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A young lady sat on a train. Her cheeks were flustered and she was breathing very quickly.

Where was she going? She didn't know.

Why was she running away? She wasn't sure, the past few hours had all happened in such a blur.

All she knew was that she had to leave, disappear from that wretched place. She had always hated it and realising that she was pregnant had brought her to her senses. Hers was a world that no child should be brought up in. A child should be free and loved, a child should have fun and be happy.

Yes, Amu Tsukiyomi's childhood had been nothing like that at all. She had been brought up solely on discipline and etiquette. Then, a year ago she was married off to Ikuto Tsukiyomi the heir to the Easter Company. It had not been a happy marriage, neither had it been sad one, she always did what was expected of her, her husband was always working and they rarely talked about anything apart from it. His main concern with her was that she dressed adequately for the occasion and produced an heir. So as soon as Amu had found out she was pregnant she decided to grab a suitcase some money and run.

And that was that.

Chapter 1: Work

_Six Years Later_

Amu's P.O.V

Work, I thought and I dashed to table five somehow managing to carry four trays on my arms whilst balancing one on my head. God I hate this job. Oh well, I scowled, it could be worse. And anyways who am I to complain it pays off all the bills.

"Here you are Sir,' I said, 'one Double Espresso and a Café Chai for you Madam."

They nodded curtly so I smiled back then as I was turning round to table eleven a voice sounded behind me.

"Sup girl!"

I looked round to see Utau and Rima standing at the doorway. Rima looked plain bored and Utau was dressed in a very strange assortment of clothes.

"Hi Amu,' said Rima, 'Sorry about Utau she thinks she's black."

I grinned at them both quickly rushing towards table eleven and hurrying back.

"Excuse me?' Utau peered over the rim of her sunglasses and gave us both sceptical looks 'Haven't you guys even been reading the latest issue of Vogue?"

"No" we answered.

She rolled her eyes and smirked at us. Utau owned a large branch of a big fashion store so she was always up to date with what was in and what was out. And if you were wearing anything that was 'out' she'd be sure to point it out to you.

"Anyways Amu we were supposed to go to the cinema today remember?"

I clapped my hand over my mouth.

"Oh crap I completely forgot!"

"Ya we thought you would, so we decided to come here ten minutes early. Although Yaya can't make it she and Kairi are staying with her parents this weekend."

"Oh thanks guys, I'll just go tell Tadase I won't be finishing my shift for tonight."

They both grinned.

"Oh its Tadase now is it?"

"What happened to the san?"

An extremely hot sensation started to burn inside of me, and it must have shown since their smiles only widened.

"There's nothing going on between Tadas- Hotori-san and I! Our relationship is purely professional!" I snapped

"Ya sure it is." sniggered Utau.

I decided to change the subject.

"Hey after the film do you guys wanna come over to mine? Yoru's staying at a friend's house tonight."

"Sorry I can't' said Rima, 'I promised Nagihiko I'd be home as early as possible plus I have to drop the twins off at school tomorrow morning."

"Me neither,' sighed Utau, 'Kukai's parents are coming over tomorrow to see Daichi and discuss wedding plans so I need some time to clear stuff up."

I cringed.

"Oh okay, its fine I get it. I'll just erm- go tell Tadase I'm leaving.'

They both looked at me anxiously.

'Really it's fine." I repeated then smiled.

That was a lie Amu. I thought as I made my way to the kitchen. The truth was I didn't get it and it wasn't fine. I didn't get what it was like to discuss wedding plans, neither did I get what it was like to have a husband who cared about what time I came home. In a way I envied their happiness, what with Utau being engaged Yaya being pregnant and Rima being happily married I couldn't help but feel somewhat resentful. But I had Yoru which was really all that mattered anyways wasn't he was the reason I was putting up with a life like this? And I didn't regret leaving that was for sure, although a sizeable part of me did miss the luxuriant lifestyle. But life as a commoner really wasn't that bad, me and Yoru had been doing fine these past seven years. I'd managed to buy a flat, get a job, find a school for him and I'd made some great friends.

"Hey Amu shouldn't you be in the dining area?"

I spun round.

"Oh- Hi Tadase I was just looking for you."

Tadase Hotori was the owner of the Café I worked at 'La Baguette'. He was my first friend. He always got along pretty well with Yoru and occasionally came over to spend time with him. He a really was great friend to me and was always there to help me out when I needed him

"How come?" he asked frowning.

"I was just wondering if I could please finish my shift early today, you see I've planned to go out with some friends tonight but I forgot so I couldn't notify you earlier."

He chuckled.

"Haha typical Amu. Ya sure that's fine I'll just ask Saaya to cover your shift for tonight."

"Great! Thank you so much Tadase-san!"


I was heading to go back when I suddenly remembered something.

"Tadase-san, are you free on September 23rd by any chance?"

"I don't think I have anything planned, no."

"Good, its Yoru's birthday you see and I thought I might just invite a few people over nothing special you're welcome to come if you'd like. I mean if you can't then completely under-"

"That sounds great I'd love to."


We stood there for a while looking at each other both seemingly trying to think of something to say.



"Aren't you going?"

"Oh, erm- er- yeah of course."

"Okay have fun!"

"Yeah- ok- good, you too, bye!"

You too? You too? What the hell was that Amu? I swore as I strode towards my locker to fetch my bag. Damn, damn, damn. Why couldn't I just play that façade that I used to be so accustomed to? If I had he might have asked me out by now. ARGH!

