The Night of the Wolves

In the Beginning of the End

Mr Tiny was a strange man, which was what everyone thought of him when they first saw him. Short, plump, with static blonde hair and sunglasses over his ever changing eyes, demented smile and green wellington boots. That's right, you heard me, green wellies which went over his knees and were about three sizes too big, and they clashed terribly with his yellow suit.

But after speaking with Mr Des Tiny, no one saw him as a harmless little man with strange fashion sense. Oh no, they saw him as an evil creature, one you didn't want to run into if you were on his bad side. He may have been a genius, but that didn't mean he was a good person. After all, he relished in the screams of people, and enjoyed watching them suffer for the fun of it. And to make the matter even worse, he enjoyed eating children! As I said earlier, a genius, but a pretty twisted one.

I know what you're thinking, all of you asking the same question, why the introduction? Why introduce such a horror of a man before anyone else? Because as said earlier, he is and always has been, a genius, and starts this strange yet alluring story...

We all know the story of the young vampire prince, Darren Shan, and his courageous friends who died in the War of Scars. But when they died, they died for a reason, a reason Mr Tiny has kept close to his dark heart. He knew that if Evanna ever found out what he was plotting, she would do everything in her power to bring them back from Paradise.

And Mr Tiny would never, ever let that happen. So far his plan was running very smoothly, and he didn't need someone of his own blood to wreck it thank you very much.

But I'm rambling now, so I'll finish this off with a warning, which I hope you will take to heart.

What I write in this small book, I want you to understand that it will not be one of the nicest stories to be told. You should understand that my life has been difficult, and when my true identity was revealed to me, I was ready run from everything I already had.

I'm Vanessa Shan-Leonard, a creation of Mr Tiny's and supposedly the saviour of the entire universe, even worlds that none of us have seen...

And all it began with was an ordinary school day, for me, an ordinary orphan.

Or so I thought...