zoan, still no words though.

Now she wouldn't get to have the chance of talking to him anymore, as in three or so hours, his head would be rolling about, that is, if Whitebeard didn't intervene. In which case it would take a lot longer. She was not participating in the war, not yet at least. Luffy would be brought in later if she was indeed needed, but for now she was to go watch from one of the buildings near the platform where Ace was to be executed. She wondered what it would be like to be up there, the people who would kill you within arms reach, looming over you omniously. She would have to find out later, as Ace would most likely not be alive to tell her, from someone else.

Sengoku was standing on the platform with Ace, who had just been brought out, and his two would-be executors, a couple Marines who really didn't want to be there, even though it was their job. Luffy highly doudted anyone would want to be up there, holding the weapons that would cause Ace to die when Whitebeard finally showed up, especially when and if they managed to kill the man. It would not be a very pretty end for them, Luffy knew that much.

Luffy's gaze turned to the bay, only half listening as the Fleet Admiral began speaking.

The whole speech thing involving Ace being Roger's son and how Ace joined Whitebeard's crew to make the man king of the Pirates is all canon, it's just too long and annoying for me to write.

The gates opened suddenly, revealing over 40 ships, all under different flags, all of which Luffy recognized as allies of Whitebeard. Everyone was panicing as they realized that Whitebeard was now attacking, of course nobody knew where said man was. She didn't feel like guessing where he was going to show up, as the possbilities were endless, considering the hidden talents of the human mind and imagination. Both were limitless, and when used in battle, could be a deadly combination for the right man.

Whitebeard and his commanders could be on one of the Pirate ships, or maybe they were hidden among the Marines themselves, well the commanders at least. They could even be coming from behind where they all were positioned. If the latter were true, then the war was already over, and the Marines had lost. Numbers meant nothing to someone with a good enough battle plan. A whole army could be taken out with just three people if they knew how to maneuver properly. And when Luffy thought about it a bit more, she decided that he could also be in the bay already, underwater thanks to a coated ship.

Oh yes, the possibilities were near endless. Secret weapons would do nothing for them in this battle if they weren't fully prepared for every single outcome for this battle, and Luffy knew for a fact the Marines weren't. They expected the man to play by their rules, not his own, but did a pirate, no matter whether they were good of bad, played by the rules, especially when another of their own's life was on the line. The Marines liked to be a bunch of optomists appearently.

Luffy was brought out of her inner musings on the faults of the Marine's battle strategy when a huge shadow, no four huge shadows, appeared in the bay. 'So underwater was the decision this time...' Luffy thought silently as she watched the battle unfold in curiosity. Whitebeard appeared with all but one of his commanders, the last one being the reason they were all about to start a war in the first place.

Luffy vaguely noted that there were others surrounding them, but she would take care of them later. For now she would wait and see if they would act now or later, regardless they would all be either dead or in Impel Down anyway. Whitebeard called out suddenly to Sengoku, breaking Luffy from her singular focus yet again,

"Sengoku! My son better still be alive!" he barked with a slightly amused tone, as all the marines except for Garp, Sengoku, the three admirals, and vice-admirals. Luffy quickly became bored with the happenings and mass panicing, deciding to go and take care of their little uninvited guests now instead of later. Something she decided would be more amusing then this.

On the Battlefield-

Marco stood by his captain, observing as Ace fell back on being defiant again. The guy really needed to accept the fact that they were there to save him, and they weren't going back without him, even if they had to knock him out and drag him to do it.

"Marco, didn't I order Ace to go after Teach?" Whitebeard, a man that everyone who was either apart of his crew or allied with, considered to be a father.

"Yep, you did Pops." the first commander agreed dryly before calling out "Don't worry Ace! We're coming to get ya! Just hold on for a little while longer!" his expression never changing from the bored and tired look, despite how he really felt. Which was none short of irritation and anger for the fact that A) Ace seemed to be Hell bent on trying to convince them to leave him to die, and B) The Marines who were holding weapons that would kill his little "brother". Ace just looked back down at the ground, or rather the wooden planks of the platform he was kneeling on, already regretting his own existence most likely. Marco would really have to re-educate (read: clobber) the guy later concerning the true value of his existence, and probably kill a couple of marines as well. Because somebody had to have put that idea in his head, the Phoenix stand for it one bit.

He looked to the side as the ships were frozen solid, thinking for almost five seconds that he saw somebody sitting on one of the roofs near the platform. If anybody had been there, they were gone now. Marco watched with displeasure as one of the Shichibukai, Dracule Mihawk, drew his blade and attacked. It didn't get far as Jozu, the third division commander, got in the way, activating his Paramecian Devil Fruit abilities. There was a reason he was called Diamond Jozu after all. The attack was stopped short, much to Marco's amusement. That was quickly evaportated though as another one of the admirals jumped up into the air, becoming an obnoxiously bright lamp in the sky, and started shooting light beams at his captain. All of which fell short of their target as Marco decided to be stubborn and get in the way.