As I walked fuming away I passed a large mirror and found myself pondering its reflection. A young woman with long bubblegum pink hair and bright golden stared back at me. Wow, I thought, she had really changed in these past few years. My eyes wondered to the ring still stuck on my finger. I chuckled sadly, silly of me to forget I was married. How could I even consider starting a relationship with another man? Come to think of it I'd probably stay married my entire life without even seeing my husband. My husband… Ikuto... I wonder how he's doing. I hadn't seen him in years. Well that wasn't strictly true given that he was the split image of his son it felt like I saw him every day. Except for his eyes, Yoru had my eyes. Ironically those sapphire eyes were probably the only thing I really loved about that man, those gentle blue mysterious sexy eyes…

Wait what am I thinking! I yanked off my apron and stuffed it into my locker. Argh, my life I so messed up... I got out my handbag then slammed my head angrily against the locker.

"OUCH! Mother f-"

"AMU! HURRY UP THE FILM STARTS SOON AND WERE GONNA BE LATE!" yelled Utau from the dining room.

"COMING!" I called back.

I shut and locked my locker then dashed out of the room.

If only I'd known then what awaited me in the days to come…

Ikuto's P.O.V

Work, I thought as I finished up the final draft on Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of Easter Incorporated. That sums up my life work, work, work, and work. I stood up to stretch my legs, pacing towards the window to look outside. It was rush-hour in the city centre of Tokyo and as I glanced down I could make out thousands of tiny people bustling through the crowds. I wondered who they were, where they were going, Home no doubt, I wonder where that is for them.

Come to think of it when was the last time I had done something fun? Something that I actually wanted to do? I tried to recall but nothing came to mind. Well I didn't have time for that sort of thing anyways.

I was just getting back to work when my assistant Kagami-san entered.

"Sir Kazuomi-sama would like to speak with you."

I sighed and straightened up.

"Tell him I'll be right up."

She nodded and left.

What about friends or a girlfriend? I wondered as I made my way towards the lift. Did I have any friends? Not particularly. I knew lots of people that I called 'friends' but no real friends. What about a girlfriend? Well she'd have to be from a family that could assist Easter financially that's assured. Anyways I wouldn't never really be around her much and she'll probably end up like Amu all over again. Amu… I hadn't thought off her in a while, I wonder how she's doing.

The doors to the lift opened and I entered the large yet circular office that I was all too familiar with; the large windows, the strange yet fascinating paintings that hung all over and the intimidating man (my stepfather) that sat behind the large oak desk.

I bowed.

"Sir you called."

"Yes Ikuto-san take a seat."

I did so.

"Right, I'm going to get straight down to the point.' he said briskly clapping his hands together 'As you know Izumi co. is the largest oil company in Japan, we do a great deal of business with them."

He paused.

"You are probably aware that the head of Izumi co. Takashi Izumi has an unmarried daughter Maju Izumi the sole heiress to the Izumi Company."

I sat back in my chair; I knew that this was going to happen sooner or later, Kazuomi had hinted numerous times before that we could benefit greatly by marrying into another company. I just hadn't expected it to happen so soon.

"Our company will benefit greatly if we could expand into the oil industry. So it would be ideal for both of us if you two were to marry."

I frowned and thought it over then said.

"I have no objections to the matter on the contrary I think it an excellent idea but what about Hinamori Amu?"

He winced at the mention of the name as I knew he would, even though Hinamori this wasn't her real name by law I would never dare to relate our family name with her in his presence.

"Oh yes,' he mumbled, 'I completely forgot…"

I went on.

"It would be a major embarrassment for our company if the press gets hold of what really happened. I could just marry Maju but in my current situation that's illegal and even if there is just slight off chance that Amu-san will come back I do not think that my imprisonment is a risk we should be willing to take."

Kazuomi nodded in agreement. Then sighed.

"I suppose we'll have to find her then, she's still in Japan that much is clear since she can't leave the country without a passport. That shan't take too long I hope. Once we have found her we can arrange a private court case for divorce."

"Yes,' I mumbled thinking fast, 'although if I and Izumi-san are to be wed then the press will definitely be interested therefore bringing up the subject of Hinamori-san. If it is discovered what actually happened then that puts our entire arrangement in jeopardy, not to mention major embarrassment-"

I broke off as a saw Kazuomi's expression.

"We could always- make her disappear." he scowled.

I raised my eyebrows and failed to hide the emotion of shock in my voice as I said.

"What? Seriously? You mean kill her?"

"Are you against the matter?' he snapped his temper rising 'Surely you can't feel any empathy for that girl after all the trouble she has caused us."

I stared at him choosing my words carefully. I knew all to well that it was best to stay on this man's good side when he was in a bad mood.

"No I do not,' I murmured, 'but I don't wish her any harm! As far as I know she has been living as a commoner these past years so surely we could simply bribe her to leave the country."

"Yes, I suppose that might be better. Although there is the matter of where we send her. It needs to be somewhere far away and safe, a place where she can live unseen from the public eye."

I thought, an unknown yet secure place that was far from Japan… Then it hit me.

"What about Wales?"

"Yes Wales, it's far from Japan and I rather doubt the press will be hanging around there much I believe you own a country house in a village in the east if I am correct in saying so?"

"Yes,' I admitted grudgingly I was rather attached to that cottage.

He clapped his hands together gleefully.


He smiled. It was not a very pleasant thing, it had a rather dubious touch to it. But then again, I thought to myself as I made my way back towards the lift, he wasn't a very pleasant man.

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