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This is kinda based off my life . . . since I just moved . . . and it sucks. Well, enjoy!

Ikuto: 18

Kukai: 18

Nagihiko: 18

Kairi: 18

Amu: 17

Utau: 17

Yaya: 17

Rima: 17

Amu's parents don't do the 'cool and spicy' thing with her.

Chapter 1

Amu's POV

"Here it is!" Papa cried loudly, bursting through the door.

I silently walked, ignoring Papa, into the view of the small house. The kitchen was right in front of us and the laundry room was on the right. I'm guessing it attached to the garage. There were two rooms on the left and one big room on the right. It disgusted me. But I just smiled.

"I love it, Papa."

"It's what we paid for." Mama sighed, but Papa didn't hear.

"I knew it! This house is perfect for my two little girls!"

Papa grabbed our luggage and put them each in our rooms. "There! You can decorate your rooms as much as you want!"

Ami skipped into hers happily but I just walked in, locked the door, and crawled into bed. Then, I started crying. When will this nightmare be over?

When, I found out that I was moving, it was the middle of summer and I suffered the burden alone. I was the same with all my friends, but cried every night. It was painful. My best friends never knew. The night I was leaving, I finally told them, resulting to the saddest get-together ever. I told them to only tell those who asked, and to never just announce it out.

Then, there was Ikuto, my boyfriend. He was also the most popular guy at school and since I was his girlfriend, I was renowned as the school "slut", but he always loved me in the most sincere way, regardless of how many girls he had been with before me.

I never told him I was leaving. I never even saw him over the summer. All I did was text him. Not even a single phone call was made. I thought I would just break-down if I ever saw him, knowing that soon, he would not be in my life anymore.

Right before I boarded my plane, I mustered up my courage and called him, right before school started. I whispered the words "I love you" and heard the words repeat back to me. It made me happy, knowing I could let him know how I feel about him, even if he thinks this call was trivial, or the last one he would ever have with me.

I hung up, tears streaming down my cheeks. I took one last look at my surroundings, at my "home", and tossed my phone in the trash can. Then, I boarded my plane, keeping my eyes shut the minute I sat down. I couldn't take this anymore.

I took a deep sigh and fell asleep, cuddling a small blue cat, the last gift Ikuto gave me.

~The End~

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