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There you will be part 4

I'll be glad 'cause
I was blessed to get
To have you in my life

Faith Hill (There you will be)

He was approaching the house when he met Edward. The vampire looked devastated and in pain, what had happened? Did they have another fight? The hope that she had finally opened her eyes and left him didn't even start to blossom in his heart, he had seen this too many times to really hope for a different outcome.

"You're wrong this time." Edward whispered. "She left me as you predicted." He looked frustrated and started pacing. "Can you tell me why you do seem to understand her better than I do? I love her; I've waited for her a whole century and I still don't know how to talk to her."

Jacob almost felt sorry for him. "I think you rely too heavily on your power to read minds. Bells is like an open book to me because I notice the way her eyes changes when she's sad or happy. The way her right shoulder twitch before she starts one of her rants. When she's nervous she bites her lip, but if she's just thinking then she nibbles on it. I know you love her, but I love her too. My soul feels her; being with her is natural as breathing for me."

A sigh escaped Edward's mouth. "You might be right, but I swear to you that I tried my best. I can see the way she happy when she's with you, I've always been jealous of it; I can see the reaction of her body to your closeness too. I just hoped that our love would get us through anything. And you want to know something else? I'm not going to fight her over the divorce, she'll be human and you'll make her happy, maybe even happier than I could."

Jacob was shocked, was it really happening? He still didn't dare to hope because his battered heart couldn't take another heartbreak. However, Edward seemed sure that this was it for them. "Edward, I know it might not be of any comfort to you, but if she's leaving with me I promise you that I'll take care or her and Renesmee. I'll love them both and protect them from any harm."

Edward nodded and walked to where he was, he put up his hand. "I know you will, thank you Jacob for being there when I wasn't and for looking and loving Bella this much." Jacob didn't hesitate and shook his hand. "I read in your mind that we have to leave, I'll tell Carlisle and organize everything."

Jacob took his hand away and when Edward left he wiped it on his trousers. Touching dead meat was an unpleasant thing; he shuddered thinking how Bella had made love with that corpse. Shaking his head, he walked into the house and followed the heartbeats. He arrived in front of the nursery, the door was ajar and he could see Bella changing a diaper on Renesmee and talking to her, he stopped there wanting to listen.

"So Reny, we'll leave with Jacob. I know he might stink a bit for your oversensitive nose, but he's a good man. He'll love us both and take care of us, he might even... he might be the father of your future siblings. I hope you'll give him a chance, sometimes he's a hothead but overall he's the best man we could find to take care of us." Bella whispered to her daughter.

Jacob's heart was warmed by her words, never had he heard something so loving from Bella's mouth directed to him. One thing was for her to tell him that she loved him; another was to tell her daughter that he was the best they could have. He felt tears in his eyes and he brushed them away with the hem of his t-shirt. After composing himself, he knocked and then got in.

Bella turned to look at him and an enormous smile bloomed on her face. Then she sobered. "Jake, you're back."

He nodded. "I've got news Bells. The pack will let us leave the place without attacking us, but we can't stay in Forks or ever come back."

She looked shocked, and then took a deep breath turning away from him. "So I have to leave... will you come to visit us sometimes?"

Jacob walked the few steps that separated him from her and pulled her into his arms. He lowered his mouth near her ear. "Bells, you're my family now. Wherever you and Renesmee go I'll follow, I promised you that I'll never let you go and I'm going to keep my promise."

She turned into his arms and hugged him, placing her head on his chest. "Jacob... I don't know what I've done to deserve you... but I'm so grateful..." He heard her sniffing and he knew she was crying. "I made so many mistakes, and at the same time I can't bring myself to regret them. I have Renesmee and she's worth all the suffering I went through and I've got your love... I'm so sorry that I messed up everyone's life. Edward..." She stopped and went on crying.

Jacob hugged her more tightly. "Edward is sad to lose you, but he's happy that you'll have a long and beautiful human life with me. I talked to him and he won't fight you."

She took a deep breath. "That is the main problem; he never really fought for me. I always gave in into his demands no matter how much I wanted something else, now I see how wrong I was and at the same time I still love him... but I love you too."

