argg! cant sleep!

Ed finally understood what Truth was talking about being immortal at least he thought he understood all of it (BIG hint there). Truth had made him like father. On the up side he wouldn't die, he could perform Alchemy without clapping and he could heal really fast. But then there's the down side, He couldn't die.

"well fuck" Ed jumped at the loudness of his voice. He looked up, and at realizing where he was he was really tempted to say it again.

He was in the Morg.

Where dead people go.

And aren't exposed to come back out.


Giving a sigh he stood up and gasped at the sudden up draft hitting his skin, he was naked! He clapped his hands out of habit and pressed them to the sheet that covered him and quickly pulled on the boxer's he made himself.

Now with at least some clothing on he look around the dim room (thank you automatic lights!) and spotted a butt load of chemicals and a bin of sheet's. and his clouths.

Let the Alchemy begin!

Happynewyears Happynewyears Happynewyears Happynewyears

A red hooded figure walked out of the hospital black hair framing there face.

And that is how, Edward Elric had escaped the horrible grasp of the hospital.

Ed continued walking down the street and past the broken café and he just kept on walking, well that was his plan. Which was ruined when mother nature decided to poor rain down on the town again. Within 10 minutes all of the black die had washed off leaving a very wet, small blond, angry, annoyed, and cold Ed.

Now the once again drenched Ed stood under a tree by the side of the road, about 3 minutes out of that town. He slumped agenst the tree sliding down its trunk. plopping his butt down on the wet earth…

.. He closed his eye's….


His eye's flew open only to see the one and only, Carlisle jumping out off the car and running to him, yelling.

"what are you doing here! Your dead! They said that you where dead! You where shot in the head!" Carlisle was in his face now panic writen on his face. Slightly pissed off at the man Ed stood up and looked down at the kneeling man and yelled back

"News flash! Immortal! Because you now what? Gods a basterd who thinks he can through people away or keep them here just for a good laph. and then take away all thats precios and promise to give it back but you cant ever see him again" His voice dropped by the end of his rant his head bowed low, bangs covering his eye's.


Carlisle didn't think he was a Vampire at first but now he was positive. And being the fatherly figure he was put his mind into helping Ed. AKA mission adopted blond vampire in family. (run Ed! run! ) he stood up and hugged Ed.

"…..This is so fucking gay" Ed murmured as he struggled to get out of the man's grasp only to find out he couldn't even move the man's arm an inch. Suddenly he felt himself being lifted up in the vise grip giving a squeal in protest wich shocked Ed


He was pulled out of his thoughts as he felt himself being thrown into the trunk of the mans car

"WHAT THE FU-" his rant was stopped by the trunk door closing on him.

At this point Carlisle was glad he had Edward replace the metal of his car with (enter what ever vamps cant brake through here) and then he quickly got into the car and drove away.

who would of thought Carlisle would kidnap Ed.

ED: help im being held hostige by a gay vampire!

me:whell maby if i get 5 rievew's ill let you out *smirk*