It started like all the other times. As he lay in the
bed and closed his eyes, he could feel the small
sensation of pulling surround him. He relaxed in the
bed, letting his body grow light and let his mind go,
completely releasing himself. The sensation of
floating surrounded him and he let go of his body,
following the urge and leaving his body behind. He
could feel himself lift into the air, travelling
through the air like it was nothing. The simple
feelings and movements felt completely natural now,
something he'd been born with, an ability he'd always
had. He knew if he opened his eyes he'd see his house
pass out of sight and he'd be able to follow the path
to Duo's house, passing all the familiar houses and
street signs, passing miles in seconds to arrive in a
breath's moment.

But instead, he kept his eyes closed, just letting
himself float to his destination. Only when he reached
it, did he open his eyes. Duo's house stood in front
of him and he let himself be pulled in through one of
the windows, floating through it like it was an
illusion of space and time. A moment passed with him
floating above Duo's bed, where the boy laid
peacefully, before he floated down and melded into
Duo's body, then the scene changed.

Blue light melted in on his sight, melding with the
deep violet of Duo's eyes, before it all melted
together and flashed, leaving Heero kneeling in a dark
place with nothing. Getting to his feet, he glanced
around and waited.

Before him an image seemed to appear and slowly Duo's
room phased into view, wavering like a reflection on
water, showing the boy lying silently in his bed. Duo
opened his eyes and glanced around, then smiled as he
spotted Heero. Heero smiled softly back and walked
over to the bed, sitting on the edge next to him as
Duo sat up and leaned against the simple wooden
headboard. "You're getting a hang of travelling
quickly and easily. You responded almost instantly
when I called." Duo said softly, placing his hand over
Heero's. His smile widened when he found that Heero's
hand felt as solid as the other surroundings.

"It still takes a bit of getting used to, this whole
travelling thing." Heero reached over and gently
touched Duo's long hair, sliding his hand over the
braid. "I miss this. You look so different without

Duo chuckled softly. "If I ever find the person who
chopped it off… No, but seriously it'll grow back. And
until then, it'll take some getting used to for the
both of us. It feel so strange when I'm awake, my head
is so light… I swear if it weren't attached to my neck
it would float away." Duo stopped then frowned. "And
no air head jokes!"

Heero held up his hand and shook his head. "You have
my word, no joking I promise."

The two chuckled softly for a moment then Duo leaned
his head on Heero's shoulder, resting against him
silently as Heero gently stroked his hair. "It's
strange still. I guess I got so used to not being
around people… the crowds scare me now," he said
softly, his eyes wandering around the room. "The
retraining center is the worst, all those people who
seem to want to help me learn to use my muscles again.
Four people to help me stand, all hovering around me,
hooking me up to things, monitoring me… It creeps me
out." Duo shuddered a bit. "I like these dreams so
much more."

"You'll get used to the crowds again. Quatre told me
you used to be quite outgoing with everyone."

"Hmph," Duo snorted softly. "I still am, it's a great
way to hide how scared they all make me. Sometimes
it's so hard… sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get out
of that blasted chair." Heero smiled gently at him and
reached down, pulling the tie out of Duo's hair.
Glancing back at the bedside table, he closed his eyes
and willed a brush to appear. Upon opening his eyes
again, he found exactly that on the table. Picking it
up he went about the business of silently taking down
Duo's long braid and brushing out his hair. Meanwhile,
Duo sat silently and let himself be pampered, relaxing
with each stroke of the brush. These dreams happened
every night for the both of them. Duo's father was
still overprotective and it took hours of convincing
just for him to let Duo out of the house, much less
out of his sight. It made things easier to not fight
him and just have Heero visit every night after they
both drifted off to sleep.

While being together in dreams could never be a
replacement for real life, at the moment it was the
best they could do. And it was the best way to
continue their relationship without letting anyone
else know about it, who wasn't ready to know yet.
Heero pulled the brush through Duo's hair lightly,
smoothing out the long locks. Leaning forward, he
gently kissed the side of Duo's neck as he set the
brush down. Duo smiled and leaned back, giving Heero
more room to explore. "That feels nice…" He murmured
softly. Heero didn't agree or disagree, but rather
showed his agreement by kissing Duo again and wrapping
his arms around him, pulling him close. Duo's eyes
slid shut in pleasure and he shifted in Heero's arms,
turning around to face him and catch his lips, kissing
him back gently. Both decided to dispense with
conversation and small talk, letting the words
disappear as they communicated in other ways. Both lay
back on the bed, kissing and entwining their astral
bodies as the clothes and covers were willed away for

In the end, nothing was left around them save for the
bed, and even that melted away to leave them seemingly
floating in air. Such things weren't needed in this
world. Heero moved on top of Duo, still kissing him
gently as their bodies pressed together and their
breaths became more hurried. In spite of it all being
a dream world, all in their minds through a psychic
link, it felt as real as it would in life. The only
difference was the lack of surroundings and the
possibility of them being caught. Both let themselves
be free and forgot about the world, lost in each other
and not caring. They had the entire night to do as
they wished and seemingly no time was wasted.

Bodies pressed together as hands explored every inch,
learning as much about each other as touch could
teach. Sensations were explored, reactions tested, and
teasing placed everywhere. Time didn't exist between
them and neither took control, while both submitted to
the other.

Some day they would be able to reenact such a thing in
real life, when Duo regained the use of all his
muscles and Heero helped him to that point. But until
that time came, both sleep through the night
satisfied. Because in the mind, reality is decided by
thoughts and even though the touches shared are
imagined… they are real enough for the time being.

"I never got a chance to thank you in person." Duo
whispered softly as he lay in Heero's arms, feeling
his body glow from the sensations.

Heero smiled softly and kissed him on the forehead.
"We'll be able to thank each other soon enough. Don't
worry about it now."

"Love you Heero."

"Love you too."