The Night of The Wolves

The Truth behind Words

Darren Shan knew he was dead. And he was quite content with that fact. He was with his family, and close friends. Heck, even Steve and himself had settled their differences and were finally on conversing terms.

However, the once vampire Prince was fuming in his grave once he found out that the old man was meddling in his life again.

And he was dead!

Honestly, using his and Steve's DNA to create a super weapon? He was very unimpressed. Especially since the poor kid had no idea what the hell was going on. She gets all these memories, some of when she was younger, some of his, and some of Steve's. If he didn't act soon then the kid was going to loose control and just kill everything in her path.

And Darren really didn't want that. After all, he had worked so hard to make sure that the peace was kept between Vampires and Vampaneze that he didn't need a short all knowing fat man to ruin it all.

He watched as the girl ran. He had no idea when she was going to stop, and it was obvious that she didn't want to. But unfortunatly he knew all to well that you couldn't just run away from your troubles.

He had tried that once. Never again.


The young man turned to see Steve. The two stared at each other for a while before Darren sighed in defeat.

"You win..."

Steve grinned at him in a feral manner, laughing heartily. Darren rolled his eyes at his friend, crossing his arms in distaste.

"Don't I always Darren?"

"Shut up. Now what's this plan of yours again?"

"Why it's simple really. But first I think we need to explain what's happening to everyone first, don't you?"

The cheeky tone in Steve's voice caused Darren to glare at the blonde. He turned, storming away to the main place in Paradise where everyone stayed. Almost everyone he knew was there. Larten, Arra, Gavner, Vancha, his parents, Shancus, Evra, Paris, Mr Tall... The list was continuos.

He couldn't help but gulp however as they all stood and stared at him. It was going to be a very, very long day.

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