So this two-shot is based on a spoiler/rumour i heard about Finchel/Faberry in 3x10 :)

She was sat on his bed, looking down at the photo she had in her hands, the tears falling from her eyes.

Finn walked into the room, slightly startled to see her there

"Rach? W-what are you doing here? H-How did you get in?"

"Your Mom let me in... and we were talking... then I found this."

She held up the picture to him. It was of Lucy "Quinn" Fabray.

"R-Rach? W-Where did you find that?"

"Y-You're wallet? ... You're mom was borrowing money, and she found it. For the past hour I've been crying my eyes out."

"W-Why?" he walked over to her and went to embrace her but she moved away


"I-I need to know something"

She looked into his eyes. He could see the tears welling up.

"Anything Rach..."

"A-A-Are You Cheating on me?"

"Of course not! W-Why would you think that?"

"Guys don't usually keep pictures of their ex-girlfriend hidden in their wallet!"

"Rach, I swear, nothing's going on between me and Quinn!"

"Have you been spending time with her?"

"No... I mean, we have gotten a little closer, but I don't hang out with her!"

She threw the picture to him, and grabbed her bag.


She ran out of his room, down the stairs, she walked into the kitchen and said goodbye to Carole.


He was about to run after her, but Kurt and Carole stopped him.

"Let her go Finn." said Kurt

"I-I...She thinks i'm cheating on her!"

"Are you?"

"No! Of course Not! I'd never cheat on her!"

"And she doesn't believe you?"

Finn shook his head.

"Honey? Have you ever lied to Rachel?" asked Carole

Finn didn't know what to say. His mom knew he had lost his virginity to Santana. She just didn't know he lied to Rachel

Finn just nodded.

"I really want to prove to her that I love her but she wont listen to me"

"Maybe it's you who should be listening for once"

Finn nodded again and bit his lip

"Thanks mom. I love you"

Carole and Finn Hugged for a while before Finn pulled something out from inside of the drawer

"Mom? I think it's the right time..."

"Good luck!"

Finn grabbed the keys and maade his way over to Rachel's house.