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Episode Summary: The Whitebeard Pirates moore at Whisterian Island. Luffy, Marco, and the gang go looking for something fun to do. Anyone up for Ice Skating? Meanwhile Whitebeard learns a lot about Luffy's Devil Fruit, including a couple of local myths concerning origins of said creature. Looks like Luffy gets to go moutain climbing!

Disclaimer: Pokepika's Haunt does not own One Piece, if she did, it would be utter chaos, and Luffy would be a lot younger then in canon, and a girl.

Episode 7: Ice and Legends!

Whisterian Island-

The Whitebeard Pirates had decided to moor on one of the winter islands of the Grand Line. It was cold to say the least, and Luffy wasn't completely sure if she liked it or not. On the bright side, it did give her a reason to all but hang off of Marco, who was very warm in comparison to the surrounding temperatures. And that is exactly what she did. Whitebeard had gone off to do some investigating. Of what, nobody knew, and Luffy wouldn't bother finding out anytime soon. All attention span for Marco was lost though when she spotted a large pond which had gotten frozen over. One second later, and Luffy was no longer apart of the group, consisting of her closest friends and admitted crush, Thatch, Sabo, Vista, Ace, and Marco (of course).

All Marco had to do to spot the currently renegade girl was to follow the delighted cheers of said young teenager, and he'd come across the childish view of her jumping up and down in excitement as she stared with utmost glee at the frozen pond. Marco came up to her side, Luffy looking at him with pleading eyes, and he caved. Really the guy had no backbone when it came to Luffy and her requests. The pond itself was big enough so that their whole group, and probably a good number more, could skate in peace without worrying about running into people. Even the most crappiest skater could flail in full blown panic as much as he or she wished.

"Marco! Come on!" He blinked as he was dragged out of his thoughts, looking to his side only to see that Luffy had disappeared. He looked at the pond, to see that she had skated her way to the middle and was now waiting patiently for him. He sighed, wondering if it was a good idea for a fire bird, like him, to be setting foot on ice. He knew for a fact Ace needed to keep himself off of it or he and anyone else on the ice would be taking an unwanted swim. Speaking of Ace...

"ACE! Don't get on the ice! Do you want to swim?" Ace blanched at that and took a tentative step back, knowing Marco was right. As childish pout overtook his face, Vista decided to be nice,

"Oh come now Ace! If it makes you feel any better, I can't Ice Skate either, no coordination." They all knew it was a blunt face lie, but nobody was about to call him out on it. Ace gave the man a grateful smile before plomping himself onto the ground and began watching the others along with Vista. Luffy had gracefully skated over to Marco and promptly dragged him, despite any and all protests said Phoenix made, onto the ice. It was thick enough to hold a good amount of weight, so they could skate or rather slide safely without risk of falling into freezing waters. Luffy had had, to everyone elses amusement, the brillian idea of trying to teach Marco how to ice skate. The key word there was try, as it was easier said then done when 99% of the time, Marco's butt stayed firmly, and painfully, attached to the ice. Poor Marco, was going to have a very sore rear end by the time they finished.

With Whitebeard-

Whitebeard was currently reading an old book on mythology and only paying a fifth of his attention to where he was going. Which probably explained how he had wound up halfway up the local mountain in less then five hours. It was going to take him a lot longer getting down. He was broken from his concentration when the voice of an old lady reached his ears,

"You know it is not wise to be scaling mountains and reading ancient books that are almost as old I am at the same time, correct?" He looked up to see that the person talking was indeed an old lady, a tiny one really. (Then again almost everything is tinier then him.)

"Gurararara! Sorry about that. So can I ask why such a tiny thing such as yourself is doing up on this frozen rock?" The old woman laughed before responding,

"I'm pretty sure everything is tiny to you. And yes you may. I live here believe it or not." Whitebeard nodded slightly as he sat himself down, not really feeling like standing at the moment. The old woman laughed again before continueing, "So what is it that you were reading about that required enough focus to get yourself up a mountain like that?" Whitebeard thought for a moment before answering,

"I'm looking up mythical creatures, specifically a bird." he said as he held up a book. The old woman nodded as she thought for a moment.

