On One Condition

By Spunky0ne

(Hello Aizen/Bya lovers! I recently realized how badly I had been neglecting you, and so I decided to give you a special treat…my first new Aizen/Bya story in quite a while. I will also continue the others already in progress, but I thought up this love story and just had to get it out there. It is AU and it is actually more of an exploration of these two complex characters than action oriented…although they will face a serious threat as the story goes on. But the focus of the story is on an unlikely pair who are brought together in an unusual way, and have to navigate an emotional minefield as they slowly discover the truth of each other. Enjoy! Love Spunky )

Chapter 1: The Bastardizing of Love

"Do you, Aizen Sousuke, take Kuchiki Byakuya to be your lawfully wedded spouse, to have and to hold from this day forward? For better of for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, will you love, honor and cherish him for all the days of your lives?"

Aizen smiled at the lovely noble, who stood facing him, pale hands held lightly in his. He admired the beautiful kimono that graced his slender body…an angelic body about to be made his, and marveled at the turn his life had taken.

"I will."

Byakuya looked back at him with a lost, almost vulnerable expression, still grappling with how his own life had been upended, and he had ended up being married to the devil himself. He managed to stand quietly and to give the appropriate responses, but inside, his heart was in torment.

"And do you, Kuchiki Byakuya, take Aizen Sousuke to be your lawfully wedded spouse, to have and to hold from this day forward? For better of for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, will you love, honor and cherish him for all the days of your lives?"

His mind drifted back to that morning…how it had begun in the normal way, meeting Rukia for breakfast on the patio in the gardens, enjoying a slow walk to the waterfall, then walking on to work, where Renji greeted him with a cup of hot tea, the morning report, and a friendly smile. Everything had been going as was expected until the urgent message from Soutaichou arrived. He and Renji had both been called, and all of the taichous and fukutaichous had gathered. And when Soutaichou had told them why they were gathered, a heavy shock had stricken all of them…but most especially Byakuya.

"I have just received a communiqué from Central 46…a direct order signed by his royal majesty, Yoshiaki. The king and Central 46 relayed to me that for several months now, they and the Royal Guard have been working to avoid a disaster that threatens to end our worlds. A disruption in the spiritual core of our worlds has caused a dangerous destabilization that will quickly bring about the end of everything we fight to protect. At first the king and Central 46 sought to repair the damage, but as they made their attempts, it became clear that it was beyond their ability to do so. Simply put, there was no one…not even the king, whose powers were sufficient to enter the spiritual core and bring it back into balance. They embarked upon a search to try to find another way to deal with the situation, but came up with nothing. So…it seems that we are forced to contemplate something unspeakable. Central 46 was able to identify only one shinigami who could do this thing…Aizen Sousuke."

The gathered taichous and fukutaichous gasped in dismay as Aizen stepped into the room and took a place alongside Soutaichou.

"We are all aware of what happened in the past, but our choices being to work with this man or to see our worlds end, we are forced to make this concession. Central 46 made the official request, which Aizen has accepted…on one condition. I will allow him to explain."

Aizen smiled, and his eyes touched Byakuya's for a moment, sending a soft shiver of foreboding down his spine.

"I will admit that I was somewhat tempted to refuse Central 46's request," Aizen said calmly, "If for no reason other than I would be all that survived the destruction. But as I considered the matter, I found that I preferred a somewhat different path. To be honest, I never wanted so much to rule the worlds as to find a comfortable place within them. But my vast powers drew so much suspicion and hatred that I felt pushed into a position where I had to act as I did. But I began to wonder, if perhaps it wasn't control I sought, but comfort. And so the conclusion I came to is that comfort in the worlds as they exist is the much more attractive offer. However, there is still the matter of my powers, and the perception of me. So to make it fair, I asked for one condition on my agreement to assist. I made three requests, which the king has ordered to be honored…one now and the other two when I have successfully completed my task."

He paused and his eyes swept around the room and came to rest on Byakuya again.

"The king has promised that, in return for taking action to save our worlds, he will first, commute my sentence and free me. Secondly, I shall be given a 'clean slate' and no one among the shinigamis, humans or hollows will remember what led to my being incarcerated."

He paused as a shockwave ran through the gathered officers, then smiled again and continued.

"The final agreement, and the one that will take place now is that in return for my assistance, I will be, by royal order, given the right to choose a life partner from among the noble clans. And the noble I choose…is Kuchiki Byakuya."

