The Confusion of the Worlds


I never really got the whole idea of alternative universes, or how supposedly black holes could take you to them. And I also never really understood when people older than me would say make the best of what you have, because one day all of it will change. I guess I should have listened, because when that day came, I wasn't ready, and the impact of the event made me cold and heartless.

But what are you gonna do? I guess I'm just another person to add to the list of the damned right? That day had scarred me, and I was ready for death, and yet fate just wanted to make me even more miserable, because that day just got even worse...

I remember running, running far, far away into the distance, away from the destruction, away from the horror, away from the massacre. Then I remember the darkness, a suffocating darkness you could not escape from, one that you drown in. And yet I felt light, as if I was floating away.

I am Clarissa Marietta Sinclair, my age is twelve, and I used to act like any ordinary twelve year old would do. Have fun; hang out with friends, play loads of sports and all that jazz. My eyes were an acid green and my hair wasn't ginger, it was more of a coppery brown, both went well with my tanned complexion. I wasn't the prettiest thing around, but I didn't really care.

When I woke up in a park, a very Victorian esc being given off, it was beautiful, and yet the outfits of the people were making me laugh. But then I looked down at myself, and I was not happy with what I saw.

A dress, a blooming dress! I was wearing long black knee high socks and these black strap heels which made my size 3 feet look even smaller. It was a short skirt, black overlay with lots of red underlay making the skirt stick out even more. The black corset had a red threaded pattern and the over the shoulder sleeves were a blood red and stopped at my elbow.

I also had these extra accessories which I didn't like one bit. The chocker for example, was black leather, with black netting sewn on the top of it, so my neck was irritated by the small details on the netting.

And in my hair I felt that my copper coloured hair was held back by something which felt similar to the chocker around my neck. I felt uncomfortable and out of place, because I certainly wasn't in my own time anymore. And what made it even worse was the fact I had no idea what to do.

"Well this is just great!"


So, what do you think? And don't worry, i will update on my other stories soon! ^^