"We fall asleep with the color of the sunrise; we count the years on the circles under our eyes. We dream in shades of blue and gray, we speak in tongues of metaphors and stories. We bleed the ink of stubble allegory; we are the needle in the hay."

The song inter twined with my dream witch was funny because it sounded like my phone… my phone! I rolled over on my bed and shot up trying to find my cell phone. Where is it? I threw my pillows off the bed finding it wedged between the mattress and the frame of my bed. Without thinking I answered the phone, "Hello?" "You answered! For once so that must mean you want to go back out right?" a deep voice said into my ear. Damn it! Its Cole shit. "ew you fucken wish buddy ok you ruined it so stop fucken callen me!" I shouted into the phone. "Are you fucking kidding me don't talk to me like that I'll slap the shit out of you!" he screamed back. "You'll never touch me again asshole!" I yelled and hung up. I feel back into my bed my eyes filling with tears I could still feel every hit every mark he left on me like he had just done it.

Cole had been the biggest mistake of my life. I guess I wanted someone to love me so bad that I didn't see the signs; I didn't see anything for that matter. He would beat me for the dumb reasons once for texting another guy. Finally, I saw when he tried to stab me with a knife for being late to dinner, he accused me of cheating and got so pissed he just tried to kill me. I lay there face down breathing in the scent of my blanket. My day is ruined because of him, god I hate him so much it hurts! Suddenly, my phone went off again I grabbed it and hit send. "I told you to never fucken call me again!" I screamed. "Woa, hey I'm sorry about last Halloween but Jesus bell can't you get over it all ready?" asked Jake. "Oh shit I'm sorry j I…" he stopped me "Cole must have called eh I hate that fucker. Oh ya by the way I'm outside." *Click* and with that he hung up. A smile spread across my face, Jake was the best friend I needed so badly. I opened my window and Jake climbed in, the front door must hate him because he always insists on climbing the tree to my second story window.

He's a freak but I love him. When it comes to Jake I can't help but say he is hot, would I ever date him... mm I don't know. Jake has always been thin but not easy to break. Let's just say he is feared in school. His hair is always to one side and completely black (he was against me dyeing it rainbow or putting blue in it like mine). His clothes never change like mine we wear skinny jeans and black t-shirts 24/7; the only difference is our shoes he wears convers I wear high tops never converse (I can't stand converse I don't look good in them). While Jake shakes any leaves form his hair I study him taking it all in once again not believing that he is my friend. When Jake looks up his deep blue eyes meet my pale gray eyes, " So uh are you going on the trip that way?" he says looking me over. I look down confused but realize that I'm still in my t-shit and underwear. My face turns red, "sorry" I mumble going to my closet. "Don't worry I've seen you in less" he says amusement playing in his voice. I turn around to glare at him as he flops on my bed laughing. "Hurry up we don't have all day you know" he says.