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"Yellowfang has killed Spottedleaf and taken my kits!" screamed Frostfur.

Warriors were shocked and queens gathered around Frostfur trying to comfort her. Tigerclaw hissed and drove his spear into the ground.

"Yellowfang! I never trusted her. I knew she was a traitor. Now we know how she managed to fight of ShadowClan's deputy. It was all just a set up." growled Tigerclaw.

Darkstripe looked at the Clan deputy then to the Clan leader.

"What will you do Bluestar?" asked Darkstripe.

Firepaw snuck away from the rest of his Clan. He was nearly out of the camp when Graypaw spotted him.

"Where are you going Firepaw?" wondered Graypaw.

"I'm going to look for Yellowfang. I know she is innocent." answered Firepaw.

"But Tigerclaw and the other warriors are going to go after her. Bluestar will make them bring Yellowfang back and then Bluestar will give her a fair trial to see if she is innocent or guilty." responded Graypaw.

Suddenly Firepaw remembered Ravenpaw.

"I have to get Ravenpaw out of ThunderClan! He is in great anger! Tigerclaw wants to kill him!" shouted Firepaw.

The two friends rushed to find Ravenpaw. They had decided to take Ravenpaw to Barley's farm to keep him safe. They found Ravenpaw sitting in a tree. Ravenpaw jumped down from the tree when he saw his two friends running towards him. Firepaw was in a panic.

"Ravenpaw we need to take you to Barley's farm. Tigerclaw will be after you soon. We have to hurry." panicked Firepaw.

Firepaw and Graypaw started to make Ravenpaw look like a loner and not a Clan catperson. Ravenpaw took off his Clan clothing and put on the red t-shirt, jeans and sneakers that once belonged to Firepaw. Firepaw had brought the clothing with him for some reason and was glad he saved them.

The black haired apprentice then took his war knife and cut his messy shoulder length black hair to chin length. It was Clan tradition for someone who had shamed themselves to cut their hair, and hair was also cut when someone was forced into exile. Since Ravenpaw was leaving the Clan he cut his hair.

"You should probably not us your Clan name. It might attract attention from someone from the Clans." reasoned Graypaw.

"Then I'll just drop the 'paw part of my name. You can just call me Raven from now on." said Raven.

Firepaw, Graypaw and Raven all ran as fast as they could to Barley's farm. The three young friends snuck to Barley's farm. Barley was on a night hunt when he saw the three apprentices running towards him.

"Hello young apprentices. What are you three doing so far away from ThunderClan territory?" asked Barley.

Firepaw quickly explained to Barley what was happening in ThunderClan. After the explanation Barley looked at Raven and smiled.

"I would be glad to have Raven live with me. And I saw an old she-cat pass by here not too long ago. She carried the scent of ShadowClan and ThunderClan on her. You can probably catch up with her if you hurry." told Barley.

Firepaw thanked Barley. He hugged Raven goodbye and ran in the direction of Yellowfang's scent.

In a short amount of time the two apprentices found Yellowfang. Yellowfang looked at the two ThunderClan apprentices.

"So you came after me." noted Yellowfang.

"Yes we did Yellowfang. I know you are innocent. Tigerclaw is going to come after you. He thinks you took the kits and killed Spottedleaf." explained Firepaw.

Yellowfang was shocked.

"Spottedleaf is dead!" gasped Yellowfang.

Firepaw told Yellowfang what happened in ThunderClan.

"I knew who has taken the kits. It was Clawface, one of Brokenstar's warriors. And as long as the kits are with ShadowClan, they are in great danger." sadly told Yellowfang.

"Surely not even Brokenstar would harm a kit." protested Firepaw.

Anger and rage showed on Yellowfang's face and her voice as she spoke.

"I wouldn't be so sure. You are talking about a warrior that has killed kits from his own Clan. Brokenstar has been forcing children as young as nine to become warriors. The only reason he wasn't punished because he blamed it on me. That is why I was forced to flee from ShadowClan." spat Yellowfang.

Suddenly Firepaw remembered the young ShadowClan apprentice, Littlepaw; he had met at the Gathering. Now it made sense to him why Littlepaw was so small and nervous when Lionheart had asked him his age.