He was the only Mythical Zoan he knew about, and was quite proud of it sometimes, but it did get lonely, and made Marco feel quite out of touch sometimes. But Whitebeard had made sure that no matter how out of it and alone Marco felt, he still had a home to go to and call his own, friends waiting loyally for him too.

"Ow, that hurt!" Marco joked as the blue flames on his body healed him of any and all injuries. The admiral sneered at him slightly as he answered,

"Yeah right." Marco just smirked before taking on his full transformation and flying off to take on the admiral.

"Marco the Phoenix!" someone yelled out from below as Marco delivered a kick to the admiral, which was blocked.

"That hurt!" Marco tched as he added more power before speaking,

"Liar!" he declared as he sent the obnoxious admiral flying back and crashing into the ground. The man stood up and looked toward Sengoku, who, albeit slightly, shook his head in a 'no' gesture. This caught Marco and Whitebeard's eye, but neither thought too much about it. If they were planning something, they would find out soon enough. The best they could do was be careful and not to get too confident in the fight, this was a war afterall, and that meant that anything and everything could be expected.

Marco watched as the man shrugged before giving orders to the giants that were assembled in there,

"Giants, watch your heads your all easy targets for him." the man got a collective agreement as they all raised their weapons, ready to attack. Marco just smirked before saying,

"I've faced bigger giants then the lot of you combined! Trust me, I'll be the least of all of your worries." he stated before taking off to confront the rest of the marines on the ground, and maybe instigate another admiral or two into fighting him. Everyone was stopped short though as a familiar sounding scream echoed across the whole of Marineford, followed shortly be a group of darkly dressed people flying through the sky, only to land right in the middle of the battlefield, outcold with strange crystal like structures poking randomly out of their bodies, making them look like shiny pincushions. Marco saw red for a few seconds as he recognized one of the men in front of him. Marshall D. Teach, Blackbeard, was now lying in the middle of the battlefield, half dead and outcold, his face a pure contortion of raw and utter fear. Whatever the man had faced, was not something to play with.

One of the admirals drew Marco's attention as the man face-palmed, as he seemed to know who was behind the mans sudden and quite random defeat. His words kept it there,

"I thought she was under orders to stay put on one of the buildings near the Platform and wait for further instructions. Ah that girl never listens!" An eyebrow raised curiously at this, finishing the decision that the Phoenix should go tell Whitebeard what he had just heard.

With Whitebeard-

To say that Whitebeard was amused would be an understatement. The man was just watching the many battles going on when all of a sudden the traitor, Blackbeard, got thrown into the middle of the battlefield, unconcious no less. He would have to thank whoever did that later, but for now he had to focus on what was going on. Marco came up to his side suddenly, landing behind him and walking up, before stopping at his side.

"Marco, what is it?" he asked, only looking at his first commander from the corner of his eyes. Marco looked at him slightly before turning his gaze back to the battle, and answering,

"The Marines are hiding something or rather someone, and whoever they are, Teach got his butt handed to him by her." he stated in an amused tone with the last part.

"Her?" Marco nodded slightly,

"Yeah, appearently whoever it is that they're hiding for now, is a girl." Marco explained as he prepared to take off and rejoin the fight, "Oh yeah, Squardo's having a bit of trouble with the enemies behind us so I'm gonna go and help." he stated, only to be stopped by Whitebeard.

"No, not yet! Marco I want you to see if you can find the girl that did that to Teach." the captain gestured with his head toward Teach's beaten and battered form. Marco nodded slightly before answering,

"Sure, but what do I do if I can find them? Want me to bring her over so we can party later as thanks for kicking Teach's butt?" Marco joked slightly, though he wouldn't put it past the man. Whitebeard nodded, though he was slightly amused with the joke,

"No, but she must have something to do with all that gesturing Sengoku and that admiral were doing earlier. They're definetily hiding something, or at least trying to. I'm wondering what it is exactly, and what it has to do with that girl they mentioned." Marco nodded in understanding before turning into his phoenix form and taking off to find the girl that the admiral had mentioned.

Back with Luffy-

Luffy was now trying to figure out which would be more fun, leaving the battle to go and take a nap, or just jumping in and fighting. From what she had seen, the first division commander had joined the fight, she knew they would summon her eventually. She was already in some trouble for not listening and going to take care of a good-for-nothing Shichibukai who had appearently used his position to recruit criminals from Impel Down, not to mention the former warden there as well. Things had obviously gotten out of hand there, but Luffy had taken care of at least some of the damage at that moment, Magellan would be mad at her later though, for ruining his job slightly. 'Oh well...' She thought as she began a slighlty daunting task of climbing onto one of the roofs near the platform again.

When she got to the top, she was met with a definitely startling sight. Marco the Phoenix was standing, or rather flying infront of her. Eyeing her curiously before changing into his human form.

"Woah there! So who are you?"

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