So, this is my first ever Harry Potter fic. Understandably, I'm a little nervous about posting :P Basically, I've been Harry Potter obsessed ever since I was young and I used to make extra characters and stuff in my head. One of these has stuck with me pretty much all the time and I've finally got round to writing some stories about her. The character is eventually Sirius Black's wife and they eventually have some little Blackletts :P

Her name is Louise McKinnon (one of the wizarding families mentioned by Hagrid in the Philosopher's Stone), she was at Hogwarts with the Marauders and Lily and Snape and all that crew. This is going to be a series of mostly unconnected one-shots interpreting her into the Harry Potter stories. I think most of them will be set before Harry was born but I might have a couple set during the series itself. Obviously the little Blackletts are friends with Harry and Hermione and Ron XD A lot of my first one's will probably be ripped of the chapter 'A Prince's Tale' in the Deathly Hallows. Anyway, I'm super nervous about this so please give it a read and review- love you.

I own nothing except my Louise- the Mighty Jo Ro owns all and I am just borrowing her words of genius.

'Come on Severus, let's find another compartment' Lily and Snape walked out of the door, Snape narrowly avoiding James Potter's outstretched foot. As they turned into the corridor they walked straight into a small group of first-year girls, who squealed and hastily adjusted their clothing on noticing that Snape was a boy. One girl at the front rolled her eyes and stepped forward.

'Ignore them. They're on a pumpkin pasty sugar rush' the girl smiled, tossing her blank ringlets over her shoulder 'I'm Louise McKinnon. This is Mary McDonald and Samantha Bone' she held a hand out, eyeing Lily and Snape expectantly.

'I'm Lily Evans and this is Severus Snape' Lily matched the girl's smile with one of her own and shook her hand. Snape smiled a little nervously, still warily watching the giggling girls behind Louise 'Are you first-years too?' Lily asked, letting go of the girl's hand.

'Yep' Louise gave her a slightly nervous grin 'Do you have a compartment? You look lost'

'No, some arrogant boys chucked us out of ours. Well, actually we left' Snape interjected 'Nonsense about purebloods and muscles, idiots. They were only our age'

'I bet I know who that is' Louise made a face 'You're welcome to go and sit in ours, if you can stand the giggling' with that, she marched off down the corridor in the direction Lily and Snape had just come from.

'Oi Potter' she slammed open the door to the compartment being occupied by the future Marauders 'What do you think you're doing? Where do you get off, bullying my friends on the first day of term?' James looked up and just grinned.

'You alright Lou? I thought I heard your voice of a nightingale down the corridor' he sat up and patted the seat beside him. Louise made a noise of contempt.

'I don't think so Potter. Don't think I'm coming anywhere near you, just cos your Mummy told you to look after me or whatever. And leave my friends alone!' with that, she slammed the door shut again and shot off back down the corridor.

Sirius sat up and wolf-whistled as James grinned after her.

'Who's she, Potter?' Sirius gave the retreating figure a look of approval 'Whoever she is, you don't seem to be in her good books'

'Nah, she fancies me really' said James with a cocky grin 'Our mums are third cousins or something, I dunno'

'Proper wizarding family then' Sirius grinned back at him 'You'd better introduce me when we get to Hogwarts'

Okay, so really nervous about posting! I have a few more written so if I get any review or anything I'll post.