He smiled at her admission. "I love you too Bells, now we leave and start a new life somewhere else. The three of us, like a family. I know it'll take time for you to adjust and I'm in no hurry. We'll take every day as it comes; I'm not expecting you to start a relationship with me right away. We're best friends and we'll build something even deeper and eventually when you're ready we'll be lovers, or husband and wife or just Jake and Bells."

She looked up into his eyes and nodded. "Jake and Bells sounds good to me. Thank you Jacob for being so... for being you. There's something else you need to know... I asked Rosalie and Emmett to come along with us for two reasons, first because Rose loves Reny as much as I do and secondly, because if the Volturi will eventually find us we'll have extra protection. Please Jake... can they come with us?"

Jacob thought it over, two vamps and a werewolf against the vampire royalty wasn't much but it was better than just a werewolf. He looked into Bella's eyes, one day she would be his Bella and the two leeches could babysit while he tried to win her heart permanently. It sounded as a good deal. "I don't know Bells... maybe I need some more convincing." He teased her, smirking.

She sputtered and blushed and then pushed him away. "Jacob!" She shouted and when she saw that he was laughing, she burst out laughing too. "You're... honestly Jake, you're incorrigible."

He shook his shoulders and replied angelically. "It was worth a shot."

She grinned at him. "I agree, it was well played."

"Thanks." He said still smiling and then he turned serious. "We'll need to leave soon."

"I packed everything and so did Rose. When do you want to go?" She said promptly.

Rosalie came in. "We should go now; I don't want Alice to be back before we leave or she'll make a fuss over you breaking my brother's heart."

Jacob growled and Rosalie glared at him, then she took a deep breath. "Listen mu-Jacob, for Renesmee's sake I'm ready to put aside my 'dislike' for you and try to get along. What do you say?"

His eyes flickered to Bella, and seeing her hopeful expression he sighed. Whipped, his mind whispered. Indeed, he replied. "Fine by me. Are we going to take your car?"

Rosalie nodded. "Emmett is ready at his jeep with all our and Bella's belonging."

"I've got a bag in the living room and that's it. We can leave. Bella did you say goodbye to Carlisle and Esmee?" He asked.

Bella looked pained. "I didn't, I'll go now and get to the jeep as soon as I said goodbye to them."

Jacob placed his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it softly. "It'll be okay Bells, they love you and they'll understand."

She nodded and straightened her shoulders. "Okay... I'm going then."

Jacob watched her exiting the room and then turned his eyes on Rosalie who was already taking Renesmee in her arms. "Rosalie, I agreed to our truce only for Bella's sake, don't cross me or I'll make you regret it."

She glared back. "I offered the truce only because I want to be with Renesmee, so we both have our own interests in this deal, let's try to avoid being in each other presence as much as possible."

"Agreed." He said and then the three of them left the nursery for the last time.

He waited for Bella in the living room, he knew her well enough to sense that she would be upset after saying her farewell to the her vampire parents. Bella was slow in her descent from the stairs and when she saw Jacob she threw herself into his arms.

"Geesh Bells, you're going to see them soon. We'll just have to settle somewhere and then you can invite them." He said caressing her hair.

Bella peered up from his chest. "How is it that you can make me always feel better?" She whispered.

He smiled softly. "I don't know Bells, does it matter?"

Bella shook her head. "No, I guess… I'm just surprised."

He grinned. "You shouldn't, we're two sides of a coin, two halves of a whole. My dear Bells you just need to get it in that thick head of yours." And then he tapped her forehead.

"Jake! You big oaf!" She said and smiled. "You do know that I love you though."

"I was suspecting as much. I love you too my Bells. Are you ready to go?" He asked her.

She nodded, for a moment she looked around the house. A look between pain and longing passed through her eyes, then she straightened up and turned to look back at Jacob. "Yes… yes, I am." Then she took his hand in hers. He looked at their hands joined together, they fit just right. She smiled at him. "I'm ready."

He smiled back at her, the smile that was just for his Bells. He knew that her words meant more than what was said, and he had time now. Bella was with him, not yet the way he wanted but they would get there. "Then let's go Bells." Another adventure awaited them and this time they were both ready to face it together.