Sorry, haven't updated any of my Louise fics in a while. Hopefully will be back on track now. Hope you enjoy this chapter. For new readers, Louise McKinnon is my OC, same age as the potters, Marauders etc. and Sirius Black's eventual one and only ;)

Another seventh year fic but a very fluffy one. Like candyfloss.

'For God's sake!' Louise McKinnon growled in frustration as she flopped down on her bed in the Gryffindor girls' dormitory. Her friends rolled their eyes and sighed, practically simultaneously. That wasn't surprising; having to deal with Louise's moods was a pretty regular occurrence for the seventh year Gryffindor girls.

'Shall we be really annoying and not ask her what's wrong?' Mary McDonald asked with a mischievous grin on her face.

'Oh no, I'm absolutely ecstatic at the thought of having to spend my Friday night listen to Lou whine on about Fabian Prewett' Samantha Bone rolled her eyes again as she settled herself on the end of Louise's bed 'Come on then, what is it this time?' The two girls readied themselves for the inevitable; a long-winded story about Louise's latest flame that would end up with her angrily sobbing on their shoulders as she stuffed as many chocolate frogs as her stomach could hold inside her.

It came as a surprise to both of them however, when Louise let out a tiny sob that sounded genuinely heartfelt and held out a smallish piece of parchment to them. Both girls leaned forward but before they could reach for the letter, they were interrupted by the dormitory door banging open. They were met with the sight of Lily Evans standing bright-eyed in the doorway, her cheeks flushed and her face glowing. She grinned brightly at them all and then twirled into the room and leapt onto her bed. This ruined her elegant entrance however, as she landed and fell immediately onto the floor with a muffled 'Oomph!' Scrambling up, Lily managed to maintain her posture for as long as it took to announce:

'I'm going on a date with James! He asked me, actually asked me! I thought I was going to have to bite the bullet and do it myself because he was being such an arsehole about it but he actually asked me!' Lily's face was radiant with happiness and Samantha and Mary couldn't help but smile back at her instantaneously. But Louise didn't even raise her head, still burying it in her pillow, now clutching the parchment to her chest. On seeing her best friend curled up in a ball shaking with tiny sobs, the smile fell from Lily's face. 'Lou?... Aren't you pleased for me?' Lily's voice became slightly more timid as she took a step closer to her best friend's bed.

Suddenly Louise reared her head up, her face angry and her eyes flashing. Mary and Samantha exchanged a quick look and seemed to decide as one body to exit the room as quickly as possible. When the door had slammed behind them, Louise let out an angry little chuckle.

'Yeah Lil, I'm bloody ecstatic for you. Getting to go on a date with precious Potter while I'm stuck here all by myself. Some best friend you are' practically snarling at Lily, Louise clutched the parchment closer to her chest.

'I..I thought you were meeting Fabian..?' Lily was by no means a pushover but she knew too well the might of her best friend's acidic tongue and also the likelihood of a cushion or possibly something as heavy as a crystal ball getting chucked in the direction of her head at any point in a conversation such as this.

'So did I. Until he decided that I'm too young for him and he'd rather have it off with some blonde harlot, the barmaid in the Three Broomsticks or some whore like her. And was kind enough to tell my by letter' Louise's face had twisted itself into a rather scary sarcastic smile. Lily winced sympathetically and opened her mouth to speak words of comfort but the dark-haired witch cut her off, her voice dramatically raising 'So now the man I loved, the man I gave my virginity to, the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with, has left me and now you're leaving me too. Thanks Lils, thanks a lot'

Lily tried to interrupt with the words 'Well, you weren't exactly a virgin...' but Louise talked over her, dismissing Lily's words with a wave of her arm.

'That time in the Astronomy Tower with Tony Macmillan doesn't count, we only did it standing up. Lily, this is my hour of need- are you not going to be here for me?' Lily only just refrained from rolling her eyes. She loved Louise like a sister but there was no doubt she was a goddamn drama queen. Hour of need, indeed. She'd done some pretty heavy petting with a boy who was far too old for her anyway and now he'd done something sensible and broken it off. In no way was that an hour of need. Anyway (not that she'd ever, ever say so to anyone) Louise would probably be knocking it off with somebody else by next Tuesday anyway, after skiving Monday's lessons because of her 'broken heart'.

'Sorry Lou, but I can't' Lily tried as hard as possible to keep the cheeriness and sympathy in her voice as she smiled at her best friend 'I don't want to be selfish but this is something really important for me. If it was any other time, of course I'd stay but…' she let her voice trail off, shrugging helplessly. Louise narrowed her eyes but didn't reply. She let her angry gaze linger on the redhead until Lily started to shift uncomfortably. Still she didn't say anything, just kept staring and staring at Lily.



'Fine!' Louise suddenly burst out, making Lily jump a foot in the air 'Fine! Just go to Hogsmead with Potter! Get married, have very vanilla missionary sex, have three babies and a cat! Just never talk to me again!' she swung her legs round as she stood up and grabbed the bottle of Firewhisky secreted under her bed, flouncing from the room with an almighty crash. Lily sighed but made no attempt to stop her leaving. Instead, she went over to Louise's bed and picked up the piece of parchment that her friend had grasped so tightly. Furtively, she began to read.

After making her dramatic exit from her dormitory, Louise stormed down the stairs into the Gryffindor common room. Muttering angrily to herself, she flopped into a chair and took a fairly big gulp of the Firewhiskey in her hand.

'Oi, shut up' the gruff voice was quiet but Louise still jumped four feet in the air 'I'm trying to work and I don't want you PMTing'

Sirius Black was scowling slightly across at her, dark hair sweeping over his face as he bent over a long, ink-splodged roll of parchment.

'I'm not PMTing. I'm having the worst day of my life, actually' Louise made a face at him, finishing off her sentence with a dramatic sigh. Sirius rolled his eyes but put his quill down to look at her anyway.

'Interesting story or not?' he leant back in his chair, folding his arms as he tapped his foot expectantly. Immediately jumping at the chance, Louise launched into her story. Adding a few dramatic embellishments for good measure, she didn't stop until she'd told Sirius every tiny detail. When she finished, she looked up at him, expecting sympathy. To her surprise, his face was spread in a big grin.

'I don't blame him. You're bloody scary. And you're seventeen, he's... what? Twenty five?' he shrugged with a chuckle. Louise made a high pitched noise of dissent, whacking him over the head with a pillow angrily.

'You. Are. A. Bastard' she growled, trying to smother his head as he chuckled and grabbed at her wrists 'Anyway... That's not even the reason' Louise's voice took on a defensive tone 'He just doesn't fancy me. He prefers that blonde tart who works at the pub in Hogsmeade'

'I think you've had too much Firewhisky, Lou' Sirius nodded at the bottle clutched in Louise's hand, half-hidden under the table 'You're not especially to my taste but half the lads in our year spend most of their dream time fucking you in some way or another. Even James fancied you before he set his sights on Lily. So if that's true, Prewett needs his eyes testing' he shrugged again, that self-assured grin still on his face. Louise tried her best but couldn't keep a slight smirk from her face as she edged closer to him.

'Why, like what you see, Black?' as cocky and smug she tried to make her voice sound, there was a note of something like real panic in her voice, almost desperation.

'You daft trollop' Sirius gave an amused sigh and leant his head in with a gentle scoop.


The kiss was surprisingly gentle, just a hint of roughness with the scraggly stubble on the teenage boy's face. He broke away all too soon for Louise's liking, grinning slightly.

'Feel better?' he smirked, pleased with himself. She growled and pulled him immediately in for another kiss.