WoW CURL Word Count 100

A.N. Wrote this early in the week. Kinda reflects how I'm feeling right now, sat at home on a couple of days sick leave, dosed up on a variety of hard hitting antibiotics with half my face doing an excellent pumpkin impression thanks to a raging abscess. I'm so BORED!


Sitting around with nothing to do is so not Dean's style!

Dean looked at Sam who was happily curled up, reading. Dean, however, was bored. He'd already hummed annoying tunes, counted his feet, crossed his eyes to stare at his own nose and was now pacing the room pointlessly.

He sighed heavily, Sam looked up. "Dean, go out somewhere."

"Where? We're in Curlew. All 0.8 square miles of it! Why're we even here? Let's just leave."

"Call it therapy. Proof that we can come to Palo Alto without me shooting you."

"Sammy…..honestly? Try making me stay here one more night and I swear, I'll shoot myself just to break the tedium!"

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