Hey guys so I got my new laptop during Black Friday which was crazy! Anyways here is chapter two. Enjoy!

One year age, if you told Stiles Stilinsk that he would fall in love with a man five years older than him he would have laughed in your face. If you also told him that said man is a werewolf. He would call you insane.

Now he would consider himself insane.

Stiles stares that the faces of his five friends. If this was a laughing moment he would definitely be laughing. Their faces were in the mix of shock and horror, but to Stiles they remind him the cartoon show he watches.

Due to the lack of energy Stiles fells backwards onto the couch. Snapping back into reality Allison, Jackson, and Danny immediately rush to his side.

Stiles laughs "sorry, little guy here" rubes his stomach "likes to kick."

'Little guy?' Scott thought 'he's showing that thing compassion.' Anger radiates throughout his body. He needs to release the urge to kill, to rip something apart. So he turns to the man that has cause all the pain and anger in his life, Derek Hale.

"You MOTHERFUCKER" Scott roars as he charges toward Derek but is stop by Lydia.

"You sick son of a bitch" Scott growls. "How dare you come into our lives and fuck everything up!"

"Scott" Lydia warns but he ignores her.

"Our lives not as fucked up and tragic as yours" Scott says.

"Scott!" Lydia warns again.

"Why are doing this to us?" Scott asks "ANSWER ME!"

"Scott! You need to calm down!" Lydia growls in his ear.

Derek says nothing to his beta nor makes any reaction to Scott's words. It only seems to make Scott angrier. Scott pushes off Lydia and heads toward the front door ignoring the calls of his name.

Once outside Scott immediately runs into the woods surrounding the house. He made a good five miles from him and the house. He could feel his wolf calming down but he hears a voice call his name.

"Scott" Derek yells which Scott chooses to ignore.

"Scott! I command you to stop" Derek yells in his alpha voice.

Scott stops in his tracks. Anger begins to take over him again and his wolf beginning to shift. He waits a good fifteen minutes to calm down and turns to face his alpha.

"What do you want?" Scott hisses.

"I want . . . I need you to talk to Stiles" Derek answers.

"About what" Scott asks.

"I need you to talk him into killing that thing" Derek confesses "he won't listen to me or Laura."

In confession Scott asks "you want to kill your baby?"

"That thing is not my baby" Derek growls out. Scott lets Derek's words sink in before he asks.

"It's killing him isn't?" Derek opens his mouth to answer but unable let the words come out he only nods.

Scott looks at his alpha, he sees Derek's pain written all over his face. He could smell Derek's sadness and fear. He looks into the eyes of the older male but quickly looks away. He sees tears threaten to come out of the elder's eyes.

"What makes you think he will even listen to me?" Scott asks.

"You're his best friend" Derek answers "you share a bond that is stronger than what him and I have. All I need you to do is try."

Scotts looks directly at the older man "it'll be useless he won't –"

"Please!" Derek pleads "I just need you to try."

Taken back by Derek's plead and Scott answers "OK I'll try.

"Thank You" Derek says without a skip of his heart.

Scott nods and the two men began their journey back to the house.

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