Chapter 11: Manipulations

"You are insane!" Byakuya hissed furiously, as his bound hands were drawn upward until he was dragged onto his knees, "And just because you have a death wish doesn't mean you have to drag me into this too! Remember, I will be that man's consort if you die! And while I don't want to believe he would really harm me, he was deranged enough to take my voice and vision! I don't want to consider what else he might deprive me of!"

Aizen smiled and pulled the tumbled hair away from one pale shoulder, sending shivers down the angry noble's spine as he ran his tongue languidly up the length of Byakuya's graceful, white neck, while teasing his nipples, then sliding a hand down over the finely shaped breast and slender belly, lingering inside his navel, then following the trail of fine, black hairs down to his blossoming member. Byakuya took a flustered breath as he felt something tighten around the base of his erection.

"Bastard!" he gasped, pulling on the restraints and leaning away, "What are you doing?"

"I was noticing something," Aizen said, teasing the noble's pale throat with his hot breath until it wore a pretty blush, "You go on and on about how he was cruel to you and what will happen to you, but you say nothing of how devastated you would be if he killed me. You say nothing of how you would pine after me when I was gone. You are quite selfish, watashi no koi. My heart aches at how you have neglected to think of me."

"N-neglected to think...of you?" snapped Byakuya, "You aren't the one tied up and blinded right now! Caught between a god who would blind and mute me at will...use me as his personal plaything and one so reckless he would die and leave me..."

"Oh, stop right there," Aizen said smirking, and rubbing his seething arousal against Byakuya's soft bottom and nipping at a delicate earlobe, "That is perfect...the perfect balance of devotion and need. Don't clutter it with any more words."

"I wasn't finished," Byakuya said, frowning, "I..."

"Oh, I know you weren't finished. I just knew that if I let you go on and on, you would only say something nasty, so I stopped you before you could insult me. And..." he said, curling his fingers teasingly around Byakuya's hungry cock, "I was nice enough not to mute you, ne?"

Even under the seal, Byakuya's reiatsu flared impressively. He twisted and tried to pull away.

"You stupid, arrogant imbecile!" the noble yelled, "Let me out of this!"

He sucked in a shocked breath as he realized how loud he had been, then his frown deepened as he realized that Aizen had not reacted to it at all. Aizen stroked the noble's length and assaulted his bare throat with sharp nips and biting kisses.

"Oh, do go on," he whispered in a flushed ear, "It's all right, no one can hear you. I used Kyoka Suigetsu to assure our privacy. Only my brother would hear you, and he is out looking for me right now."

"And when he doesn't find you, he will be back!" panted the noble, catching his breath and quivering as Aizen's fingers slid over the sensitive skin of his sac and traced his entrance.

"Why don't you let me worry about that?"

Byakuya made a soft sound of surprise as Aizen manipulated the restraints and he was brought down on his back. He struck out with his feet, trying to break the restraints, but was quickly subdued, his legs spread wide and lashed to the posts at the end of the bed.

"You are still so tense, Byakuya," he commented, kissing his way along the noble's collarbone, then licking his throat again, "Take a breath or two and let yourself enjoy this."

"I would enjoy it more if we weren't in the king's palace!" Byakuya insisted, still fighting the restraints and trying to break the seal on his powers.

"But, I am the rightful king," Aizen said, returning to the noble's mouth and plunging inside, while sliding his leaking erection against Byakuya's, "This is my rightful home and you are supposed to be my consort."

"But none of the matters because your brother is still king. And it is madness for you to be doing this, when there is so much at stake!"

"Do you really think there is?" Aizen asked, his tone darkening slightly, "Do you think he would be a horrid king if he wasn't focused so heavily on trying to kill me?"

Byakuya could feel the man's eyes watching him carefully as he silently searched for an answer.

"Interesting," Aizen went on in a voice that sent a chill down the noble's spine, "Byakuya, I have not felt the need to ask until now, because I thought I knew the answer to this question, but...what do you feel for him?"

Byakuya laid quietly beneath Aizen's body, feeling the touches of the man's breath on his skin, the soft pulses of his heartbeat where there skin touched, and the intensity of his glare as the silence between them deepened.