"What type of bird? There are many birds in ancient myths. From the Thunderbird to Phoenix. Which one?" Whitebeard answered, finding the old woman quite easy to talk to,

"I don't know what it's called, so I was thinking that a picture or one of the descriptions might help. But it's feathers reflect the dreams and thoughts of others." He said thinking back to what Luffy had shown him when Marco had brought up the description. She had shown him her one of her wings in her Hybrid form and to say that the feathers were beautiful would be an understatement. Her feathers glowed with an almost ethereal light, and images occasionally danced across them, from vivid dreams to the strangest of memories. They only showed good things though never bad. According to Sabo though, the feathers had once shown the fears and nightmares of mankind, he had seen it during his first confrontation with Luffy, which was also the last time anyone saw her transform.

The old woman's eyes widened at the description before sitting herself down on a nearby rock that was jutting out of the snow.

"You won't find a single thing about that bird in any book. Any information about that particular bird has disappeared along with the once great dreams of man. That bird is no mythilogical creature, it may as well be legend with the centuries gone by since it was last seen though." Whitebeard's eyes widened at what the woman said slightly,

"So you know of the bird I'm speaking of." the woman nodded.

"Yes, I'm old enough to where growing up as a little sprout, my mother told me tales of the bird you're speaking of. I can only tell you a little though." Whitebeard just nodded,

"A little is fine." The old woman smiled gently as fond memories of a childhood long gone overcame her mind for a few seconds,

"Well, long ago, when man dreamed with the most wonderous and sweetest of things, a great bird was known to exist. It was said that it's feathers reflected the dreams of man, and that it could make any wish come true..."


Long ago, that bird would take to the skies,

Flying wherever dreams thrived and existed.

It was a beautiful bird,

and was said to be all powerful,

almost anyway.

Many people worshipped it as a God or Goddess,

Some even believed it to be a messeger,

Something the Gods sent to promote prosperity for mankind.

But then one day,

A foolish king sought to catch the bird,

to clip it's wings and keep it prisoner.

He wanted it all for himself.

After all, what valuable thing does not belong to a king?

Nothing in this mans eyes.

For if you could not have everything in the world as your own,

then you wer not a king.

Not fit to be called such a thing.

And so this man,

caliming it was the kings right to keep the bird captive,

did exactly as he pleased.

The end result was war,

for what action does not have a consiquince after all.

And with this war,

came the end of mankind's dreams.

As the bird stayed in it's impromtu cage,

it's feathers lost their beauty.

It's glow began to die.

And the dreams and wonderous ideas that those once beautifully bright feathers showed,

were wiped clean and replaced with dark horrifying images.

Nightmares, mankinds greatest fears,

Their GREED.

War and strife began to flourish instead of peace and prosperity.

Illness and death overtook health and life.

Mankind was gradually wiping itself out.

And what happened to the bird you might ask?

A quite horrifying, but merciful fate awaited it.

When all it's feathers turned black,

Black as the night with no sign of light.

It disappeared,

never to be seen again...

"It has been many centuries since the depicted time. But supposedly it was the cause for the Void Century. It is the only tale they have for that time period. And it is almost forgotten now." the old woman stated. Whitebeard seemed shocked at the fact of such a thing happening so long ago. The woman then said, "I believe I have only told the story one other time, back when the Pirate King, Gold Roger was around and still alive. In factm he was the one I told it to." The old woman then turned around, preparing to go back home, "I hope that helps you at least a little. I'm assuming that someone you know someone that ate a mythical zoan Devil Fruit, and the end result was such a bird as the one in the tale being what he or she transforms into. I'm not going to ask you who they are, but I can tell that whoever it is, is rather lucky they wound up with you. Please enjoy your stay on the island!" Whtiebeard nodded gratefully to the woman's disappearing form, before doing an about face, and nearly taking the painful down, though it would be faster.

"An interesting tale, and key to the Void Century eh? Bah! I have no interest in such a thing. Well, time to go and collect my crew!"

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