At that moment I wanted him, I wanted to touch him feel is warmth take all the pain away from him. Fuck death, I know my life isn't perfect but as long as I have Jake I have a reason to live. I can move in with him forget my parents and start over. This boy who is crying over me is my life he is my savior. And that's when I knew my dissection I would rather live a sucky life with Jake by my side then die and be alone. I began to feel warm my arm more than anything. It was dark now and I willed my eyes to open. When they opened I was looking at a ceiling with Jake still sobbing on my arm. I took my other arm and lifted it touching the top of jakes head "Jake," I whispered.


I heard her I looked up and I saw those beautiful gray eyes staring at me. Bella I chocked she half smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek. "Did you hear what I said?" I asked "Every word" she smiled "I love you." As she said those three magic words she slid over. "I love you too so much." I said standing up and leaning down; as our lips met a surge of pure joy ran through my body. I climbed in bed with her lips still locked. I had found my happiness it has been with me all this time and I finally got it the one perfect thing in my life. I pulled away from her releasing her soft lips, I didn't care that her face was bruised beyond repair the smile on her face showed me the real Bella the one I'm in love with. I rested my head lightly on her shoulder, her arms wrapped around me and we laid there together nether one of us was going to let go. "Hey you can't... oh oh my god you're awake!" said the nurse a smile spreading a crossed her face. Bella looked up "Thank you Luna" she said.

One Month Later (Bella)

After that night Jake and I went home. My parents never did show up at the hospital. When we got to my house and I questioned them their only excuse was they thought it was a joke. Even though a nurse told them everything. I was so outraged that I packed my bags then and there and left with Jake, they didn't even try to stop me. Jake did as he promised and asked me to marry him. There are no words to describe that moment but I only had to say one and I did a thousand times over yes. My hair finally grew back from where they shaved it I no longer have to where my hood to hide the shame. I was almost back to normal except I had to take pills regularly to keep the clots from coming back. And every so often I have to sleep because I get such bad headaches; the doctor says I might have to deal with those for the rest of my life.

In jakes bathroom there are two straighteners sitting side by side one is mine and the other his. I'm proud to say that since we have been out of the hospital we have acquired two tickets for too loud music, although the cops didn't like me telling them it was against our religion to have it under 30. We still fight over the hot cheeto bag every now and then. But my life has taken a turn for the best; I sleep at night without a worry because I know when I wake up in the morning Jake will be right by my side like always.

"I love you Jake forever and always."

"I love you too Bella, I'll never let you go."

Maybe one day we will go on another trip but for now I'm fine with being here, wrapped in jakes arms.