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My eyes roll back.

Can't breathe, but I don't care because it feels so good.

You, clutching me tighter.

Fingers digging into my hips.

Needing to be closer.

Heavy breaths in my ear.

Grunts and groans caused by the pleasure you're taking.

After all these years, I still feel the deepest connection to you when you lose yourself in me.

The look on your face.

Like I'm the sun.



You're getting closer.

And I'm reveling in how you fill me.

Your slick skin sliding over mine.

Your thrusts become harder, and I cry out when you hitch my legs over your arms.

So deep.

Hitting that perfect spot.

I shatter.

Under you.

Around you.

And cry out when I feel the heat from your cum as it floods my pussy.

My body is relaxed as I enjoy your soft kisses.

"Do you hear that?"

My forehead scrunches and I shake my head.

"Complete quiet," you say before kissing my neck.

I smile.

Your lips travel down my chest to my abdomen to briefly rest your head.

Then lower to the slight pooch that won't go away no matter how much yoga or Pilates I do.

You kiss it and the few stretch marks there, breathing in the scent of us.

You always do that.

Manage to make me feel beautiful.

Especially when I was pregnant.

Our first was Mia.

No matter how hard you tried she was never the princess you envisioned. Happier playing in the mud and chasing the neighborhood boys. The grey at your temples first appeared when they started chasing her back.

Next was Liliana.

She had no problem being your princess. Decked out in pink, frills, and sparkles. You even bought her a pink VW Beetle for her sixteenth birthday.

Last but not least was Riley.

Born to be a heartbreaker, he's the spitting image of you.

Messy hair and crooked grin.

He's responsible for any grey hair I have.

We never did get married.

It was sometimes hard on the kids, but they always stood up to those who mocked them.

Riley was the worst. He never tolerated anybody calling me or his sisters any names. We've had to take many trips to the principal's office because of his fighting.

I think each trip made you prouder.

Things with your family are the best they could ever be.

The kids know their grandparents.

They typically spend two weeks in the summer and two in the winter with them.

We're still close to Emmett and Rose. Not so much with Alice.

Your hands rubbing away the pains of yesterday bring my attention back to you. We helped Riley move into the dorms at U-Dub. Today we're still in bed.

Enjoying the quiet.

And each other.

After twenty-four years we still got it.

I giggle as you pull me out of bed.

"Come on," you say. "We need to reclaim the rest of the house."

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