"You have to come back with us and tell Bluestar. She will understand." insisted Firepaw.

Yellowfang sighed and looked away from the red haired apprentice.

"It is my word against the word of a Clan leader. Brokenstar is the son of the noble Raggedstar. His word is law. I can't go back to ThunderClan until I bring back the kits." replied Yellowfang.

"Then we'll rescue the kits together. But we have to find some other place to talk. I can scent a patrol coming our way. We have to move. If Tigerclaw is among them he will kill you Yellowfang." stated Firepaw.

The three catpeople ran into the forest before the patrol caught their scent. When they where a safe difference away from the patrol Yellowfang told the two apprentices her plan.

"When Brokenstar became leader he forced the elders out of the camp. These are honorable catpeople who grew up with the warrior code. They will be willing to help us if I can convince them." proclaimed Yellowfang.

"And I'll try to convince the ThunderClan hunting party to help us." said Firepaw.

Firepaw and Graypaw walked in the direction they knew the evening hunting patrol would be in.

"I hope you know what you are doing." whispered Graypaw.

"So do I Graypaw. So do I." responded Firepaw.

The two apprentices searched until they found the hunting patrol. The hunting patrol was made up of Whitestorm, Darkstripe, Mousefur, Runningwind, and Willowpelt. Whitestorm frowned when he looked at the two apprentices.

"Firepaw, what are you doing here?" questioned Whitestorm.

"I don't have much time to explain Whitestorm. I have a plan that can help us save the kits, but I need your help." started Firepaw.

"Of course we will come." said Whitestorm.

"It will mean raiding the ShadowClan camp." noted Firepaw.

"Can you lead us there?" eagerly asked Runningwind.

Firepaw shook his head.

"I won't be able to lead you but Yellowfang will." told Firepaw.

All the warriors gasped. Mousefur growled, her grip tightening on her spear and long knife.

"You have found Yellowfang." hissed Mousefur.

Firepaw explained to the warriors that Yellowfang had not stolen the kits or murdered Yellowfang. Whitestorm believed the apprentice and had Firepaw lead the way to Yellowfang.

Yellowfang stood in an open field surrounded by elders. A male elder with long glossy black hair, sharply pointed ears, and a long thin tail approached the ThunderClan catpeople. At his side was a small old she-cat with tabby hair in a lose braid, ears and tail dressed in queen clothes.

"I am Nightpelt. This is Dawncloud, one of ShadowClan's elderly queens." introduced Nightpelt.

"I have already lost two of my kits to Brokenstar's evil rein. My half brother Raggedstar would have never allowed this to happen during his reign as leader. I just don't want any more kits suffer." cried Dawncloud.

All the ShadowClan warriors wanted Brokenstar's reign to end and the warrior code to be reinstated into their Clan. They gathered up their weapons and marched to the ShadowClan camp.

"ThunderClan attack!" shouted Whitestorm.

"ShadowClan attack!" yelled Nightpelt.

The ThunderClan warriors and ShadowClan elders began the attack of the ShadowClan camp. The battle was bloody and everyone was fighting for their lives. Brokenstar was facing Yellowfang. The ShadowClan leader hissed when he saw the former ShadowClan medicine-woman.

"I never thought you would be harder to kill than my father." snarled Brokenstar.

Yellowfang was shocked. She looked as if she had just lost a mate.

"You killed Raggedstar? You killed him!" screamed Yellowfang.

Tears flowed from Yellowfang's eyes. Brokenstar laughed and twisted smiled at the old she-cat.

"He was a soft and foolish leader. He deserved to die. Just like those weak kits that were sent to you. They were weak and needed killing. Only the strong survive and I will be the strongest leader in all the Clans. I will be even more powerful than StarClan." evilly said Brokenstar.

Firepaw came running and got between Yellowfang and the ShadowClan leader. Brokenstar laughed at the red haired apprentice trying to protect the useless old she-cat.

"Give up apprentice. Do you honestly think you can stop me? I shared tongues with StarClan. You will have to kill me nine times to join them. Do you think you can handle that?" wickedly laughed Brokenstar.

