Annabeth couldn't breathe. All she could think of was the last time she saw him. Sounds of footsteps tugged at the back of her head, but she paid them no mind. She watched the clouds pass as she leaned over the ship's railing. She was grateful to be alone, but there were no distractions that kept her from thinking the worst.

Annabeth was almost certain that he had found someone else or forgotten her. Who could resist someone like him? She couldn't, that was for sure. An image of him came back to her troubled, gray eyes; his messy, windblown hair, his sea-green eyes, and most of all, his smile. The charming, witty smile that sent shivers down her spine. Tears swelled up in her eyes, but she pushed them down. Someone was coming.

"Hey, Annabeth," Piper said gently. Annabeth was surprised to see her. Piper, of all people, should have known to leave her alone at a time like this, being the daughter of the goddess of love and all.

"Hey." Annabeth mumbled back. Piper examined the older girl's worried face.

"Don't worry. I bet Percy's just as nervous as you are." Piper said, her lips tugging back into a smile. Annabeth scoffed, though she knew that that was probably true. "Why are you worried so much? Why aren't you happy? This is the first time you've seen the guy in eight months."

Annabeth looked at her and felt a surge of envy. Piper didn't need to worry. She had Jason.

"Why am I not happy? Why would I be happy?" Annabeth snapped, her anger rising quicker than the ocean tide when Percy's around. "You saw what happened to Jason. He lost his memory. And Percy lost his memory, too and –and he…" Tears fell down Annabeth's face. "He forgot me."

Piper took Annabeth's hand and squeezed it. Annabeth wiped her tears and looked away, embarrassed. She couldn't believe she had broken down in front of Piper. What's happened to me? She thought miserably, what will happen to me?

"Annabeth," Piper said, "Annabeth, listen to me. Percy hasn't forgotten you. Who would forget you? You are amazing, and although I don't know Percy very well, he's a really lucky guy. I can feel his love for you."

"Five minutes until we reach our destination, Camp Jupiter!" Leo interrupted in his deep captain voice. Despite everything, Annabeth started laughing. Piper joined in and they just stood there, laughing for no particular reason, until the airship stopped abruptly.

Annabeth's eye flew wide with panic. Piper placed a hand on her friends shoulder and led her to the ladder. Jason stood there, looking out at the camp. Annabeth had been standing at the back of the ship, and had not notice it before. But now that she had, she was shocked.

It was not only a camp, but a city as well. People – adult and children demigods– ran happily around the city, doing normal stuff like getting the groceries or playing tag. Annabeth had never seen a demigod city before, and it was truly amazing. The Roman architecture was beautiful as well, and had a very clean look to it. But what really struck her were the people waiting for them. Armed guards were suited up at the ready. Archers stood with bows cocked and pointed at them. Annabeth's eyes examined the positions of the guards and decided that, from her experience of being Athena's daughter and all that, that they were definitely ready to leap into action at a moment's notice.

"Are you ready?" Piper asked, her reassuring hand still perched on Annabeth's shoulder. Jason was already climbing down the ladder. The familiar sting of panic rose up in her.

"Don't worry. I'll be right behind you." Piper smiled. Annabeth nodded and swallowed hard. Percy would be waiting for her. The stupid boyfriend that had left her all alone.

Annabeth placed a foot on the first rung and slowly began working her way down. Piper gave her a thumbs up, and started down it too. Annabeth's hands shook, and before she knew it, her shoe hit the ground with a loud thump. Taking in a deep breath, she turned around.

There he was. He was taller, but had the same eyes, hair, and smile. He wore a toga that looked really dumb on him and a purple cape. She also noticed marking's on Percy's arms. What was that about? His arms were around two kids. A well-built guy with a military haircut and a baby face, and a girl with shoulder length curly hair. Annabeth's heart panged with a twinge of jealousy.

She stood there awkwardly as Piper climbed down. Piper looked at Annabeth's white face and followed her vision.

"Is that him?" She asked. Annabeth nodded. Piper's eyes went straight to the girl. "Oh."

Annabeth had no time to reply when a girl stepped forward. She had a toga and purple cape like Percy, and had similar markings on her arms as well. Percy saw the girl and stepped away from his friends, and to her side.

"Hello, Greeks," She began to speak. "My name is-" But they didn't know in that minute what her name is, for Percy let out a little scream.

His eyes were on Annabeth's. This is it, Annabeth thought.

"Annabeth!" He gasped, and started running. Everyone's eyes went on her and a smiled broke out on her face. Before she knew it, her feet were flying across the ground, right into Percy's arms.

"Percy!" She whispered into his shoulder, his arms wrapped around her in a bear hug. Tears streamed out of her eyes. "You remembered!"

Percy released her and held her face in his sweaty, familiar hands. His thumb wiped her tears away. He leaned forward and gently brushed his lips to hers. The sweetness of the kiss brought another wave of tears to Annabeth. And Percy smiled down at her.

"I'll never forget you, Annabeth. And don't you forget that." He kissed her nose and hugged her again. Annabeth sniffled happily.

"And I'll never forget you, Seaweed Brain." She smiled and pulled away. She slapped him in the face. "That's for leaving me, you lump."

And he laughed. They both laughed. It was a wondrous harmony of laughs that filled the air with the feeling of happiness, despite the growing tension between the Greeks and Romans. A woman cleared her throat harshly

Annabeth looked up and saw the girl in the purple cape glare at them first, then Jason second. Annabeth realized she had forgotten about everything else, including Jason, and felt a pang of guilt.

"As I was saying," She said her voice a flickering flame of anger. "My name is Reyna, praetor of Camp Jupiter. I believe we would all like it if you explained to us just why you dare coming into our land." Reyna motioned to the Romans behind her.

"What's her problem?" Annabeth whispered to Percy. He swallowed uncomfortably.

"She, uh…" He trailed off. Annabeth examined Percy's face. He smiled nervously. Annabeth sighed.

"What? Tell me! I won't get mad." She replied, quietly. Percy gave her a look. "I promise! Gods." She added. Percy sighed.

"She made me praetor and asked to be my girlfriend." Percy muttered.

"What?" Annabeth shrieked, interrupting Reyna's droning speech about Greeks and Romans "Why in Olympus would she do that?" Reyna's glare switched back to Annabeth, which Annabeth happily returned.