This is ridiculous. That is all.

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"So Alfred, what do you think?"

Bruce thought that he actually looked pretty cool, and as he showed off how the Batsuit that he had made fitted him, he practiced swinging his cape around to improve his 'stealth'. Gotham was in trouble; Gotham needed a hero.

"You look smashing, Master Bruce."

He had to say that he was indeed satisfied with how the suit came out, and Bruce decided that if he ever needed more adjustments made to his costume, that he would ask the old ladies down at Gotham's senior center for help again. They had done wonders getting all his specifications down perfectly, and it worked out fantastically since none of them would be able to release his secret identity due to the bad memories they had on account of their old rotting brains.

"Alright Alfred, I'm off," Bruce paused as he glanced out of the corner of his eye to a window of his manor that let him see the city of Gotham, and he knew that he had to leave soon. Apparently, The Joker was loose again, and it was his duty as the newly created Batman to stop him, "don't wait up for me," and with an overdramatic swing of his cape, a swing that never came to fruition as it got caught up in his arm, he was gone.

Within minutes Batman was in his Batmobile, which currently was a third generation 1974 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, and he sped off towards the bank that was being held up by The Joker and his goons. He let his memories drift away to the tragedy that had befallen his family at a time when he was younger, and when he was still innocent.

Bruce and his family had just left the opera due to him being scared of something, upon trying to think of what it was he decided that he had been afraid of bats so that his epic origin story would go with the theme that he was aiming for, and then what happened had been entirely his fault. His parents wanted to take a stroll and just admire the scenery, but Bruce had wanted to go home quickly, so he dragged his father by the hand to hurry him up, and they had bumped into a random stranger. The result was that Dr. Thomas Wayne had his shoes scuffed up, and that tragedy was why Bruce had decided, all these years later, to take up the mantle of the bat to fight crime in Gotham. Justice.

A moment later the 'Batmobile' crashed into the wall of the bank, and it wasn't until the whiplash that Bruce noticed that he had dozed off at the wheel. He opened his car door and stumbled out to a confused crowd and group of cops that were waiting outside of the bank to see what The Joker was going to do. Bruce, now Batman, looked at them, and after a moment of staring going on between him and the crowd, he just walked into the bank. His first impression had been as cool as he thought it was going to be.