"Are you attracted to him?" Aizen asked, more pointedly, holding himself still atop the noble and sending a flare of reiatsu through him to restore his vision.

Byakuya shivered inwardly as his eyes recovered their ability to perceive, and he was met with brown eyes that bored down into his and seemed to see everything.

"Sousuke," he said, finally, "You told me are not twins. You are not really even brothers. You are two parts of a complete soul that was broken apart when you were born. What am I supposed to feel, knowing that? Knowing that, even if he has developed separately from you, the two of you are still connected? And you, yourself admitted you wanted to try to reintegrate."

"That was a long time ago," Aizen said, his eyes glinting dangerously, "before he turned against me. I did try to protect him, but I no longer feel the impulse to do so. do."


"I was watching, you know," Aizen went on, his brown eyes holding Byakuya even more tightly than the bindings he was in, "I saw everything he did to you, and I heard what you both said. I thought you were playing games with him. But I wonder..."

Byakuya gasped and began to struggle as Aizen's face altered and faded until he found himself looking at Yoshiaki. His voice echoed, an odd crossing of the two men as he continued to speak.

"Did you mean what you said? Do you find it impossible to hate any part of me, no matter how corrupt it is? Could it be that you didn't just tolerate him fucking you, but that you connected with him...began to bond?"

Aizen glared deeply into Byakuya's stricken eyes.

"You don't know, do you?" he asked, tracing the bound noble's lips with a soft fingertip, "You thought you did, but when you were with him this time, you felt sympathy for him."

"I feel sympathy for both of you, who should have been made close by your situation, but who were driven apart by the council's manipulation of the former king. But that doesn't mean that I wanted to be with him. Honestly, it doesn't!"

" didn't enjoy him putting his hands on you?" asked Aizen, holding Yoshiaki's likeness around him as he stroked Byakuya's erection and bit down on his throat, "You weren't responsive to him? looked like you were responding."

"I tried to reach out to him," Byakuya said, turning his head and closing his eyes, "I thought that perhaps violence could be avoided."

"You tried to vamp him, then?" asked Aizen, "Well, you not only turned him on. You affected me, as well. I've never actually seen you being taken from a distance, like that. Despite wanting to kill both of you, I couldn't help but think how beautiful you are in the throes of orgasm, with your back arched, hands clenched, eyes wide and damp like they were, your mouth open and screaming in surrender. I've made it happen, but I've never watched it like that. You are certainly talented. I would have been tempted, and I knew you were manipulating him, Byakuya. Sympathetic or not, you wanted to stop him."

"Because I...didn't want..."

Byakuya stopped himself forcibly. Aizen studied his wide, distressed eyes and felt a shiver pass through the noble.

"You didn't want what?" Aizen said, letting the image of Yoshiaki fade and return to his own countenance, "Tell me."

Byakuya swallowed hard, made almost frozen inside by the deadly mix of jealousy and fury that sparked beneath his lover's otherwise calm eyes. He knew that to say the wrong thing now would ignite the emotion and cause the situation to spin out of control.

"Sousuke," he said softly, "I will honestly admit that I do not want either you or Yoshiaki to be hurt or not take that to mean that I want to be with him. I had to lie with him to make the heir, but I do not love him, nor will I. I only think that you and Yoshiaki should act to make things right between you."

"Why?" asked Aizen coldly, "He killed our parents and drained them, Byakuya. He trapped me in between worlds for years, and wants to kill me. Why would you possibly expect I would not retaliate?"

"You and your brother have a common enemy, one you thought you might use against him, but...of whom you should be wary, Sousuke."

"The hollow royals? The king and queen of Hueco Mundo? You fear them?"

Byakuya let out a frustrated breath.

"They have reason to play one of you against the other. You and Yoshiaki both know this! Yet both of you have indicated that you would turn to them to defeat one another. I think they conceal themselves merely to wait and see who reaches them first. They will pretend to assist one, then when the other is dead, and the survivor is weakened, they will kill the one who survives. In the end, we will all die, and the hollow royals will gain control of the spirit dimension!"

"You are assuming that I will not convince them to overthrow him and to make arrangements for peace after I reclaim my rightful throne."

