Disclaimer: The Real Ghostbusters is the property of Columbia Pictures, and Beavis & Butt-Head is the property of Mike Judge. This is simply a story from my own imagination, involving two of my favorite cartoons. Enjoy.

It was a day like any other in the New York City firehouse, which the Ghostbusters called home. Slimer, the resident ghost mascot, was stuffing his face at the empty reception desk, digging into Janine's candy stash, while she was away on vacation. Winston Zeddemore, as well as Doctors Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz were enjoying a rare lull between ghost-catching calls, and were relaxing in front of the television. Doctor Egon Spengler, however, seemed hard at work, building what looked to be new equipment.

"Hey Egon," called Peter. "Why don't you give that a rest, and come watch the videos Ray rented?"

Egon stopped what he was doing and lifted his welder's mask. "Sorry Peter, but I need to finish these new proton packs before the interns get here. Besides, if Ray picked up that 'Best of WrestleMania' tape again, I'll pass anyway."

"Suit yourself, man," Winston chimed in. "What do you know about these supposed interns?"

"Not very much, except that they are young prodigies from NYU, getting their PhDs in Parapsychology. They came highly recommended by the University president. It would prove helpful to both us and them. It can never hurt to eventually have extra hands around.

"Yeah, well… I just hope they're not a couple of complete geeks," said Peter. "We have a certain cool factor around here that I happen to be upholding."

"Don't worry about it, Peter," said Ray. "Now pipe down, you'll make me miss my favorite part."

The phone rang. Ray paused the tape and ran to answer it. He came back after a minute, with urgency.

"Fellas, we just got a call from the garment district. It's pretty bad over there. Let's go!"

"Can you handle this one without me?" asked Egon. I'd hate to abandon these so close to completion."

"Sure thing. We'll see you back here later!" The three of them jumped into Ecto-1 and sped off.

Elsewhere in Manhattan, an out-of-town school bus is parked, holding field trip students from Highland High School. Their teacher, Mr. VanDriessen, signals for his class to settle down.

"Okay, class, I know it's been a long ride, but I assure you our adventure into the city will be well worth it, mm-kay? Now, the school board sees fit for you to be exposed to museums or the theater. However, I thought it'd be more fun for everybody to break into pairs, and go off to see the city in your own way. As your teacher, I have all the trust in the world that you'll make fine representatives of Highland, and behave responsibly. So, find a buddy and stick with them. We'll meet back here in three hours."

The students all filed off the bus and onto the city streets, except for two. Beavis and Butt-Head were momentarily detained by Mr. VanDriessen.

"Hey, fartknocker, let us go!" protested Beavis.

"Now hold on, you guys. I just wanted to take a minute to make sure you two behave yourselves. You two have a certain reputation back home, and I want to see to it that—"

"Yeah, yeah, huh huh…" Butt-Head interrupted. "Don't worry dude. Like, you can count on us – and stuff."

"Yeah, me too," Beavis added. "Now move. We're hungry!"

"Oh, well there are many fine eateries along the—"

They had already stopped listening and exited the bus. They were walking aimlessly for a while, while Beavis ranted about how hungry he was.

"It's not fair! Like, we were riding for a very long time, and had nothing to eat. I'm about to like, starve, and stuff!"

"Well, we would've had those sandwiches, if your dumb ass didn't toss the bag out the window...huh huh…you dumbass."

"Shut up, butthole!" They began slap-fighting as they walked. Suddenly, Butt-Head noticed a sign on a certain building – Ghostbusters Headquarters – and grabbed Beavis' wrist mid-slap.

"Whoa, Beavis, check it out. Isn't that the dude from Tasty-Cone?"

"Ohhhh, yeah," realized Beavis. "I could really go for some ice cream. Perhaps even a Fudgie Bar."

"You want a Fudgie Bar? Why don't you just check in your-"

"Shut up, dill-weed! I'm not kidding. I need ice cream NOW!"

"Settle down, Beavis. Let's go in."