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10# Panty Dropper

. . . . .

"Never have I ever had sex."


"Never have I ever not had sex."

Drink. "No fair."

Bixlow grinned, eyes gleaming as he stuck his tongue out at her. "There are no rules in this game."

Lisanna tried to stay stern but found herself bursting into laughter, the many units of alcohol in her system having affected her mental stability slightly. The two of them were currently sitting behind the bar on the floor, a bunch of shots lined up between them as only a dim lamp overhanging the bar provided them with light. Bixlow's dolls sat off to the side, all lined up on the floor and strangely quiet, Lisanna could only assume the fact Bixlow was inhibited by alcohol had affected his magical control of them too.

The younger Strauss siblings had been left to clean and close up the Guild that night, and somehow when Bixlow came by, their conversation had led to the two holding a drinking game between them. They'd most likely regret it come morning but right now they were having fun – Bixlow had even removed his helmet, placing his blue mohawk and eyes on display for her to see.

"Sure you should be drinking?" Bixlow asked, watching her unbalanced state with amusement.

She pouted. "I'm eighteen now, I'm an adult who can make her own decisions." A pause. "Never have I ever kissed a person of the same sex."

Bixlow smirked, his hands going nowhere near the shot glasses. "Sorry, I'm 100% heterosexual over here… Never have I ever had a crush on somebody in the Guild."

There was a brief pause before Lisanna wordlessly picked up a glass and downed it.

Bixlow chuckled. "So, you still head over heels for the pink haired dolt?"

Lisanna frowned, fingering a piece of stray material on her dress. "I'm over him. It's pretty obvious he and Lucy are made for one another."

He watched her, trying to decipher her expression. "You alright with that?"

"Yup." She lifted her head and smiled genuinely at him. "I don't have a crush on him anymore."

"No crushes on anybody else?" He asked, smirking suddenly. "How about Laxus?" At her balking expression, he laughed.

She pouted whilst glowering at him, trying to hide the panic that surfaced when he asked the former question. Luckily he'd think her red cheeks were from the alcohol so she was covered there at least.

"Hey." she asked, hugging her knees to her chest and resting her head atop of them. "Why don't you take your helmet off more?"

He cut off in his laughter, taken off guard by the random question, although he was quick to hide it. Shrugging, Bixlow replied, "I just prefer it on."

"But you have such nice hair." She murmured, staring enviously at it.

"And you're drunk." He replied, eyes narrowing in on her. "What were these shots again?"

"Maybe a little." She admitted. "And they're called Panty Droppers. But anyway, your hair does really look soft." She leaned forward on her knees, hands reaching out as he backed off. "What shampoo do you use?"

He grabbed her wrist in his hand, trying to keep her off of him. This only made her lift her other hand instead which he grabbed as well, mindful of the glasses between them which she was close to knocking over.

"You're definitely drunk." He laughed. "Can't hold your liqueur huh?"

Her gaze dropped from his hair to his eyes, and she opened her mouth to protest… Only to stop stop, suddenly realising the close proximity of their faces and bodies. Her wrists were trapped within his hands and held aloft in the air, body practically pressed against his own and face hovering over his.

Bixlow seemed to be coming to the same conclusion since his expression had quickly sobered, he almost threw her away from him then and there if not remembering the many glasses around them.

Blue eyes flitted momentarily to the side before returning to him, her tipsy trance evaporating as she sobered up herself. "I-I should be getting home, Mira-nee and Elf-nii will be getting worried."


With a small smile, she leaned forward and, well… For a moment, he thought- he believed-

But no.

She simply placed a quick peck on his cheek before leaning back and standing up. She stumbled slightly as she tried to find the cleaning supplies, flinching when a hand grabbed her elbow. Looking over her shoulder, Lisanna found Bixlow staring down at her.

"Go on, get lost." He said with a sigh. "You're too drunk to clean up, I'll finish up here."

She paused before nodding, walking over to the entrance. When it became clear how unbalanced she was however, he sighed again, louder this time.


She did.

"Just…" he groaned, placing a hand on his face. "I'll walk you home, don't worry about this place… I'll come in the morning and clean up." God, why was he acting like a baby-sitter now?

Just before leaving however, he glanced down at one of the shots and thought back over the most recent events of that evening.

Never have I ever had a crush on anybody in this Guild.

He cast a glance at the younger girl who sat slumped over a table and thought on the moment that had just transpired, as well as the reaction it brought out of him. With a reluctant sigh, he raised the shot and downed it in one.


Later that night when Mirajane opened her apartment door to find her younger sister – evidently drunk and unable to stand properly – being held up by a sheepish Bixlow, World War 3 broke out.

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