"And what do they receive, Sousuke?" Byakuya asked pointedly, "Are they truly so wary of you that they feel the need to sue for peace before you ever take the throne? I sense more to this than that! You and Yoshiaki are both in danger from the hollow royals...and I believe that if you do not find a way to end things equitably, it will be your downfall. And I do not want to lose you, Sousuke! Not now...after all we have already had to endure to find our way back to each other!"

He paused questioningly, watching as Aizen's eyes softened and became beautifully affectionate again.

"There, that's what I was looking for," the brown-eyed shinigami said, sliding his fingers under Byakuya's chin and lifting it so their eyes met more directly, "Sometimes you are so difficult to read, Byakuya. It is a challenge that makes you enthralling, of course. But it does one to wonder."

"What are you talking about?" asked the noble, looking genuinely confused.

"All of this time...since I entered this room, I have sought only one thing from you. I only wished to be sure of your love, Byakuya. And although I nearly had to drag it out of you, you finally said it. You are glad we are back together. And you will do whatever you have to, to protect our love."

Aizen shook his head reprovingly.

"You are deliciously difficult," he said, appreciatively, "I enjoy engaging your mind nearly as much as I love taking your body."

He laughed softly as Byakuya's lips turned downward and the noble scowled at him.

"Oh, don't start being unpleasant again," Aizen said, "We should enjoy these lovely, stolen moments while we can, ne? While we are all alone and able to focus solely on one another?"

Byakuya let out an annoyed breath.

"We are, most certainly not alone!" he snapped, "In case you've forgotten, we are in your brother's palace, surrounded by his servants and..."

"They can't see or hear us," Aizen reminded them, "If they walk in on us in the throes of pleasure, all they will see is you curled up and sleeping alone here. Now...where were we?"

"I think you were about to take off these bindings," Byakuya said, frowning, "so that we could leave and find a more appropriate place for exchanging affections!"

Aizen smiled disarmingly.

"But I like it here, where we are. Yoshiaki has...interesting toys, ne? Shall we explore some more?"

"You don't care that he could come back and...and..."

"And what?" asked Aizen, brushing a few errant hairs out of the noble's angry eyes, "He couldn't harm me...or you, while I'm here. And really, he needed me to finish impregnating you."

"But that was supposed to happen after I came back! Not here!"

He started to say more, but was stopped as Aizen's mouth descended on his again, as his lover's hot tongue thrust past his protesting lips and invaded his mouth, silencing him. Aizen's seething arousal slid slowly up and down the length of his, teasing drops of pearly fluid from the head, and his hands seemed to touch him everywhere...threading through the silken lengths of his hair, teasing his painfully erect nipples, gently rubbing the soft, slender abdomen, then curling around their thrusting members and stroking them as they rubbed more fiercely against each other.

Byakuya groaned in protest as the other man's body lifted off of his, then inhaled sharply and panted wantonly as Aizen slowly worked his way down the noble's torso, attacking the sensitive skin with hard strokes, teasing caresses, wet licks and brushed kisses. He sank down on Byakuya's riled member, licking and sucking him shamelessly as Byakuya writhed beneath him and uttered dark curses in retaliation for the glowing kido ring around his erection that held him painfully close to absolute bliss, but refused to allow him to reach it. The noble released a sound that was both a heavy, aching moan and a strangled sob of wanton need. And when his lover's fingers thrust into his entrance and began to prepare him, Byakuya suffered a truly uncharacteristic loss of composure.

"Sousuke, for the love of kami, take that damned thing off of me!" he pleaded feverishly.

He quivered as the probing fingers found the bundle of sensitive nerves inside him and stimulated the area mercilessly.

"Sousuke!" he cried, his body quivering in protest.

Aizen's fingers slipped under the collar at his throat and he adjusted the bindings on the noble's wrists and ankles so he could drag Byakuya onto his hands and knees. The overwhelmed noble merely clenched the sheets tightly in his hands and lowered his head, moaning fitfully and waiting for Aizen to enter him. He made a sound of surprise as Aizen's body wrapped warmly around his and his fingers lightly touched the ring encircling Byakuya's inflamed arousal. Aizen's lips brushed against a sweetly flushed earlobe and his breath tickled the noble's throat.

