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There you will be

Well you showed me
How it feels
To feel the sky
Within my reach
And I always
Will remember all
The strength you
Gave to me
Your love made me
Make it through.

Faith Hill (There you will be)

Jacob was watching Bella's lifeless body and he couldn't believe it. She had died giving birth to that abomination, he watched Edward trying to revive her and then he saw his rival looking desperate, the syringe in his hand was full of venom. Their eyes met and Jacob nodded, a vampire Bella was better than no Bella at all.

"I don't know if it will work." Edward said desperately.

Just fucking do it, Jacob thought.

Edward looked grim but determined; he planted the syringe into her heart and shot the whole quantity in it. Then he went on trying to have her heart beating again, Jacob could stand the sight of a broken Bella no more.

Slowly he turned around and got out of the house, he fell on his knees on the tender heart and his hands were pulled into fists that he repeatedly pounded into it. It was unfair, Bella was just eighteen and she was either dead or a leech, he had lost her forever and he couldn't deal with it.

The whole fault rested into the hands of that little baby who was now a cherished addition to the Cullen's, but Jacob couldn't allow to that thing to live. Resolutely he stood up again and stalked inside, he felt the little heart beating into the living room and when he went in he met the eyes of Renesmee.

Everything disappeared, gravity was shifting, he saw images of her growing up, her smile her beautiful brown eyes and finally he saw what she would become. He fell once again on his knees, he had imprinted on Bella's daughter. Anger like nothing before claimed him, he would never bow down to this, he was stronger than this, he was the heir of an Alpha, future Chief of his tribe. He would be no slave to that Halfling.

The wolf roared along the man refusing the bond that wanted to take place and then Jacob felt lost into a mist. Finally something pulled him out of that state; it was a second heart beating.

Bella… Bella… Bella… his mind chanted and finally he opened his eyes again.

Jacob stood up, he had broken the imprint, and he was still free to love his Bella no matter what she was. He would be at her side, as a friend or as anything she wanted.

He walked into the room were Bella was lying, looking less broken. Carlisle Cullen was there checking her vitals and frowning.

"What's wrong doc? Is she changing into a vampire?" Jacob asked and he saw Edward's pained expression.

Carlisle shook his head. "This is unbelievable, but apparently she's immune to our venom. When Edward pushed it into her heart it just spread into her body and repaired the damaged done from the birth. But she's human; she won't be able to change. Probably when she was bitten the first time some of the venom remained inside and she created an antidote to it. Or it might depend on her shielding ability."

Jacob was stunned; did that mean that Bella would never be a leech? His mind started to work and he realized that she wouldn't stay with Edward if she had to grow old. A width of possibilities was opening up to him; he could still fight for her. Hell, if he had won over an imprint, there was nothing that could stop him.

During her pregnancy he had been at her side and she had said that she felt complete when he was there. He knew she loved him, maybe less than Edward but now that her forever was taken away maybe she would consider him. They could grow Renesmee and their kids together. He didn't mind at all, anything for Bella.

Edward growled. "It won't be that easy Jacob, she loves me and she'll stay with me."

Jacob shrugged his shoulders; he had made her fall in love with him despite everything. "We'll see Cullen, may the best man win." He stated and then he walked to where Bella was resting and took her warm hand in his.

She would remain his warm, clumsy and shy Bells. She would blush, sleep and cook and eat. She was human, probably she would be distraught by the news but he could fix her again and this time they could have a real chance.

"When will she wake?" He asked.

Carlisle shook his head. "Again I cannot tell you. This is the first time that happened and I really don't know. She might just remain in a state of coma forever."

Jacob gripped her hand a little bit tighter and then near her ear he whispered. "Bells, I'm here and I won't leave your side. I love you now and for as long as I shall live. Rest and get better, when you'll wake up, I'll be here."

Two days passed, in which Jacob saw the effects of the venom curing his broken best friend. Finally he felt her heart pick up its beat and she opened her eyes.

They were brown and Jacob took a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"Jake." She said gripping his hand back. "What happened? Am I well? How's my daughter?"

Jacob kissed her forehead. "You and the baby are fine Bells. There is something that Edward needs to tell you." Jacob said and looked at his rival who had been holding her other hand for the whole time too. "I'll leave you two alone, but I'll be back later and we'll talk."

Bella looked bewildered, but nodded. He pulled her hand close to his mouth and kissed it, her heartbeat increased and he grinned. Slowly he let her hand go and winked to Edward.

She will be mine, he thought. Good luck with the explanation.