I have never been good with words, being who I am

Act first, talk second

But meeting you, this loose pasta plate of a brain of mine, I can finally give it a try

Knowing that someone saw me as a hero, not a weirdo or a freak

I can walk on water with your words of care and understanding

When the word demon leaves your lips, its not hate that echos from this body

Through all my life, I wanted to be something else, something that could wanted on this planet

But if anything, I would want to be your dark prince

And only yours

You'd said before that love can be unknown or hardly ever there

Well, what if today, not tomorrow or any time after that, I became your Night Watcher

Keeping you safe from demons that would only harm you, my angel

And as my angel I have only give theses words to you: "I love you"

No one will ever come and take them from you

For I, will ever be you dark prince, your Night Watcher as you walk the same streets as me

To the day I leave this world, this is only for you

I love you, my angel of the night