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Fresh off the plane from Italy.

Tapestries in soft blues and greens hang from the walls, a vase of lilies sitting on the vanity.

I didn't even know I liked lilies until I saw the breathtaking arrangement.

This room is tranquil.


More than what I'm use to.

I smirk at the queen-sized bed.

They wish to appear respectful of my private quarters by not giving me a king-sized bed. But with a queen sized bed, there's still plenty of room should I decide to invite someone to join me.

Never going to happen.

But I have to admire their thoughtfulness.

The bed looks very inviting.

The large walk-in closet tells me one of them will want to play dress-up.

It wouldn't be the first time.

The "first" in this situation is being contracted under an entire family.

Father and son—sure.

But never a whole family.

Three couples and a single son.

Scheduled times—mornings, afternoons, and nights all belong to the Cullen family with the exception of Sundays.

That's my free day.

That's when I take a break from being the Cullen Companion.

Their paid companion.

I use the laptop that they gave me to log onto my schedule.

My week looks busy already.