"I will," Byakuya said softly.

"Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you partners in life, bonded in love, with the blessing of Yoshiaki, our esteemed king. You may now share a kiss as a token of your affection."

Byakuya closed his eyes as Aizen turned and cupped his cheek with a surprisingly gentle hand.

"Open your eyes. I want to see them when we kiss."

He forced his eyes to open and meet the other man's and held dutifully still as Aizen's lips captured and warmly possessed his. He caught a breath of Aizen's pleasant scent and felt the man's mouth smiling against his…and he wanted to kill him.

If not for what fate the three worlds would then meet…

Aizen's head tilted, and his tongue pushed into the noble's mouth. Never having partaken of such deep kissing with his late wife, Byakuya was soundly shocked. He managed to remain still as Aizen's tongue not-so-gently explored him, then retreated.

"I present to you, for the first time…Aizen Sousuke and Aizen Byakuya."

If the kiss hadn't been shocking enough, the loss of his family name was even worse…

"Now then," Aizen said, looking into his new spouse's widened eyes, "I will attend to the problem in the spiritual core of our worlds…and when I return, I will come to Kuchiki Manor…for the consummation of our marriage."

He took Byakuya's startled lips again in a last, powerful kiss that left the noble's legs weak, then flash stepped away with a group of the king's guards. As they disappeared, King Yoshiaki approached Byakuya and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"I am sorry to have had to ask this of you," he said apologetically, "Had there been any choice, we certainly would never have done this."

"I understand," said Byakuya, nodding, "I could not be so selfish as to doom our worlds to that kind of ending if there was something I could do to save them."

"But I understand this will be difficult for you. I can only poorly express my gratitude, and offer you the comfort of knowing that we are forever in your debt. Through your selflessness, our worlds will stabilize, and…the hougyoku will be destroyed in the process. Also…all knowledge of the hougyoku and how to create it will disappear. Aizen will still be a powerful shinigami, but he will no longer have transcendent powers. The fact that the others around you will not remember his past actions will bring some comfort to you, in that there will be no backlash for his indiscretions. You will proceed from this moment forward in peace. All will be as though his betrayal had not occurred."

"Yes, your majesty," Byakuya said softly.

The king released his shoulder, but continued to look into his eyes.

"Byakuya," he said quietly, "All will be well. I have ensured that. Trust me, and be at peace."

"I will, my lord," Byakuya replied solemnly, then he watched silently as the king opened a royal senkaimon and he and his entourage passed through it to return to the spirit dimension.

He stood in the, now quiet gardens of his home, his dark eyes blinking slowly and the full weight of what he had done sinking in.

"Nii-sama?" Rukia's voice said softly from behind him, "Are you all right?"

He paused for a moment, then turned and looked down at her calmly.

"I am fine," he told her, "Go now. You have an assignment to see to. I will speak with you upon your return. Be safe, Rukia."

Rukia sighed sadly.

"I will," she promised.

He remained where he was, his eyes rising to the skies as they darkened and slowly the stars and moon came into view.

It is a lovely night…too lovely for what will likely happen when he returns.

"Torio," he said, raising his voice only slightly.

"Yes sir?"

"I will require your assistance in preparing me for my husband's return."

"Of course, Kuchiki-sama," the youth replied.

Byakuya turned his eyes to the moon, wondering how long he had left, before Aizen appeared again.

How selfish am I to entertain the desire, even for a moment, to see him fail and to have the worlds just end?


Byakuya turned to face the garden doors as a flash step sounded outside his bedroom, and he felt Aizen's presence. He wondered for a moment at the weakened state of the man's reiatsu, but hadn't time to consider it deeply as Aizen appeared in the doorway and their eyes met. The first thing that struck him was the pain in the man's expression. While he had known that yielding up the hougyoku to bring the spiritual core back into balance would take a toll, he was oddly affected to see weakness in this man as never before…to see him stagger slightly as he entered the room.

"Are you all right, sir?" asked the attendant that Byakuya had assigned to him, his voice showing an unusual amount of concern for a man so hated.

So this means that his past has been forgotten. But if so…then…why do I remember?

"I am fine, Koji," Aizen assured the youth, dismissing him.

But as Koji left the room and Aizen started forward, he staggered again and started to fall. Mostly out of simple reflex, Byakuya caught him as he collapsed and eased him into bed, then taking a steadying breath, he slipped into bed beside him. Wordlessly, he leaned over his new spouse, examining him briefly for signs of injury and then gently infusing his body with healing reiatsu.