All the warriors of ThunderClan, ShadowClan elders, and most of the ShadowClan warriors surrounded Brokenstar. Brokenstar and his few remaining loyal warriors looked around before running off.

"This isn't over apprentice." shouted Brokenstar.

The warriors decided to let the now rouge warriors be. Nightpelt walked over to Whitestorm.

"You helped ShadowClan rid ourselves of a dangerous leader. We will be eternally grateful. We promise you will not find any more ShadowClan warriors in your territory as long as we are able to support ourselves." swore Nightpelt.

"Hunt in peace Nightpelt. May StarClan watch over your Clan as you rebuild." wished Whitestorm.

The ThunderClan catpeople were about ready to leave when Whitestorm acknowledged Yellowfang.

"Will you come with us Yellowfang or stay here?" asked Whitestorm.

"I will go back with you to ThunderClan Whitestorm." answered Yellowfang.

All the catpeople walked back to ThunderClan. Bluestar watched as the warriors walked back into the camp with Firepaw, Graypaw, and Yellowfang following. The four kits cam running into the camp. Frostfur embraced her four children. Bluestar smiled at Whitestorm.

"Well done my nephew. ThunderClan will honor you for bringing back these kits." declared Bluestar.

Whitestorm smiled at his aunt. Tigerclaw walked beside his leader and hissed at Yellowfang.

"Why have brought back that traitor?" growled Tigerclaw.

"Yellowfang's not a traitor." insisted Firepaw.

"She killed Spottedleaf." spat Longtail.

Graypaw looked at his half brother with hatred in his eyes.

"It was Clawface that killed Spottedleaf. Yellowfang is innocent." stated Graypaw.

"We wouldn't have been able to find the kits if Yellowfang hadn't let us to them." exclaimed Firepaw.

The other warriors who were in the hunting party confirmed what Firepaw said. Bluestar walked past the warriors and approached Yellowfang.

"Yellowfang I would like to become ThunderClan's new medicine-woman. I'm sure you will find Spottedleaf's tent to your liking and her old supplies useful." offered Bluestar.

Yellowfang smiled and bowed her head to Bluestar.

"I would be honored to become ThunderClan's new medicine-woman. ShadowClan is no longer the Clan I once new. ThunderClan in my home now." accepted Yellowfang.

Finally Tigerclaw took notice that his apprentice was missing.

"Where is my apprentice? Strange that he should disappear just as Brokenstar does." suspiciously said Tigerclaw.

Firepaw intervened before anyone accused his friend of being a traitor.

"Ravenpaw was no traitor. We found his body at the border of ShadowClan territory. We burned his body and buried his ashes in the forest." lied Firepaw.

Firepaw had burned Raven's old Clan clothes and cut hair in a fire and buried the ashes in the ground. It was the only way to keep things from looking suspicious and have no one wonder why their wasn't the smell of fire some time that day.

Bluestar looked at the two apprentices with awe.

"You two have shown great courage and bravery. Now that you two have become twelve you are old enough for this honor. I know it would have been one Ravenpaw would have been proud to take place in." sighed Bluestar.

Bluestar climbed to the top of the Highrock. Firepaw and Graypaw immediately knew what was going to happen. Bluestar looked to the stars and the spirits of her ancestors.

"I Bluestar leader of ThunderClan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon these two apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Firepaw, Graypaw, do you both promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your very lives?" announced Bluestar.

"I do." said Firepaw and Graypaw together.

"Then by the power of StarClan I give you your warrior names. Graypaw from this day forth you will be known as Graystripe. StarClan honors your bravery and courage and welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan. Firepaw from this day forth you will be known as Fireheart. StarClan honors your bravery and courage and welcomes you as a full warrior of ThunderClan. As ancient tradition dictates Graystripe and Fireheart must sit in silent vigil as we sleep." concluded Bluestar.

"Fireheart, Graystripe! Fireheart, Graystripe!" shouted all of ThunderClan.

In a little while ThunderClan departed and went to sleep. Fireheart and Graystripe sat in silent vigil all night. The beginning had just begun for Fireheart and his life in the Clans.

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