"My apologies," Aizen said softly, "but I thought it only fair that you suffer a fraction of what I did while I watched him take you. I admit to being horribly jealous. I hate the thought of anyone but me touching you. I do hope you remember that in the future."

Byakuya kept his head lowered and did not respond in any way.

"I crafted you myself, breath and spirit, body and soul. I lit the fires that burn inside you...that light your eyes and color your flesh. End to end, you are mine, and together, we are the ones meant to rule these lands."

Byakuya loosed a soft, dizzy moan as Aizen's palm slid down his sweat-dampened back and he moved into position behind the overcome noble. He entered in slow, gentle thrusts, then laid his chest against Byakuya's back. The noble's arms quaked, then gave way and he dropped onto his forearms, his hips still held up by the band around his slender waist. Aizen dropped down with him and he gently licked the shell of one pale ear. He loosed all of the noble's bindings and smilingly made the ring around Byakuya's tormented length disappear. Byakuya fell the rest of the way onto his stomach and remained still as Aizen kissed the back of one shoulder and began to thrust into him. Lost for words, the noble only raised his hips slightly to welcome his lover's invasion of his body. He seemed to disappear into their movements, his mind spinning softly into sweet oblivion as their pleasure peaked. He felt the intense heat of Aizen's release and knew he must have screamed as he finally climaxed, but everything seemed to have gone hazy and surreal around him, and he found himself immobilized and breathless as Aizen's body collapsed onto his. He blinked slowly to try to clear his vision, and found he had been turned onto his back and was looking up into Aizen's smiling brown eyes. He couldn't move or speak, but could only stare as his lover shared a few last kisses, then pulled away. He started to sit up, but felt a soft shock pass through his body and fell back, stunned. He wanted to scream at Aizen's next words, but had lost the power to move or object.

"Listen carefully," Aizen whispered into his ear, "My brother has been watching us this entire time. He is waiting for me to try to leave with you. that the heir has been seeded, you need protection...and I do not mean protection from him. You could be used by our enemies. So as much as I hate to do this, I must leave you here. Yoshiaki won't hurt you. He will be protective of you. And he may attempt to use my leaving as a way to convince you to turn to him. I hope you will think twice before doing so. While you are here, in the palace, I want you to find out who my brother's supporters and confidantes are. I need to know who can be trusted and who cannot. I will be back soon. I am tracking the hollow royals and will return as soon as I have secured their promise to stay out of this. No...I do not plan to use them against Yoshiaki. I have another plan, but I need to make sure that the hollow royals do not interfere. Distract my brother. Find out who supports him. And do not leave the palace, for any reason, until I return. Rest now. Our exertions have left you weary, I think."

"B-bastard," Byakuya managed as a soft swell of reiatsu sent him off to sleep, "S-sousuke...don't...leave"

Aizen kissed the sleeping noble on the lips, then wrapped him warmly in blankets and flash stepped away.

After several minutes, another flash step sounded and Yoshiaki appeared in the room. He walked quietly to the bed and gazed down at the sleeping noble.

"What are you up to, Brother?" he said quietly.

He studied Byakuya for several minutes longer, then reached down and removed the reiatsu suppressing collar from around his neck. He lifted the noble into his arms and carried him to a well appointed room that overlooked the King's Garden. He laid Byakuya in the large, comfortable bed in the room and left the balcony doors open. Then, he called an attendant into the room.

"Akio," he said quietly, "I want you to remain here with Byakuya. You are to make certain that no one annoys him, and also that he does not attempt to leave the palace. He is carrying the royal heir and needs to be kept safe."

"Hai, Yoshiaki-sama," said the youth, "I will watch over him carefully."

"When he wakes, bathe him and encourage him to eat. He needs to take care of himself. And...inform me at once if he seems out of sorts. I don't know that he was expecting my brother to abandon him. He may experience some melancholy regarding that."

"Of course, sir."

He left the attendant sitting quietly in the doorway to Byakuya's room and left the palace, searching carefully for signs of his brother's presence.

"What are you up to?" he mused, sensing his direction and turning towards it, "Whatever it will fail."