"Thank you, Byakuya," Aizen said wearily.

He saw then that the noble's eyes were fastened on his bare chest and nodded briefly.

"It is gone, yes," he said quietly, "And in truth, I am glad to be rid of it. I did not realize when I created the hougyoku that it would possess such a strong will. It was a great struggle to control it."

"May I ask you something, Aizen taichou?"

"Please, Byakuya," Aizen said, giving him a tired smile, "I am pleased to have been returned to my place as fifth division taichou, but we are married, and we should call each other by name."

"Sousuke…I have noticed since you arrived that the attendants appear to have forgotten your past misdeeds, as per the king's promise. But…you seem to remember, as do I. Why is that?"

Aizen let out a soft breath.

"I must admit that I was concerned that his majesty might not honor his promises if I allowed myself to forget the past, so I insisted on that part."

"But why do I also remember?"

Aizen smiled and offered him a chaste kiss on the lips.

"Because misery loves company," he said flippantly.

Byakuya sensed that there was more to the situation than what he was saying, but he let the matter drop and returned to healing his new husband. Aizen rested quietly, enjoying the powerful touch of Byakuya's strong reiatsu. He sensed uncertainty and dislike under the noble's calm expression, but it was to be expected under the circumstances. He wondered briefly if he should have allowed Byakuya, too, to be relieved of the past, but decided that he rather enjoyed the honesty of emotion, even if it was, at present, decidedly negative, and he wanted to have a feel for the moment when the attractive noble finally fell for him…if it should ever happen. It looked unlikely as things were, but Aizen found himself somewhat encouraged by Byakuya's gentle actions and calm acceptance of his new reality.

He looked more than a little less certain as Aizen sat up in the bed, and wrapped a hand around one slender wrist, stopping the healing. He met the noble's questioning gray eyes, then leaned forward and pressed his lips to Byakuya's. The noble's body stiffened, and his eyes closed, but he did not resist as Aizen plunged into his mouth, pulling him close and continuing the deep exploration he had begun before. He let out a clipped gasp as Aizen's hand loosed the ties on their clothing and slowly bared their skin. Byakuya's eyes opened, but remained lowered, and his pale skin flushed as Aizen raked the noble's pale, perfect flesh with his eyes, then placed a hand on his naked thigh and leaned forward to kiss him again.

Byakuya took a hissing breath and pulled away as Aizen's hand touched his hardening member. He remained on the bed, but his eyes looked oddly panicked and his breath shortened noticeably. Aizen sighed and observed him quietly for a moment.

"You have never been to bed with a man, ne?" he asked, already expecting he knew what he would hear.

He was taken by surprise at what issued from the noble's pretty lips.

"I am…untouched."

"By men?" Aizen asked.

Byakuya let out a soft breath and looked into Aizen's eyes.


Aizen frowned in confusion.

"But you were married…"

Byakuya was silent for a moment, then he lowered his eyes.

"I married her, knowing that she was terminally ill, and we never had relations. It was not something I made known, as the elders of my clan did not support my decision to marry her, and they would have annulled my marriage if they had learned of it."

"I see," said Aizen, "Then you offer me a greater wedding gift than I expected. I am very grateful, Byakuya."

He offered the anxious noble a comforting smile that only seemed to further unsettle him. He moved forward and wrapped his arms around Byakuya, bringing their bodies into close contact.

"Sousuke," Byakuya said, stopping him as he came in for another kiss, "Why did you ask for this? For me?"

Aizen paused and looked into the noble's smoky eyes.

"I was tired of being alone."

"But…why me?"

He thought for a long moment, his eyes playing over the noble's lovely flesh, the pleasant scent of sakura piquing his senses, and the powerful feel of Byakuya's strong reiatsu enveloping him.

He sighed and brought a hand to the noble's face.

"It had to be someone strong enough to offer some challenge, someone pleasing to the eyes and enticing to the senses. I needed a mate who was complex enough to be interesting…and I will admit, I was always intrigued by you. You are a quiet, solitary person, Byakuya. And I entertained the thought that maybe…perhaps you might also benefit from a union with me."

"Hmmm," the noble muttered, eyeing him skeptically, "I see. Well, you have maneuvered your way into my life and into my bed now. I will not resist you. But I will tell you that I have no desire to be with you. I loved my wife, and despite her death, I have no wish for another lover. I will honor my commitment to lie with you, but I will not lie and say that I love you…because I do not. And I do not ever see that happening."

