I hope you got my note and enjoyed Violet! I have to say a few things before we start: 1) I know Reyna didn't directly ask Percy to be her boyfriend, but we all know how Percy tends to blurt things out. And he knew that Reyna was implying that. 2) I also know that Jason's/Piper's relationship was created by the mist and their relationship isn't real, but remember that Jason's new and old selves are fighting. His new self is based on that mist and the quest brought them really close. 3) I forgot about Argentum and Aurum! I'm sorry! I'll fix it! 4) Jason knew Dakota; he was just describing him as a boy with a red-stained mouth… Right? 5) That's all my author babble! Story time kids! Kids: YAY! Stories!

Percy! :D

"Now, who has any ideas about Hera's prophecy?" Reyna asked, settling herself in her praetor chair. Aurum and Argentum watched all the people suspiciously, waiting for someone to slip up. Reyna was the only one that looked comfortable in a toga. Since it was a formal meeting, everyone had to wear one. Percy couldn't stop laughing at Annabeth in her bed sheet toga. Annabeth shot him a constant Evil Eye. And her Evil Eye was crazy evil.

Jason raised a hand. "The first line is about Camp Half-Blood, because that's the foreign land." He said quietly. Percy was surprised. This Zeus kid was actually pretty smart. Not that Percy hadn't figured that out, he was one step ahead of him.

"Rachel Elizabeth Dare sent me an Iris Message this during breakfast." He stated, as Annabeth quietly explained what an Iris Message was. "She said there was a new demigod that joined Camp Half-Blood last night. She's the daughter of Dionysus, or Bacchus, to you Romans. Her name is Violet. Now, Reyna, can you repeat the last two lines for us?" Percy continued, ending the question by looking down and picking lint off his toga.

Reyna held up the napkin with the prophecy. "And the hellion that starts the rebellion; of twisting violet vines."

"Can we all make the connection?" Percy probed. Everyone nodded.

"No duh, Seaweed Brain." Annabeth snapped playfully. "I say we leave the girl alone, but keep a close eye on her. We don't know if the hellion that starts the rebellion is her specifically."

"Anyone else have anything else to add before I continue?" Reyna enquired. No one said anything. "I don't think we have much to worry about. I sent a daughter of Diana there the second I heard that the Greeks were coming."

"Wait… did you just say a daughter of Diana? As in Artemis? The goddess of maidens? How in the world does she have a daughter?" Piper stared at her, confused.

"It's a long story; anyway, she is my most trusted legacy. If she's there, we're okay." Reyna said. Hazel gave her a curious look. She and Frank were there because Percy had requested that the complete seven were there.

"Are you talking about Luna? The girl with the dark auburn hair that was always braided?" Hazel frowned as though in thought and Reyna nodded. "I didn't know she was the offspring of Diana."

Percy was thinking about all this. Auburn hair, Diana… Who has auburn hair? Weird… Wait… auburn… aw burn… Artemis… OH! "One auburn moon burns dew! Of course!" Percy exclaimed, smacking himself in the head. "Ow! I smacked myself too hard."

"What now?" Annabeth sighed.

"Calm down, Wise Girl! You say this Loony person has auburn hair and she's the daughter of Artemis?" Percy asked excitedly.

"Her name is Luna not Loony, but yes." Reyna replied.

"Artemis is the goddess of the moon right?" Percy grinned. "One auburn moon! That must be her!"

"No, Luna wouldn't start the rebellion." Frank crossed his arms stubbornly. "I know her."

"We thought the same thing about Luke." Annabeth murmured. Percy nodded.

"Anyway, pushing that aside, Jason and I have decided to wait for Gaea's forces to come to us, and not us go to them. For now, we train and get ready." Reyna announced.

"I disagree. We need to find out more about the enemy. We have to scout." Annabeth said.

"We have to build better weapons! Duh!" Leo munched on his beef jerky.

"We have to find Nico!" Hazel suggested.

"Guys, guys, guys!" Piper calmed them down, doing damage control. "We need to everything as a team. We can't spread ourselves too thin."

"How about we do what all of us do best? Leo, you build. Annabeth, you and Reyna strategize. Piper, go tell the rest of Camp Jupiter the news. Frank, you train lots of archers, we'll need them, and Hazel, do whatever it is you do. Jason and I will do some scouting-ish stuff. Okay?" Percy said. Everyone nodded. "Good, now go."

When everyone had cleared out except Annabeth and Reyna, who were pointing at a map, Percy took Jason to the top of the aqueduct.

"Good job, Percy. You're a really good leader." Jason complimented as they climbed up the aqueduct. "I wish I was like that."

"Nah. You don't want to be like me. I'm usually about to die and all I have is a pen." Percy replied, sitting down on top of the aqueduct. Jason gave him a look.

"A pen?" He asked.

"Yep. And it doesn't even have glowing magical purple ink. What a shame. I once had a pen like that. I named it Ralph." Percy sighed, thinking about Ralph.

"Ralph the Pen?" Jason laughed. "You brought me up here to tell me about Ralph the Pen?"

"Not exactly. We haven't really talked, just the two of us. Well, we sorta did… with the Piper thing…" Percy trailed off. It had been an awkward night. All the boys had given Jason some girl advice and helped him plan what to say to Piper.

"Let's not bring that up." Jason bit off a hangnail nervously. "How do we do scout-ish stuff? I was thinking maybe I could talk to some wind spirits. See if they know anything."

Percy nodded, running a hand through the aqueduct water. "That's what's I was thinking. I could ask some sharks and horses and fish and barnacles. You know what?"

"What?" Jason replied, watching people pass underneath them.

"I was just wondering if you could fly." Percy said. Jason opened his mouth to answer, but Percy gave him a push. Jason fell headfirst towards the ground. Percy clenched his hand, feeling the power of the water beside him. "I hope you're not afraid of heights!"

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