A forest existed outside the city. Unknown to the human world lived a race of cat like warriors. They bore the appearance of humans with cat like eats and tails. They lived in secret. Using magic to hide themselves, from the human world.

The half moon shined over head. In the bushes the warriors lie in waiting. ThunderClan warriors looked to their deputy, Redtail, for instruction. Redtail had tortoiseshell hair, pointed ears and a bright red tail. He dressed in the normal male warrior kilt and the clan crest, a thunderbolt, dangled from a necklace around his neck. Looking into the distance Redtail sensed the attack.

"Attack ThunderClan!" shouted Redtail.

His spear in hand Redtail led the attack on the invading enemy warriors. A massive dark haired male ThunderClan warrior pinned down a bracken-haired male warrior. He held a spear to the enemy warrior's throat.

"Oakheart, how dare you hunt in our territory? Sunningrocks belong to ThunderClan." yelled the ThunderClan warrior.

Oakheart chuckled at the warriors words.

"After tonight Tigerclaw this will be part of RiverClan's hunting ground." spat Oakheart.

Suddenly over fifty RiverClan warriors came out of the water. Tigerclaw looked at Oakheart.

"You and your warriors may swim like otters, but you do not belong in this forest." bellowed Tigerclaw.

The cry from a ThunderClan she-warrior arose. A RiverClan warrior had a dagger placed against her throat ready to kill her. Reluctantly Tigerclaw let go of Oakheart. Grabbing his spear Tigerclaw lunged at the RiverClan warrior. He turned to the gray haired female warrior.

"Quick Mousefur run." ordered Tigerclaw.

Looking at her torn clothes and wounded shoulder Mousefur ran, clutching her knife for protection. Soon RiverClan overwhelmed all the ThunderClan warriors. Redtail ran to Tigerclaw.

"Tigerclaw this is useless. There are too many enemy warriors we must retreat." stated Redtail.

"No Redtail ThunderClan will never be beaten. We'll never give up our territory." swore Tigerclaw.

Radtail looked down in disappointment.

"ThunderClan will honour your courage, Tigerclaw, but we can't lose anymore of out warriors to fight against these impossible odds." sighed Redtail.

Redtail quickly climbed onto a nearby rock.

"Retreat, ThunderClan, retreat." yelled Redtail.

All of the ThunderClan warriors listened to their deputy and retreated. Tigerclaw was the last to retreat as he saw the RiverClan warriors holler in victory. The defeated warriors ran into the forest leaving no trace behind.

In a clearing in ThunderClan territory an old silver-blue haired woman sat looking at the stars. She wore the white robes of the clan leaders and the simple of her clan hung from her necklace. Out of the bushes stepped a small tortoiseshell female. The tortoiseshell female wore the simple hide dress of the medicine-woman. The silver haired woman turned to her younger Clanmate.

"How is Mousefur?" asked the silver haired woman.

"Her wounds are deep Bluestar, but she is young and strong. She will heal quickly. I've done all I can. The rest is up to her now. The other will also heal in time." responded the tortoiseshell woman.

Bluestar gave out a sigh of relief.

"We are lucky to have not lost any of our warriors this time. You are a gifted medicine-woman, Spottedleaf." sighed Bluestar.

Bluestar stared back up at the stars.

"I am deeply troubled by tonight's defeat. ThunderClan hasn't lost a battle in its own territory since I became leader. These are difficult times for our Clan. The season of newleaf is late, and there have been fewer children. ThunderClan needs more warriors if we are to survive." spoke Bluestar.

Spottedleaf looked at her leader.

"But the year is only beginning Bluestar. There will be more children once greenleaf comes." said Spottedleaf.

"Perhaps, but training our young to become warriors takes time. If ThunderClan is to defend its territory, it must have new warriors as soon as possible." stated Bluestar.

Spottedleaf stared at the stars with her leader.

"Are you asking StarClan for answers?" asked Spottedleaf.

"It is at times like these we need the words of ancient warriors to help us. Has StarClan spoken to you recently Spottedleaf?" wondered Bluestar.

"Not for some moons Bluestar." answered Spottedleaf.

A shooting star blazed across the sky. Spottedleaf's tail twitched and her ears flattened against her head. Bluestar's eyes looked at Spottedleaf.

"It was a message from StarClan. Fire alone can save our Clan." panted Spottedleaf.

Bluestar thought of what the message could mean.

"Fire? But fire is only a tool for cooking food. How can it save us?" questioned Bluestar.

Spottedleaf shook her head.

"I do not know. But this is the message StarClan has chosen to share with me." said Spottedleaf.

The ThunderClan leader fixed her clear blue eyes on the stars.

"You have never been wrong before, Spottedleaf. If StarClan has spoken, then it must be so. Fire will save our Clan." announced Bluestar.