"I did not ask you to love me. I only asked you to marry me," Aizen answered calmly, "When you surrender your heart to me, Byakuya, I want to know that I have genuinely conquered you."

He didn't wait for the noble's sarcastic reply, but lunged forward and brought the startled man down onto his back. He met the flaring eyes unblinking, and took possession of a mouth that seethed beneath his. His hot length settled against Byakuya's softer member, teasing it to life as he moved his hips and rubbed the two together. He let his hands roam the noble's body, sliding along the soft, pleasant curves, learning and teasing the sensitive places, and riling the man beneath him until Byakuya both writhed from the rising pleasure and struggled to pull away.

He wet his fingers in his own mouth, sensing that the displeased noble's mouth was not a place he wanted them to enter, as he might not get them back. He attacked the soft, white flesh of Byakuya's throat and licked and sucked at his erect, pink nipples to distract him as he brought his wet fingers to the noble's tight, virgin entrance. Byakuya flinched and his eyes flashed as one finger touched him.

"Relax," Aizen told him quietly, "I am only preparing you so that intercourse will not be painful for you."

Byakuya met his eyes malevolently, but his body relaxed enough to allow penetration. He made a sound of discomfort and disgust as Aizen's finger penetrated him, but quieted gradually as Aizen slid the wet digit in and out of him, and kissed his way down the noble's soft, white belly. He followed the trail of fine, black hairs down to a thick nest of curls, and the now fully erect arousal that rose out of it. Byakuya gasped as he kissed the leaking head and tasted the pearly fluid. He quivered sweetly as Aizen's mouth descended on his length and didn't react at all to the introduction of a second finger to his slowly relaxing bottom. The noble's eyes went hazy and gradually began to lose their anger, and his hips pushed upward to more deeply penetrate his spouse's marauding mouth. Aizen smirked around Byakuya's flushed member, sucking hard and pushing his fingers into the sensitive cluster of nerves inside him. Byakuya gave a gasping cry and released violently into Aizen's hungry mouth, his body shuddering beautifully as he gave himself over to the pleasure. He lay panting and shaking softly, his flushed skin damp with sweat as Aizen parted his unresisting thighs and took position between them.

He didn't take the noble right away, but returned to his mouth, giving him the first, exotic taste of his own passions. He expected that such a thing might cause a negative reaction, but Byakuya simply went perfectly still as his mouth was invaded, then moaned softly and stroked Aizen's invading tongue with his own, oddly aroused by the taste of himself on the other man's lips and tongue. Aizen smiled warmly and welcomed the noble's attentions as he pushed a third finger inside him and hastily finished preparing him. He slid his fingers out of the noble and positioned himself at Byakuya's entrance, still busying his mouth with wet, deep kisses. Byakuya winced and pulled his mouth away from Aizen's as the other man's member touched his entrance.

"Relax, I will move slowly," Aizen said, moving his hips and flinching as Byakuya's fingernails dug into his shoulders.

There was, he found something deeply erotic about the way Byakuya's eyes widened and darkened notably as he was taken. Aizen's cock twitched fitfully in response to the sight, and he closed his eyes and took a calming breath to re-establish control over himself. But the noble's heavy, panting moans as he began thrusting ignited him inside, and he felt that control slipping away again. He wrapped a hand around Byakuya's, once again thickened member, pumping it relentlessly as he deepened his thrusts and felt climax approaching. He held himself in check long enough to have the satisfaction of driving Byakuya's body into a second quaking release as his body seized and he filled his new lover with his blazing seed. Byakuya made a guttural sound that fell somewhere between pain and ecstasy, then fell still beneath Aizen, his dark eyes sparking and fluttering dazedly.

Aizen let his cock slide out of the noble and dropped down beside him. He tried to pull Byakuya into his arms, but merely sighed resignedly and released him again when the noble pulled away. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, a contented smile on his face.

Because as much as Byakuya's resistance might annoy him, it was far better than being bound and powerless. It was better than being alone.

Yes, for the moment, I have what I need to content myself. It would seem I am happy. But I know better than to allow my guard to fall away entirely. As much as the king has given his word that no one will remember what happened before and that I can proceed with my life without fear, I know better. Treachery exists in all places. And the ones who trust blindly are the ones who die soonest. I must remain wary…