So I was reading twilight/ fullmetal crosses and realized that there where almost no real stories just Edward vs. Edward things so I'm doing one...ya!

I'm sorry but I do not own any thing! excepted this story...yup nowread!

"Hello~ Mr., al-ce-mist!"

Ed opened his eye's and shut them instantly being blinded at what lay before him, after he opened them again he slowly stood up, he was in that place again how could he forget the endless white that seems to frame the red doors...wait red?

"You give me back my brother!" Ed marched to the shadowy outline and pounced only to fall strait thru its form.

"I already ill like to discuss the price which I've already prepared"

"what is it, ill give you anything! Take my other arm or….or take my alchemy I don't care just do it" Ed hung his head expecting the worse…death

"No no no no no, that will not do, you see I need you alive and with power's for what im having you do"

"Truth what is it!" Ed demanded truth smirked as the black hands slithered towards him "truth!" as the hands where pulling Ed away truth spoke

"Saving worlds is your job now… your payment is to be immortal"

"Truth! Truth! What does that mean? Truth you bitch!" Ed managed to say as the door's closed

"Unaware by you Edward there are more place's in danger then your world" truth's cackle filled the endless space

Ok I know this is short and I promise the next chapy will be longer but tell me how I'm doing and if you like it so far ok!

Bye-bye now!

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